Arch Ward

As sports editor of the Chicago Tribune, Ward was asked to come up with a sports event in connection with the 1933 World ‘s Fair. He knew that July 6 was an open date for both MLs and suggested an all-star game. AL president Will Harridge supported the idea, but some owners openly opposed it. The Tribune guaranteed expenses, with any profits to go to the Professional Ball Players of America, a charitable organization. It was expected to be a one-time event but has become an annual institution.

The following year Ward created the College All-Star Game, in which graduated college stars from the previous season opposed the reigning NFL championship team.

A graduate of Notre Dame, Ward was that school’s first sports publicity director, in 1920. He was sports editor of the Rockford Star, 1921-25, when he joined the Tribune, where he served as sports editor and columnist for 25 years. His column was called “In the Wake of the News.” Ward’s books include The New Chicago White Sox, Frank Leahy and the Fighting Irish, and The Green Bay Packers.