Abner Dalrymple

Dalrymple was the leadoff man for Cap Anson‘s Chicago White Stockings (later to become the Cubs), a team that won five National League pennants in seven seasons (1880-82, 85-86). In 1884 he hit 22 homers for the Chicago team that, benefiting from a short rightfield fence, amassed 140 – a single-season club record that stood until the 1927 Yankees hit 158. Dalrymple led the NL in at-bats four times, in hits in 1880, and in homers, with 11, in 1885. He was credited with the 1878 batting crown until research in the 1960s dropped him to .354 while Providence’s Paul Hines‘s average was elevated to .358. Dalrymple’s four doubles in a game (7/3/1883) still tie him with many others for the ML record.