Baseball – 1913

Baseball in 1913

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January 8Frank Chance inherits Hal Chase and one of the weakest offenses the New York Yankees will ever send to the plate when he signs to manage the team.
January 10Sent down to Louisville by the Cubs‚ Three-Finger Brown is bought by Cincinnati. He will be 11-12 with a 2.91 ERA for the 7th-place Reds.
January 11With the Phils franchise in disarray following the expulsion of President Horace Fogel‚ William H. Locke and his cousin William F. Baker buy the club.
January 22The Giants give the Yankees permission to use the Polo Grounds for the 1913 season only‚ as the lease on the Hilltop grounds has expired. The Yankees will remain as tenants through 1922.
January 24In a story in the New York Times‚ Detroit Tiger President Frank Navin blames the length of the games on the “coachers boxes.” Navin‚ reacting to AL President Ban Johnsons’s complaint that too many games the previous season had taken two hours to play‚ says the boxes should be moved back so that the catcher can give the pitcher his signals more quickly. From where they are now‚ he said‚ the coaching players can detect the catcher’s signals unless he takes a lot of time to hide them. Navin said this slow signalling is the reason for the longer games (as noted by Lyle Spatz).


February 1Jim Thorpe signs with the New York Giants‚ but the Indian Olympic-medal winner will be more of a gate attraction than a threat at the plate.


March 4The Yankees are the first team to train outside the U.S. when they travel to Bermuda for spring practice.
March 8The Federal League is organized as a 6-team “outlaw” circuit and elects John T. Powers president. It will play 120 games at a level equivalent to the lower minor leagues‚ but will enhance its status considerably in 1914 to challenge the MLs.
March 28St. Louis Browns infielder Buzzy Wares is “traded” to the Montgomery‚ AL‚ team in exchange for use of the minor league stadium by the Browns for spring training. Wares led the PCL shortstops in errors in 1911-12 with a total of 199.
March 29In a pre-season matchup‚ Washington pummels the Phillies‚ 12-1. Alexander‚ pitching the middle 3 innings is hit hard.


April 5An exhibition game with the newly christened Yankees opens Ebbets Field; 25‚000 are on hand to watch Nap Rucker beat the American Leaguers‚ 3-2. The first HR is hit by Brooklyn’s Casey Stengel‚ who legs out an inside-the-parker in the 1st. Jake Daubert legs out another round tripper in the 2nd. The Yanks suffer a loss when Zack Wheat spikes starting SS Claud Derrick on his throwing hand. Derrick will play just 7 games before New York ships him to Sacramento (PCL).

In Philadelphia‚ the Athletics score 2 in the 1st against the Phillies in their city series 5th game. Down 4-0 in the series‚ the Phils score 2 in the bottom of the 9th to tie and the game ends that way after 18 innings.
April 9With league approval‚ the Dodgers play their opener-and first regular-season game at Ebbets Field-a day ahead of the rest of the league. Cold weather keeps the crowd down to about 12‚000‚ and the Phils’ knuckleballer Tom Seaton beats Nap Rucker‚ 1-0. Seaton will lead the NL in wins with 27.
April 10President Woodrow Wilson‚ who receives a gold pass from Ban Johnson‚ throws out the first ball at Washington’s home opener at National Park. Under new manager Frank Chance‚ New York is playing its first official game as Yankees. New York starter George McConnell‚ 8-12 last year as a 35-year-old rookie‚ allows just 6 hits but loses to Walter Johnson 2-1. Danny Moeller drives in both Nat runs with a single. After giving up an unearned run in the first‚ Johnson begins a string of shutout innings that will reach a record 55 2/3 before the St. Louis Browns score in the 4th on May 14th. Johnson scatters 8 hits today‚ including one by 1B Charlie Sterrett. Regular first sacker Hal Chase‚ though left-handed‚ fills in at second base for injured player/manager Frank Chance.
April 12A’s pitcher Jack Coombs gives up 4 runs in the first and leaves after facing 5 batters. The A’s beat Boston 5-4 but Coombs will be out for the year with an illness, subsequently diagnosed as typhoid fever, that he picked up in spring training in Montgomery, AL. His weight will drop from 180 pounds to 126. He will eventually come back to pitch two late-season games in 1914.
April 15At Chicago‚ pinch runner Wilbur Good swipes home in the 10th inning to give the Cubs a 5-4 win over Pittsburgh. Larry Chaney takes the victory against Howie Camnitz.
April 17After two losses and four rainouts‚ the Giants finally register a victory‚ in Boston‚ winning 3-2 in 10 innings. Larry Doyle collects 4 of the 5 New York hits‚ including the game winner in the 10th off Bill James. Mathewson is the winner‚ scattering 9 hits.

Before 25‚000 at the Polo Grounds‚ Washington mars the debut of new manager Frank Chance‚ but routing his Yankees‚ 9-3. The Yanks are renting the Polo Grounds on a temporary basis.
April 18At Ebbets Field‚ the Phillies edge Brooklyn‚ 1-0 behind Tom Seaton‚ who will lead the NL in wins‚ innings pitched‚ strikeouts and walks. Nap Rucker takes the loss.
April 20In the Tigers 6-5 win against host Cleveland‚ Ty Cobb steals home in the first inning. Gregg is on the mound.
April 21The Pirates use 8 hits in a row plus a sacrifice fly to score 7 runs in the 8th inning in a come-from-behind victory over the Cardinals‚ 8-5.
April 23Christy Mathewson sets down the Phils 3-1‚ throwing just 67 pitches. He retires the side in the 6th on 6 pitches‚ and uses just 5 in the 9th inning. Ad Brennan takes the loss. Matty will use 70 pitches in a game on June 24th and (as noted by R.J. Lesch) TSN‚ forgetting about today’s game‚ states that this “would have broken the record of 68‚ said to be held by old Ben Sanders‚ but for getting in the hold (sic) in the 8th.” The source of the Sanders claim seems to be the pitcher himself‚ who asserted it in a letter to the Philadelphia Inquirer‚ dated August 21‚ 1911 (and reprinted in the Spalding Guide). The old pitcher wrote in response to a Mathewson game of August 16‚ “… it may be 1890 or 1892‚ but my recollection is that it was 1891‚ while playing with the Athletics in a game against the Browns in St. Louis‚ where I only pitched 68 balls during a full nine-inning contest.” [Researcher Cliff Blau tracked down the game‚ played on August 5‚ 1891‚ and Old Ben’s recollections turned out to be not correct. He threw 91 pitches in the game‚ which lasted 11 innings.]
April 24At Chicago‚ the Browns beat the White Sox‚ 3-1‚ using a record-tying 3 triples by ‘Gloomy Gus’Williams.

At Boston‚ the Braves edge Brooklyn‚ 1-0‚ on a pinch single by Bill Rariden in the 12th inning. Frank Allen‚ on his way to a 4-18 record‚ is the starter and loser. Rookie Bill James‚ the top pitcher in the PCL last year‚ goes the route for the win.

At Washington‚ the Red Sox score 4 runs in the 9th to beat the Nationals‚ 6-3. Boston strands one runner to Washington’s 11. President Woodrow Wilson is in the stands‚ his 3rd game in the 4 played in Washington this year. He leaves in the 8th with the score 2-2 because of a meeting with Secretary Bryan.

