Baseball Glove Repair

Before moving on to baseball glove repair instructions, let us look at some benefits of doing the repair job yourself :

  • It is simpler than you might be assuming it to be.
  • It will surely save you the pain of separation from your glove, as there would be no need to send it away for repair.
  • It is a very quick process and should not take more than 20 to 30 minutes of your time.
  • You will be saving a considerable amount of money as well.
  • Once you lean how to repair and maintain your baseball glove, you will be able to use it for a longer period of time.
  • Your glove will appear fresh as any signs of wear and tear will be dealt with by you.
  • Well the best part is, you can offer your baseball glove repair services to friends or other players and make some extra money for yourself!

You only need to ask a baseball player to understand the importance of the glove. It is more like an extended body part which the baseball player feels incomplete without. Most players have their favorite glove and enjoy the comfort and confidence they gain by wearing it in their hands. To ensure the baseball glove stays intact for long, it needs to be properly maintained and taken care of. Also, a damaged glove calls for a repair job which, fortunately, you can do it yourself following instructions given below.

How to Relace a Baseball Glove?

The most common problem with baseball gloves is the lacing coming off. This is natural as gloves are subject to constant wear and tear due to high usage. It is better to relace the glove once in a while to ensure a longer life. For this, you will require the following baseball glove repair tools:

  • Rawhide Lacing
  • A pointed tool like a leather awl
  • Baseball glove oil or a leather softener
  • Pair of scissors

Step 1

Before you begin removing the old lace from the glove, apply some glove oil or leather softener which will soften the lace and make your work easier. Go through the lacing once observing it minutely in detail and remember the lacing pattern.

Step 2

Pick a spot on the glove where you find there is broken lacing and take out a section of lacing from that particular spot. In case you are having trouble with this, cut the lace using a pair of scissors to ease your job.

Step 3

Tie an overhand knot at one end of the replacement raw hide lacing you are going to use. Tighten the knot as hard as you can.

Step 4

With help of a pointed tool, insert the lacing through the first hole as per the pattern, and pull it out till the knot reaches the hole opening. Keep on threading the lacing in a similar manner through all holes according to the original lacing pattern. It is important to pull the lacing as tight as you can, so that it lasts long even after being stretched a lot.

Step 5

Once you have reached the end of the lacing pattern, tie another simple overhead knot on the rawhide lacing. Make sure you adjust the last knot in such a manner that it is resting against the glove. Use scissors to cut out any extra lacing.

Follow the same procedure for all areas on the glove which require relacing.

Baseball Glove Care

A very crucial aspect for baseball glove care is to come to terms with the fact that the leather will disintegrate due to constant exposure to heat and moisture. Remember never to spit on the baseball glove as saliva is also capable of damaging the leather. Do not leave your baseball glove out in the open weather or let it stay wet for long, as both of these conditions are capable of ruining the glove. Always wear a batting glove beneath and then put on your baseball glove. Doing this will ensure that sweat from your hands is absorbed by the inner glove. The baseball glove lining will last longer because of this. If at all your baseball glove gets wet, use a towel or soft piece of cloth to dry it and then allow it to stay till it dries. When you are not going to use your baseball glove for a long time, put it away only after placing a softball in its pocket and wrapping it up with a wide rubber band.