At the Polo Grounds‚ the Giants beat up veteran Earl Moore to score a 7-1 victory over the Phils. Tilly Shafer lines a 3-run homer in the 2nd inning to hasten Moore’s departure. Joe Evers‚ younger brother of Johnny‚ pinch runs for Chief Meyers in the 3rd and is thrown out at 3rd during a double steal attempt. That is the extent of Joe’s ML career.
April 25Perennial spring training holdout Ty Cobb signs for the 1913 season.

The Superbas win the first of two at Brooklyn when Casey Stengel belts a two-run homer to lead Brooklyn to a 5-3 win over the Giants. In the 10th inning of the nitecap‚ Giants pinch-hitting specialist Moose McCormick is called upon to get a hit twice in one at bat. With the winning run on base‚ he singles to win the game. But umpire Bill Klem says his back was turned and he didn’t see it‚ so McCormick has to try again. This time Moose hits into a double play. Darkness ends the scoreless game after 11 innings.

In a 5-4 loss to the Senators‚ Red Sox pitcher Tom O’Brien ties the AL record by striking out 6 consecutive batters. Bill Donovan set the mark in 1908.
April 29After a game in St. Louis‚ the Reds’ trainer forgets to load the uniforms on the train. In Chicago‚ the Cincy squad borrows White Sox uniforms and then loses to the Cubs 7-2‚ at the West Side Grounds.

At Ebbets Field‚ New York’s Christy Mathewson beats Nap Rucker 6-0 in 13 innings and gives up no walks. He has thrown 22 innings without a pass; he will not walk a batter for 47 innings‚ then will top his own record later in the year. During his 25-11 season‚ Matty will walk 21 and hit none.
April 30Chicago’s Al Bridwell ends a drought of 3‚246 at bats without a homer by slugging his first ML homer‚ off George Suggs. He’ll hit another next year in the Federal League. Al’s dry spell stretches back to 1905.

In Detroit‚ Cobb is in the lineup for the first time following his holdout‚ but the White Sox prevail‚ 6-5‚ in 12 innings. Ty has a single and RBI.


May 1Pete Alexander earns his first win of the year‚ topping the Giants Jeff Tesreau‚ 1-0. Alex scores the only Phils run after reaching base on an error.

Brooklyn’s Casey Stengel hits two inside the park homers off Boston’s Otto Hess in a 4-2 win at home. On August 16th‚ teammate Bob Fisher will duplicate the feat against the Cardinals‚ off Geyer and Trekell
May 3The Phillies whip the visiting Giants for the 3rd time in a row‚ a come-from-behind 3-2 victory. The Phils tie the score at 2 apiece when Gavvy Cravath clouts a 2-run pinch homer in the 8th off Christy Mathewson. After the first two batters are retired in the 9th‚ the Quakers push across a run in to win. The struggling Giants are in 5th place.
May 4The U.S. League tries to compete as a ML‚ with teams in Baltimore‚ Brooklyn‚ Philadelphia‚ Reading‚ New York‚ Newark‚ Washington‚ and Lynchburg. They will open May 10th and fold May 12th; Baltimore is the pennant winner with a 2-0 record.

Pittsburgh’s Babe Adams tosses a 2-hitter at the Reds‚ and drives home the game’s only run with the Pirates’ one hit of the game‚ a triple. Art Fromme is the hard-luck loser for the Reds‚ 1-0.

At Chicago‚ the Cardinals beat the Cubs‚ 10-8 in 13 innings. The Cards run out of pitchers and start the 9th with OF Ted Cather on the mound. He lasts 1/3 of an inning before 1B Ed Konetchy takes over. The Cubs score twice in the 9th to tie it up‚ 8-8. Konetchy pitches 4 2/3 allowing 7 hits‚ 4 walks but strikes out 3 to win his only ML game.

Ban Johnson indefinitely suspends Browns player-manager George Stovall for an incident in the game on May 3 involving umpire Charlie Ferguson. Stovall followed the ump off the field‚ grabbed his hat‚ threw it on the ground and spat on it‚ all the time cursing out Ferguson. He then spat his chewing tobacco in the face of the ump. Jimmy Austin will serve as interim manager. Later this month Stovall will be relieved of his managerial duties by Browns’ owner Hedges.
May 5Red Sox player-manager Jake Stahl undergoes an operation to remove a bone spur in his foot. Stahl will skip the team’s western swing. Though he had 326 at bats last year‚ Jake will only hit twice this year‚ his last as a player.
May 6Better organized and financed than other aspiring circuits‚ the Federal League opens modestly and quietly‚ with clubs in Chicago‚ Cleveland‚ Pittsburgh‚ Indianapolis‚ St. Louis‚ Kansas City‚ and Covington‚ KY. No attempt is made to sign established ML players. Cy Young manages Cleveland‚ Deacon Phillippe manages Pittsburgh. After a 6-week season‚ the pennant winner is Indianapolis.
May 7New York’s Ray Keating tosses a one-hitter against the Tigers‚ allowing just a 2nd inning single to Chas Deal. Cobb strikes out his first two times up‚ then calls it quits for the day. The Yankees win 6-0.

Mathewson relieves Red Ames in the 2nd inning with New York ahead‚ 3-1‚ and the bases full of Reds. Matty shuts down Cincy and rolls to a 6-4 win over Rube Benton.
May 10The Yankees commit 8 errors‚ but still end up beating the Tigers‚ 10-9‚ in 10 innings. Yankees SS Claud Derrick commits three of the errors. He will field just .872 for the year. In a deal that might be related to Derrick’s poor performance, the Yankees deal for sure-gloved SS Roger Peckinpaugh ten days later.

Walter Johnson two-hits the White Sox to win‚ 1-0‚ and run his consecutive scoreless innings pitched to 52 2/3.
May 12Mathewson whips the Cubs‚ 3-1 allowing just 3 hits and no walks to beat Lou Richie. Matty has now pitched 45 straight innings without a walk.
May 13Tom Seaton‚ with relief help from Alexander‚ tops the Pirates‚ 5-4. The winning blow for the Phils is a solo homer by Sherry Magee.
May 14At St. Louis‚ Walter Johnson tops Jack Coombs record of 53 straight scoreless innings when he stretches the record to 56 innings. But after Washington scores 6 runs‚ Johnson lets up against the Browns and Del Pratt‘s 4th inning single drives in a run that snaps the skein. Ahead 9-1‚ Johnson is relieved by Joe Boehling and Washington wins‚ 10-5.
May 15At Boston‚ outfielder Beals Becker has 5 hits and scores 5 runs to lead the Reds to an 11-5 win. Becker is subbing for the injured Bob Bescher.

Joe Evers‚ brother of Johnny Evers‚ is released by the Giants. Evers had been with the squad since its departure for Texas in February (as noted by Norman Macht)..
May 16Pirates OF Ed Mensor will draw 8 walks all year‚ but one of them comes in the 3rd inning against New York‚ ending Mathewson’s string of perfect control at 47 innings. Mathewson takes a 7-1 lead into the 8th‚ but Ham Hyatt roasts a fastball into the RF stands to lead off and the Bucs follow with 5 singles. Matty holds on for a 7-4 win.
May 17In Chicago‚ 35‚000+ jam temporarily enlarged Comiskey Park on “Frank Chance Day.” The Yankee manager is presented with a giant horseshoe of flowers by Governor Dunne and Mayor Harrison gives him the keys to Chicago. Sox manager Callahan is given a small harp of green and white flowers. To the crowd’s roar of approval‚ Chance takes over 1B from Chase but bounces out his one turn at bat. The Sox beat the visitors‚ 6-3‚ behind Reb Russell. The 35‚000 crowd‚ kept down by the weather‚ is short of the AL mark set by the Yankees (38‚281) and even short of the Comiskey mark of 36‚308.
May 18In Detroit‚ 25‚000 show up to see Walter Johnson battle the Tigers. Washington wins 2-1‚ with Detroit’s only score coming on a Ty Cobb steal of home in the 7th.
May 20The Yankees snag 22-year-old SS Roger Peckinpaugh from Cleveland‚ sending in exchange Bill Stumpf and Jack Lelivelt. Peckinpaugh played in fewer than 100 games over 3 seasons‚ but will start in New York. The Yankees win today‚ beating the Browns‚ 6-3‚ but St. Louis will shut out New York in the next 2 games.

The Phils beat the Reds‚ 5-1‚ behind Alexander. The only Cincy run comes home on a boot by Fred Luderus.

St. Louis righty Bob Harmon shuts out the Giants on 2 hits to win‚ 8-0. The Cards alight on Mathewson for 11 hits and 4 runs in 6 innings.

The Tigers edge the A’s‚ 8-7‚ with Ty Cobb stealing home for the 2nd time in three days. His swipe comes in the 3rd inning.
May 21The Browns top the Yankees‚ 5-0‚ as young Earl Hamilton throws a one-hitter. Birdie Cree has the lone hit. Hamilton will do it again on July 15.

The Pirates top the Dodgers‚ 5-2‚ and (according to Greg Beston of Retrosheet) set a ML record for most sacrifies (4) in an inning. It happens in the 8th when Jim Viox singles‚ Honus Waagner sac bunts but is safe on a throwing error‚ Dots Miller does the same‚ Owen Wilson sac bunts them to 3B‚ and Bobby Byrne hits a squeeze sac bunt for a score.

In New York‚ Yankees owner Frank Farrell declares that the team will not return to Bermuda next year for spring training. The warm weather and humidty caused a reaction when the players returned to the cold weather.

Alva “Rip” Williams lives up to his nickname as he hits a 2-run pinch homer in the 9th for Washington to tie Cleveland‚ 2-2. It’s Rip’s first ML homer. The Senators score 2 in the top of the 10th and send Walter Johnson in to preserve the 4-2 win.
May 22Browns rookie Dwight Stone gives up six hits‚ seven walks and plunks three batters‚ but still beats the Yankees‚ 7-0. The visiting New Yorkers strand a modern-ML record 15 runners in the shutout by Stone‚ who will win just one more game in 1913. Ed Klepfer is the losing pitcher in his only decision of the year. The record will be matched three times and finally topped‚ in 1994. The NL record of 14 runners stranded in a shutout was set less than 2 weeks ago by Pittsburgh against Philley.

In a ruling that a ballplayer on the field is a “public person‚” New York judge Butts throws out a case brought by the National Commission and the New York Baseball Club against a motion picture company that took movies of the 1912 World Series. The suit contended that the players’ civil rights were violated by the unauthorized photographs.

The Giants send Red Ames‚ Heinie Groh‚ and outfielder Josh Devore to Cincinnati for P Art Fromme and infielder Eddie Grant. The little-used Groh will star in Cincinnati‚ and eventually manage the team. Devore will be sold to the Phillies in August. Grant‚ a starter until today‚ will not play until June 4th‚ so there is some confusion (as noted by Cliff Blau) about whether he was sold on that date or part of today’s trade. The New York Times reports today the deal as a four-player trade with Grant not a part of it. It later reports Grant’s sale to the Giants on June 3.
May 26The Phils use 3 pitchers in subduing the Superbas‚ 8-5. Grover Cleveland Alexander‚ the middle of three‚ picks up the win.
May 27Using their bats‚ the Braves sweep two from the Giants‚ winning 1-0 and 5-2. In the opener‚ the lone run scores when Joe Connolly rounds 3B after a single by Bill Sweeney. Giant CF George Burns makes a perfect throw but the ball hits Sweeney’s bat on the field and caroms off. George Tyler picks up the win against Mathewson.
May 28At the Polo Grounds‚ Grover Cleveland Alexander goes the first 8 innings against the Giants‚ and exits with the score 6-6. Tom Seaton relieves‚ but the Giants finally score in the 14th to win‚ 7-6.
May 30In a Memorial Day doubleheader in Washington‚ Red Sox OF Harry Hooper hits lead-off homers in both games to help sweep the Senators. Boston wins the opener‚ 4-3‚ then the nitecap‚ 1-0‚ on Hooper’s leadoff homer against Walter Johnson. Hooper‚ a future Hall of Famer‚ will total just 4 homers on the season. The next leadoff batter to match Hooper’s mark will be Rickey Henderson.

The Giants turn away thousands of fans, then turn back the faltering Phillies, 8–6 and 5–1. Rube Marquard wins the first game and Jeff Tesreau takes the second. Giants RF Red Murray has three hits in game 2 and, for the two games, turns a unique fielder’s cycle, recording assists to 2B and 3B in game 1 and to 1B and home in game 2. Murray, who led the NL in assists in 1909 and 1910, will record 24 this year.
May 31Accusing Hal Chase of playing below his capability‚ Yankees manager Frank Chance sends him to the White Sox for light-hitting infielder Rollie Zeider and 1B Babe Borton. Borton hit .371 last year. Despite his uncertain character and questionable honesty‚ Chase will be on the scene another 6 years. Zeider‚ who set the AL rookie record for stolen bases in 1910 with 49‚ is suffering from foot problems. When Borton hits .133 in 39 games‚ writer Mark Roth remarks‚ “Hal Chase was traded to the White Sox for an onion and a bunion.”

New York beats the Phils, 3–2, to sweep the four-game series with the NL leaders. With the win John McGraw joins Fred Clarke, Cap Anson, Frank Selee, and Connie Mack as managers who have won 1,000 games.

In the first of two, Brooklyn’s Eddie “Smoke” Stack beats the Braves for the 3rd time this season, shutting them out, 2–0. The two teams play to a 10-inning 3–3 tie in game 2.


June 1At Cleveland‚ the Indians take the 1st of 2 games‚ defeating the Browns‚ 6-2‚ to win their 9th straight. Left fielder Jack Graney helps with a unassisted DP. In Game 2‚ Nap Lajoie makes his first appearance in three weeks after being sidelined with hand injuries. He is 0-for-2 as the Indians make 6 errors and lose 9-3. Joe Jackson‚ hitting .450 to Cobb’s .452 (they are the only hitters over .400) is 3-for-8 in the 2 games.
June 2In the 2nd game of a doubleheader with the A’s‚ Walter Johnson serves up a 4th-inning homer to Home Run Baker as the Senators lose 4-3. The A’s also win the opener‚ 9-4.
June 4The Cards peck Christy Mathewson for 11 hits and 6 runs in 6 innings‚ and hold on to win‚ 6-4.
June 5Chris Von der Ahe‚ 65‚ owner of the champion St. Louis Browns in the 1880s and 1890s‚ dies of cirrhosis of the liver.

The Phillies trade John Dodge and Red Nelson to Cincinnati for Beals Becker.
June 6The Yankees‚ on their way to a 7th-place finish‚ play their 13th straight winless game (12 losses and a tie with Boston on May 24)‚ losing 2-1 to Cleveland.
June 7At the Polo Grounds‚ the Yankees finally win one‚ 3-2‚ over the White Sox. The Yanks are now 10-34.

The Cards and Giants combine for 26 hits with New York emerging with a 9-8 win. Mathewson‚ the last of 5 New York hurlers‚ picks up the win against reliever Sandy Burk.
June 9In Chicago‚ The Giants score 6 runs in the 3rd inning‚ against Lou Richie and Lefty Leifield‚ and roll to an 11-3 win. Mathewson goes 8 innings before Jim Thorpe pinch hits for him.

At Philadelphia‚ the Phillies Beals Becker‚ acquired 4 days ago from the Reds‚ lines two inside-the-park homers‚ one short of the record set in the 19th century. His new teams beats his old team‚ 10-1.

The Red Sox finally stop Cleveland’s Cy Falkenberg‚ who was 10-0 going into today’s game. The Sox win‚ 4-1.
June 10A bounce homer by Fred Luderus into the RF stands at Redlands Field is the difference as the Phillies defeat the Reds‚ 3-2. As noted by Rhodes and Snyder‚ Enquirer reporter Jack Ryder writes “the feat was thought impossible.” The ball bounced over a 10-foot high wall 400 feet from home plate. “There is little chance of another hit like that of Luderus being made on this field for many seasons.”
June 11The Browns end the A’s 15-game winning streak‚ winning 5-2‚ but Philadelphia’s 5-game lead over Cleveland will be maintained to the end.

With the score tied 5-5‚ Ivy Olson of Cleveland steals home in the top of the 15th for the winning run over the Red Sox. Jack Graney then steals home for an insurance run‚ marking the only time teammates would steal home in extra innings in the same game. Dutch Leonard watches on the mound for Boston.
June 12With runners on 1B and 2B in the 9th‚ the Reds Marty Berghammer lines into a triple play against Boston’s Dick Rudolph to end the game. Boston wins‚ 7-3.
June 13The White Sox win‚ 5-1‚ behind the hitting and pitching of Jim Scott. Scott clubs a 2-run homer‚ his only major league roundtripper‚ off the Yankees George McConnell.
June 14At Forbes Field‚ Christy Mathewson allows 7 hits‚ including a homer by Owen Wilson‚ but holds on to beat the Bucs‚ 6-5. Hank Robinson takes the loss. The Giants sweep the 3-game series.

At Chicago‚ Walter Johnson stops the White Sox‚ 8-3. Sox C Ray Schalk hits his first ML homer off Johnson and it will be his only roundtripper this year.
June 16The Cubs hand Grover Cleveland Alexander his first loss of the year after 10 victories‚ 13-3‚ cutting the visiting Phils’ lead to 3.
June 17Chicago beats the first-place Phillies again‚ 4-0. In the 3rd‚ Chicago’s Heinie Zimmerman is ejected for the third time in five days‚ this time for hollering at umpire Bill Klem who promptly tosses him. Malcom Easton thumbed him on the 13th‚ William Brennan on the 15th. It is Zim’s 5th thumbing since May 19th and it will prompt a fan to send half a $100 bill to Zimmerman‚ and half to Klem. Zim will win the other half of the “split century” on July 2nd by not getting thrown out of a game for two weeks.
June 19Wilbur Good hits the first pinch-hit HR in Cubs history‚ off Grover Alexander in the 8th‚ but that’s all of Chicago’s scoring as the Phils win‚ 2-1.

In Cincinnati‚ the Giants defeat the Reds‚ 8-7‚ to sweep 4 from the Reds. Mathewson allows 12 hits but holds on to beat Rube Benton.
June 20After New York wins the opener‚ 9-3‚ Washington starter Bert Gallia hits 3 of the first 4 batters he faces in the first inning of the nitecap. Three more New York batters are plunked‚ by relievers Joe Engel (2) and Tom Hughes (1)‚ for a record six. The outcome is the same as New York wins again‚ 9-3. New York leadoff hitter Bert Daniels puts his name in the record book when he gets hit 3 times.
June 22George Pearce of the Cubs stops the Cards on one hit‚ a single by Ed Konetchy. Pearce wins‚ 6-0‚ over Pol Perritt.

White Sox pitcher Jim Scott strikes out 6 consecutive batters in a 6-4 win over the Senators. It is the 2nd time this season that 6 straight Nats hitters have gone down on strikes.
June 23Before 25‚000 at the Polo Grounds‚ the Giants split with Brooklyn‚ losing the opener in 10 innings‚ 4-2‚ and winning the 2nd‚ 5-1. Mathewson walks none in beating Cliff Curtis in the 2nd.
June 24The Giants tally 11 hits off Cardinal pitcher Dan Griner‚ but fail to score. St. Louis wins‚ 1-0.
June 25In Washington‚ Frank Baker‚ a nemesis for Walter Johnson‚ cracks a three-run homer in the 3rd inning to key a 14-2 A’s victory over the Washington ace. Johnson will come back in 2 days to shut out the A’s‚ 2-0.

At Washington Park‚ the Superbas bang reliever Pete Alexander‚ scoring 7 runs in 6 innings‚ but the Phillies outslug Brooklyn to win‚ 11-8.
June 26In the A’s double header pasting of the host Senators‚ 11-2 and 10-3‚ Nats’ catcher Eddie Ainsmith swipes 2B‚ 3B‚ and home in the opener. In the second game‚ the Nationals attempt to change their luck by batting first: it doesn’t work.

The Giants sweep two from the Braves‚ winning 5-4 and 11-3. Mathewson preserves the 1st win with 2 innings of relief‚ then starts the 2nd contest. Led by Larry Doyle‘s grand slam off Otto Hess‚ the Giants forge into a 9-0 lead after 6 innings and Matty exits. Mathewson now has throw 21 innings without a walk.

Brooklyn sees Alexander for a second day in a row‚ this time beating the Phillies righty‚ 4-2‚ in a doubleheader sweep by the Superbas. The Phils win the opener‚ 5-2 and now lead the Giants by a half-game.
June 27Washington’s Walter Johnson tops the A’s‚ 2-0‚ to start a 14-game winning streak. He won’t lose for another two months.
June 29The Reds defeat the Cubs 9-6 at Redlands Field using only one ball. The Enquirer reports the ball was pretty battered. Joe Tinker pockets it as a souvenir.

.30th At Philadelphia‚ New York’s thrilling 11-10 win over the Phils puts the Giants on top to stay and ends the dream of an all-Philadelphia World Series. Hooks Wiltse pitches the first 9 innings for New York before wilting‚ and Mathewson relieves. In the 10th‚ Buck Herzog singles off Pete Alexander and Matty wins his 14th. The fireworks continue after the game when McGraw‚ walking to the clubhouse with several Phillies‚ is belted and then jumped by several Philley fans. McGraw is cut up and Phils P Ad Brennan is identified as the instigator of the fight. After investigating‚ NL Prexy Thomas Lynch will suspend both McGraw and Brennan for 5 days‚ with Brennan also fined $100.

Behind the pitching of Eddie Plank‚ the Athletics beat New York‚ 6-0‚ and maintain a lead of 8 1/2 games in the AL.


July 1Rube Marquard coasts to a 10-0 Giant whipping of the Phillies. Alexander takes his 2nd straight loss.
July 2Christy Mathewson allows 13 hits but the Giants continue to pummel the slipping Phils‚ winning 8-4. Matty gives up no walks to run his streak to 34 innings.
July 3The Red Sox tally 15 hits off Washington’s Walter Johnson‚ but lose 1-0 in 15 innings. This ties a ML record of frustration for most hits in an extra inning shutout. Ray Collins takes the loss.

The Giants hand Pete Alexander his 3rd loss in the 4-game series with the Phillies‚ as Jeff Tesreau wins‚ 4-2‚ in 11 innings. New York is now in first place by 3 1/2 games.
July 4In the first of 2 today‚ Red Sox pitcher Joe Wood smokes two doubles in the 4th inning against the visiting A’s‚ setting a ML record for pitchers. Boston wins‚ 13-6‚ then loses the 2nd game‚ 5-3.
July 5With manager McGraw in the grandstands‚ the Giants win their 11th straight‚ beating Brooklyn‚ 3-2. Mathewson is the winner over Pat Ragan‚ scattering 12 hits but walking none. His walkless streak is at 47 innings.
July 6At St. Louis‚ the Senators push across 2 runs in the top of the 9th to take a 3-2 lead‚ Walter Johnson‚ the 4th Washington pitcher‚ shuts out the Browns in the 9th and is awarded the win. As reported in Sporting Life‚ Prexy “Ban Johnson rules that when a pitcher leaves the box at the end of an inning he shall not receive benefit of any runs made in the following inning. He says all runs should aid the reliever‚ not the previous pitcher.”
July 10Led by Ward Miller‘s 2-run triple‚ the Cubs stop the Giants‚ 3-2. The victory ends the New Yorkers’ win streak at 14 games and stops Christy Mathewson‘s win streak at 9 victories. Matty’s skein of consecutive innings without a pass continues however‚ and is at 52.
July 12Philadelphia’s Boardwalk Brown walks 15 Tigers in 7 2?3 innings‚ but staggers to a 16-9 win. Brown has only one walkless inning-the first. Ty Cobb‚ out for a week with an injured knee‚ plays 2B for the only time in his career‚ and makes three errors in his 5 fielding chances.
July 14Red Sox hitter Harry Hooper breaks up a no hit bid by Chicago’s Reb Russell. Russell wins the one-hitter‚ 8-0‚ for the Sox.
July 15Veteran Three Finger Brown‚ sold to the Reds over the winter after a 5-6 year with the Cubs‚ loses his matchup with Giants rival Christy Mathewson‚ 4-2. Matty uses just 70 pitches‚ tying ihis own record‚ and walks none to run his streak to 61 innings.

The Browns Earl Hamilton throws his second one hitter of the season‚ both against New York‚ as he beats the Yankees 3-0. Roger Peckinpaugh‘s 5th inning single is the lone hit.

Jake Stahl‚ hobbled by a foot injury‚ is released as Red Sox manager. President Jimmy McAleer says that it was not differences with Stahl but that the stockholders want a player-manager. C Bill Carrigan replaces him.
July 17The visiting Cardinals split a pair with the Giants‚ winning 4-2 before losing 3-2. It is not the only split pair today as St. Louis teammates Ted Cather and Lee Magee are ejected for fighting with each other.

Hello‚ mudder. A Northern League doubleheader in Virginia‚ Minnesota is played in the mud‚ which helps the hitting of one unusual home run‚ as reported in tomorrow’s Minneapolis Journal. “The second game was a seven inning affair and was marked by the heavy clouting of the visitors. The contests were both played in mud. Center field flies in deep water went for two hits. Heine Berger got credit when his hard hit ball got lost in the mire near second base and he made the circuit before it was recovered.” (as noted by Rich Arpi).
July 18At the Polo Grounds‚ the Cards win the opener of two‚ 4-3‚ with help from the error-prone Giants. In blanking the Cards 5-0‚ in the nitecap‚ Christy Mathewson finally yields a base on balls‚ ending a record string of 68 walkless innings pitched. Ed Konetchy draws the pass in the 8th. Matty’s ML record won’t be topped until Bill Fischer‚ in 1962.

In Detroit‚ Boston pitcher Smoky Joe Wood slips and breaks his thumb while fielding a grounder off the bat of Bobby Veach. Except for one inning of relief in September‚ Wood’s season is over. Detroit wins‚ 5-1 with 3 runs in the 6th and 2 in the 7th.
July 20The Tigers ship 38-year-old George Mullin (1-6)‚ five times a 20-game winner‚ to Washington. Mullin pitched a no-hitter a year ago on his birthday.
July 21Walter Johnson and the Senators are victors over the White Sox rookie pitcher Reb Russell. Russell will come back tomorrow and be the winner over Washington‚ 6-5.
July 22New York sweeps two from Pittsburgh‚ winning 8-3 and 2-1 in 11 innings. Al Demaree wins the rout in the opener‚ and former Pirate Art Fromme‚ in relief of Mathewson‚ picks up the victory in the 2nd game. Fred Merkle drives home George Burns to win for New York. The Giants now lead the NL by 8 games.

Cards P Slim Sallee beats Brooklyn‚ 3-1‚ and scores one of the runs himself on a steal of home.
July 25A 15-inning 8-8 tie game between St. Louis and the Nationals is called for darkness. Reliever Walter Johnson fans a ML record 15 in the last 11 innings‚ but he hits rookie catcher Sam Agnew with a pitch‚ breaking his jaw. Browns P Carl Weilman sets a ML record by striking out 6 times. He becomes the first player-but not the last-in history to strike out 6 consecutive times in a game‚ as Johnson gets him 4 times‚ and Joe Engel and Long Tom Hughes once each. Johnson’s strikeout mark for relievers will last this century before another Johnson breaks it‚ in 2001.

At Philadelphia‚ Pirates OF Max Carey scores 5 runs against the Phils without a hit‚ reaching first on an error and 4 walks‚ as the Bucs win 12-2. He also steals 4 bases and advances twice on wild pitches. A student at St. Louis Theological Seminary‚ he will lead the NL in runs this season: he’ll lead in stolen bases as well‚ the first of 10 such seasons.
July 28At Robison Field‚ Chisty Mathewson outpitches Bob Harmon for a 4-0 Giants win. Matty allows 4 hits and walks 2.
July 29Rube Marquard wins his 9th in a row for the Giants‚ beating the Cards‚ 2-1.


August 1At Chicago‚ the Giants win‚ 5-2‚ on a controversial call in the 8th inning. Art Fletcher is called safe at 2B on an steal attempt by ump Bill Byron‚ prompting a shower of abuse from the crowd. Moments later‚ Fletcher scores the go-ahead run on a triple by Chief Meyers off Bert Humphrey. The beneficiary of the offense is Christy Mathewson‚ who wins his 20th game‚ the 11th straight season he’s topped the mark.
August 2It’s Walter Johnson Day in Washington. President Wilson is on hand to help mark the Big Train’s 6th anniversary in a Nationals uniform. Johnson is presented with a silver cup filled with 10-dollar bills ($674) and returns the favor with a 3-2 win over Detroit‚ his 24th win of the year.

The Federal League takes a big step toward another baseball war‚ voting to expand into the East.
August 4George Cutshaw celebrates the holiday by lining 2 inside-the-park homers as Brooklyn beats the visiting Cubs‚ 7-1.
August 6The Pirates pound Giants ace Mathewson for 10 hits and 9 runs in 5 innings‚ including 7 in the 5th. C Larry McLean is traded from the last-place Cardinals to the Giants for Doc Crandall. One of the biggest players of this era at 6 feet 5 inches and 230 pounds‚ the veteran catcher will bat .500 in the WS. The popular Crandall will make 2 pinch hitting appearances before the Giants reacquire him in a week.
August 8Earl Hamilton‚ in his last start of the year‚ pitches the Browns to a 6-4 win over the Yankees. Hamilton is 3-0 against New York in 1913‚ two of them one-hitters.

The Yankees pick up 3B Fritz Maisel from Baltimore (IL) for $12‚000 plus 3B Ezra Midkiff (.197) and OF Bert Daniels (.216). Daniels will return to the majors next year with the Reds and improve his average by 3 points.
August 9In Cincinnati‚ the Giants coast to a 11-2 win over the Reds. Mathewson leaves with a victory after 7 innings.
August 10In Cincinnati‚ the Giants edge the Reds‚ 5-4. Fred Merkle lines a drive to LF that hits the wall on the fly‚ but he is cut down at the plate on his attempt at an inside-the-park homer. He is the first hitter to reach the wall on a fly.
August 12Art Fromme‚ with relief help from Mathewson‚ beats Brooklyn‚ 6-5. Matty comes on in the 11th and gives up a lead off triple to Zack Wheat‚ but the Giants pitcher cuts down the chaff that follows‚ and New York wins‚ 6-5.
August 13Petersburg P Harry Hedgpeth (Virginia League) blanks Richmond twice‚ by scores of 1-0 and 10-0‚ both in 9 innings. He gives up only one hit in the opener‚ while hurling a no-hitter in the 2nd game.

In a great pickup‚ the Cubs send P Lew Richie to Kansas City (AA) for Hippo Vaughn. Vaughn‚ who had pitched 5 years with little success in the AL with New York and Washington‚ will be a workhorse for Chicago. Tomorrow the Cubs will ship 33-year-old Ed Reulbach (1-3) to Brooklyn for P Eddie Stack and cash.

Doc Crandall is rescued from the basement: John McGraw buys him back from the Cards 12 days after trading him. According to historian Merritt Clifton‚ Doc has a sore arm and is sent back as damaged goods. He will pitch for Brattleboro to get his arm in shape before rejoining the Giants for the stretch drive.
August 14William H. Locke‚ who bought the 2nd-place Phils earlier this year‚ dies. His cousin William Baker will succeed him.

At the Polo Grounds‚ the Pirates broadside Mathewson for 8 hits and 8 runs in just 3 innings. Wagner goes 4-for-5 on the afternoon with two hits off Matty: one a single and the other a 3-run homer. The only time the Giants get Hans out is when a pitch hits his bat as he tries to get out of way and the ball rolls fair. The Giants make a game of it‚ but lose 8-6.
August 16For the second time in 2 weeks‚ a Brooklyn player his two inside-the-park homers. This time it is Tom Fisher in a nitecap 14-5 win at St. Louis. Brooklyn also beats the Cards in the opener‚ 1-0‚ behind Earl Yingling.
August 17The A’s break another attendance record in Cleveland‚ drawing 25‚017 to watch the home team’s 6-2 win.
August 18Philadelphia’s Erskine Mayer sets a since-topped NL mark by surrendering 9 consecutive hits to the Cubs in the 9th inning.. The Cubs score 6 runs to win‚ 10-4.
August 19The Reds George Suggs loses a no-hitter against Boston when a ground ball by Rabbit Maranville is juggled by 1B Dick Hoblitzel‚ who then throws wide to Suggs covering 1B. The Reds win‚ 2-0‚ on Suggs’ one-hitter‚ after winning the first game of the twinbill‚ 4-2‚ behind Chief Johnson.
August 20White Sox ace Jim Scott‚ on his way to a 20-20 record‚ shuts out Boston to win‚ 1-0. The loser is rookie Fred Anderson‚ who will go 0-6‚ before going to the FL next season. Patrolling CF is Edd Roush‚ in his major league debut‚ the start of an unsuccessful 9-game trial with Chicago. Roush will play CF tomorrow‚ his only 2 games in the Sox outfield. But the September 6‚ 1913 edition of The Sporting Life notes that Roush “is the only ball player who carries two gloves with him. When he plays left field he throws right-handed and wears his left-hand glove. When they shift him over to right field he throws left-handed‚ and sports the right-handed glove.” As asked by Bill Deane‚ which glove does he wear when he plays CF?

The Phillies trade Cozy Dolan and cash to the Pirates for P Howie Camnitz (6-17) and 3B Bobby Byrne. Camnitz‚ a 20-game winner the past two seasons‚ will reach 20 losses this year‚ and then jump to the PittFeds for the 1914 season.
August 21The Giants increase their NL lead to 10 games by smoking Eddie Stack and the Cubs‚ 8-2. Mathewson rolls to his 22nd win‚ allowing 8 hits. Johnny Evers collects 3 hits‚ including a homer in the 5th.
August 24In Chicago‚ Walter Johnson wins his 14th straight‚ a 2-1 decision over the Sox. Johnson fans the side in the 8th inning‚ then with 2 on and 2 out in the 9th‚ strikes out Eddie Collins.
August 25Ty Cobb steals home in the 5th inning to tie the game and his throw home in the 8th helps the Tigers edge the Senators‚ 6-5.

The Athletics defeat the Browns‚ 3-0‚ as Eddie Plank strikes out 11.

Braves vet Art Devlin slaps the game-winning hit in the 9th for Boston and gets rewarded by manager Stallings by being sent down to Rochester‚ never to return to the ML. His .229 average might have had something to do with it.
August 26Cincinnati’s Chief Johnson surrenders just 3 hits to New York‚ but loses a 1-0 decision to Christy Mathewson. Fred Merkle triples in the 7th and scores the only run.
August 28Walter Johnson’s 14-game winning streak is ended‚ although it takes Boston 11 innings to beat him 1-0. Boston manages a 2nd inning single by Steve Yerkes and doesn’t have another baserunner until Yerkes singles again in the 11th.‚ and reaches 3rd on the ball goes through the legs of CF Clyde Milan. A fielder’s choice‚ and single wins it. Johnson strikes out 10‚ five in a row‚ and walks none. The winner is Ray Collins‚ who beat Johnson 1-0 on June 6‚ and lost to him by that score on July 3.
August 30The Giants score 6 runs against Alexander‚ but the Phillies come back from the 6-0 deficit to score 8 against Mathewson. With 2 outs in the top of the 9th‚ and the Phils leading 8-6 over New York‚ umpire Bill Brennan‚ acceding to a request by the wily John McGraw‚ orders Phils captain Mickey Doolan (Phils manager Red Dooin had been ejected during the 6-run 6th) to have spectators removed from the CF bleachers‚ where they are waving hats‚ newspapers‚ handkerchiefs and flashing mirrors to distract the batters. When Doolan refuses‚ Brennan forfeits the game‚ 9-0‚ to the Giants. Bedlam ensues and later‚ when the two umpires and Giants players try to board the train at the North Philadelphia Station‚ they are attacked by fans. The police draw their revolver to control the crowd. The Phils protest the forfeit and NL president Lynch will reverse the umpire and rule the game an 8-6 Phils win. The Giants then appeal. NL directors say both Brennan and Lynch are wrong‚ and order the game completed from the point at which it was stopped. The game will be finished October 2‚ with the Giants winning.


September 1In Pittsburgh‚ the Pirates arrive late by train from Chicago for a morning/afternoon doubleheader against Cincinnati. For the morning game‚ they wear their road grays‚ losing 5-4 in 10 innings. In their home whites for the p.m. game‚ they win‚ 5-1.

Frederick W. Thayer‚ inventor of the catcher’s mask‚ dies at 65.
September 3Boston sidearmer George Tyler spins a one-hitter over the Giants to win‚ 2-1. The Braves reach Christy Mathewson for 8 hits and 2 runs.
September 4Cleveland lefty Vean Gregg strikes out Ty Cobb three times in a row‚ but Cobb doubles in the winning run in the 12th as the Tigers prevail‚ 4-3.
September 5The Phils score the only run this afternoon in a doubleheader in Boston. The visitors win the opener‚ 1-0‚ then the two play 10 innings of scoreless baseball before the game is called. Alexander misses his 20th win‚ but will reach the mark in 3 days.

In the first game of a doubleheader between St. Louis and Pittsburgh‚ Max Carey is awarded a triple in the bottom of the 5th inning‚ when St. Louis 3B Mike Mowrey throws his glove and hits the ball that Carey hit over his head. The Pirates prevail‚ winning 8-3 and 11-3 in 7 innings.
September 6Ed Reulbach pitches Brooklyn to a 2-0 whitewash of the Giants‚ allowing just 2 hits. Mathewson takes the loss‚ his 9th of the year. John McGraw‚ frustrated with his team’s lack of hitting‚ losses an argument with ump Mal Eason and is tossed.

Athletics 2B Eddie Collins steals home twice in a 9-2 victory against the Red Sox to tie the ML mark.

Browns interim manager Jimmy Austin is replaced by Branch Rickey. Austin (2-6) took over when George Stovall (50-84) was fired.
September 9The Red Sox collect 21 assists against Detroit in a 3-2 win.
September 10Honus Wagner is given a souvenir bat carved from a piece of wood taken from naval hero Oliver Perry’s flagship Niagara‚ which was sunk in Lake Erie 100 years before. The Giants then sink the Pirates‚ 5-2. Pittsburgh pitcher George McQuillan is thrown out at first base after lining a one-hopper to New York RF Red Murray.
September 11The contending Cleveland Naps‚ lose their 4th in a row to the Senators‚ 7-3. Washington will win tomorrow‚ 6-1‚ behind Walter Johnson‚ leaving the Nats just a game behind the 2nd place Clevelanders. Today‚ ump Jack Egan tosses C Steve O’Neill and manager Joe Birmingham. Tomorrow‚ Birmy will be slapped with a suspension by AL head Ban Johnson‚ who will lift the 10-day suspension of Washington manager Clark Griffith. Besides the fight with the ump‚ the Naps’ slumping Joe Jackson also loses a fight with a sign trying for Milan’s line drive. Jackson leaves the game after being knocked unconscious. He’ll miss a day..
September 13The Pirates split with the Giants‚ losing the opener‚ 4-2 to Mathewson‚ and then cruising to an 8-0 victory in the nitecap.
September 14In front of the largest crowd of the season (22‚000)‚ Cubs hurler Larry Cheney hurls a 14-hit shutout against the visiting Giants‚ defeating them 7-0 while setting a ML record for most hits allowed in a 9-inning whitewashing. Milt Gaston of Washington will duplicate the feat on July 10‚ 1928. Cheney wins his 20th over Rube Marquard‚ also seeking his 20th.
September 15Frank L. Hough‚ sports editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer‚ and one of 2 writers who owned 25 percent of the Athletics when the team was founded‚ dies.
September 16In the first-place A’s 8-7 win over Cleveland‚ LF Rube Oldring pulls off an unassisted DP‚ the second completed by an outfielder this year. Jack Graney did it for Cleveland on June 1 against St. Louis.
September 19The Giants continue to both lead the league and sport cold bats‚ barely holding on to split with the Cardinals. Mathewson drops the opener‚ 1-0‚ in 10 innings when Fred Snodgrass misplays a fly ball into a triple. New York takes the nitecap‚ 2-0.
September 22In the opener of a doubleheader‚‚ the A’s Joe Bush tops Detroit‚ 4-0. In game 2‚ Herb Pennock‚ 19‚ aided by Eddie Plank‚ blanks the Tigers 1-0 to clinch the AL pennant for the A’s. Plank gets the win in relief.

The Phils Pete Alexander shuts out the Cubs‚ 2-0‚ in the first of two games with Chicago. The Phils then complete the sweep‚ winning‚ 5-1.
September 23The Athletics hit no homers against the visiting Tigers‚ but still manage to win‚ 21-8‚ after scoring 10 runs in the 2nd inning. Detroit scores 4 in the frame for an AL record 14 for the 2nd inning. Jimmy Walsh scores 5 runs for the A’s.
September 24Mathewson scatters 11 Brooklyn safeties‚ walks none‚ to beat Ed Reulbach‚ 2-1. It is Matty’s 25th win. He will finish the year with 25 victories and 21 walks.
September 27The Giants lose to Brooklyn and Nap Rucker‚ 4-0‚ but the pennant is theirs‚ as the Phils lose to Boston‚ 9-3.

White Sox pitcher Jim Scott wins his 20th game as the Chicago beats St. Louis‚ 6-2. Scott finishes the year at 20-20‚ leading the league in losses.
September 29Walter Johnson wins his 36th game and 11th shutout of the year‚ defeating the league champion Athletics 1-0 on George McBride Day‚ a day honoring the Nationals’ captain and SS. Johnson also sets a ML record with his fifth 1-0 victory‚ a mark that will be tied in a few days by Reb Russell. Taking the loss today is rookie Weldon Wyckoff.

At New York‚ the Yankees finally end the Red Sox road jinx over them by sweeping the Hubmen‚ 3-1 and 5-1. It is the first loss in New York for Boston after a ML record tying 18 straight road wins stretching back to 1911‚ including 5 wins this year. They had a 3-3 tie on May 24. They’ll get back on track tomorrow by sweeping the Yankees‚ 3-2 and 3-0.
September 30Washington shuts out the A’s again‚ winning 3-0‚ as 17-year-old outfielder Merito Acosta collects two hits and swipes 3B in the 4th inning. Yesterday‚ the Cuban teenager was caught trying in his steal attempt.

The Phillies are 2-1 for the day‚ finishing the game of August 30th with the Giants‚ and splitting two more. The Phils win‚ 8-6‚ with the loss going to Mathewson‚ in the disputed game. Mathewson and Marquard then combine to beat the Phils‚ 8-3 before the Quakers return the favor‚ 4-3.


October 1Jack Bentley makes his major league debut for Washington. shutting out the A’s‚ 1-0 in 8 innings. The good-hitting Bentley will win five games next year for the Nats‚ but will not win another in the majors until he resurfaces with the Giants in 1923 after going 41-3 for Baltimore (IL) in three seasons.
October 2The Giants and Phils wrap up the season with 7 games in 3 days. The August 30th game‚ called in the 9th‚ is completed for an 8-6 Phillie victory. The following doubleheader is split. Tomorrow the Giants will win one and tie one. The day after they will win both.
October 4Despite the Dodgers’ 6th-place finish‚ 1B Jake Daubert earns a new Chalmers automobile as the NL MVP. Daubert led the NL at .350 and will repeat his batting title in 1914.

Washington manager Clark Griffith uses an unheard-of 8 pitchers in an end-of-season farce game with Boston‚ including 5 in the 9th inning. At age 43‚ he pitches one inning himself‚ and coach John Ryan‚ also 43‚ catches. Griffith also plays RF‚ where he plays one off his head and misplays Hal Janvrin’s liner into an inside-the-park homer. On the other end of the scale‚ 17-year-old Merito Acosta plays outfield alongside Walter Johnson in CF. Johnson then comes in the 8th inning to lob pitches to 2 hitters. Both batters‚ Clyde Engel and Steve Yerkes lace hits to send Johnson back to CF‚ and then‚ in relief‚ Nat’s catcher Eddie Ainsmith‚ in his only ML pitching appearance‚ gives up two triples to allow the base runners to score. The Sox score in the 9th on Hal Janvrin’s 2nd inside-the-park homer of the game. Joe Gideon‚ in his only pitching appearance retires the last two batters as Washington wins‚ 10-9‚ beating Fred Anderson who goes the distance. The 2 runs “allowed” by Johnson will have historical repercussions: his ERA goes from 1.09 to 1.14‚ and Bob Gibson‘s 1.12 ERA in 1968 will put Johnson’s ERA in 2nd place on the all-time list. The 8 pitchers sets a ML record that won’t be matched until the Dodgers‚ September 25‚ 1946.

At Detroit‚ White Sox pitcher Reb Russell gives Chicago a split by beating Detroit‚ 1-0‚ in the nitecap following a 7-5 loss. Russell (22-16) sets a ML rookie record with his 8th shutout. He also ties the ML record of winning five complete 1-0 games in a season set by Walter Johnson a mark since tied in each loop but never topped.
October 6In a Series tuneup in New York‚ The Giants top the Phillies‚ 4-1‚ before 500 fans.
October 7Rube Marquard gets the call for the Giants against Philadelphia’s Chief Bender in game 1 of the WS. Bender yields 11 hits‚ but Frank Baker’s HR and 3 RBI pace a 6-4 win over the New Yorkers. The A’s Frank Baker knocks in a run in the 3rd inning with a “Cincinnati base hit‚” when he tops a ball to 1B Fred Merkle. When Merkle goes to tag Baker‚ Frank stops running and a confused Merkle then throws home in an unsuccessful attempt to nab Oldring running from 3B. Following the season‚ the Baseball Writers Association votes 35-26 to abolish the one year category of “Cincinnati base hits.”
October 8Christy Mathewson ties the Series‚ shutting the Athletics out for 10 innings to beat Eddie Plank 3-0. Mathewson also brings in the winning run with a double in the 10th. In the 9th‚ Matty is saved twice by pitcher Hooks Wiltse‚ playing 1B. Wiltse entered the game in the 3rd as a pinch runner for Fred Snodgrass‚ pressed in to action at 1B. The A’s put runners on 2B and 3B with no outs in the final inning‚ and the next two batters hit shots to 1B. Both times Wiltse guns out a runner at home and Matty gets the last out to send the game into extra innings. Before the game‚ Walter Johnson (36-7‚ 243 strikeouts‚ 11 shutouts) is presented the Chalmers Award‚ and an automobile‚ as the AL’s MVP. Joe Jackson is 2nd in the voting.
October 9In game 3‚ the A’s have no trouble solving Jeff Tesreau. Rookie P Bullet Joe Bush throws a 5-hit 8-2 win before 36‚896 at the Polo Grounds‚ the largest crowd of the Series. Again‚ the Giants use Wiltse at 1B when Snodgrass pulls up lame.
October 10The bottom of the Athletics batting order-Jack Barry‚ Wally Schang‚ and Chief Bender-drives in all the runs‚ as Bender wins his 4th straight WS game‚ 6-5.
October 11John McGraw loses his 3rd straight WS. In game 5‚ Mathewson is good‚ but Eddie Plank is better; his 2-hitter wins the 3-1 finale. Plank retires the first 13 batters‚ bettering the mark of 12 set by the Cubs Mordecai Brown on Ocotber 9‚ 1906 Frank Baker at .450 and Eddie Collins at .421 lead a strong A’s offense.
October 12John McGraw hosts a reunion for Hughey Jennings and the old Orioles. After a night of heavy drinking‚ he blames his longtime friend‚ business partner‚ and teammate Wilbert Robinson for too many coaching mistakes in the Series. Robby replies that McGraw made more mistakes than anybody and McGraw fires him. Eyewitnesses say Robby douses McGraw with a glass of beer and leaves. They won’t speak to each other for 17 years. Six days later Robby will begin a legendary 18 years as manager‚ replacing Bill Dahlen. The team will carry the nickname Robins‚ as well as Dodgers‚ during his tenure.
October 13In St. Louis‚ the City Series between the Browns and the Cardinals ends in a fight. In today’s doubleheader‚ the Cardinals had taken the first game 5-2‚ and the 2nd game‚ and the 2nd game is tied 1-1 after four innings when a brawl broke out. Since there had been several other fights in the series‚ and because the series was played outside the auspices of the National Commission‚ the umps announce they have had it‚ and retire to the clubhouse. The series ends abruptly at 3 wins apiece‚ with one tie. Each Brownie player received $77.22.
October 19The Giants and White Sox‚ fortified with other players‚ start their world tour in Cincinnati. After a 31-game tour to Seattle‚ they will head for the Philippines‚ Australia‚ China‚ and Japan. Reach is the exclusive supplier of equipment‚ with Baseball Magazine noting that its cork-center ball will be used.
October 28In the only time the two future immortals face each other‚ Walter Johnson and Christy Mathewson square off at South Main Park in Tulsa‚ Oklahoma. Johnson‚ backed by the White Sox‚ wins the battle‚ 6-0‚ pitching the distance‚ while Matty exits after 4 innings. Johnson strikes out 8. Tris Speaker and Buck Weaver do the hitting for the Sox‚ while fan favorite Jim Thorpe has 2 hits off Johnson. The game is delayed for nearly 2 hours when the stands collapse‚ injuring 52 people and killing a soldier. The governor of Oklahoma narrowly escapes injury in the tragedy.


November 2Former St. Louis Browns manager George Stovall is the first ML player to jump to the Federal League‚ signing to manage Kansas City. With glib salesman Jim Gilmore as its president‚ and backed by several millionaires‚ including oil magnate Harry Sinclair and Brooklyn baker Robert Ward‚ the Feds declare open war 2 weeks later by announcing they will not honor the ML’s reserve clause. It will prove a long‚ costly struggle‚ similar to the AL’s beginnings‚ but with more losers than winners.
November 17Former star P Rube Waddell is picked up in St. Louis‚ wandering the streets and suffering from consumption.
November 24Joe Tinker is out as Reds manager‚ but is still their property as a player. On December 12th he will be sold to Brooklyn for $25‚000‚ $10‚000 of which goes to him. P Earl Yingling and OF Herbie Moran are sent to Cincinnati later as part of the deal. When Charlie Ebbets puts off signing Tinker‚ he jumps to the Feds‚ signing to manage Chicago for $12‚000.


December 6Exhibition teams made up of White Sox and Giants players make a Tokyo stop as part of their world tour and play each other at Keio University Stadium. The Sox win‚ 9-4. Tomorrow‚ a combined team defeats Keio University‚ 16-3‚ then the White Sox beat the Giants again‚ 12-9. Nearly a decade will pass before American professionals again play in Japan; Herb Hunter will take a team of “all stars” to Japan in 1920 and 1922.
December 9John Tener‚ one-time pitcher and congressman‚ now governor of Pennsylvania‚ is elected NL president for four years. John A. Heydler is elected secretary.
December 12While John McGraw is on his world tour‚ Giants president Harry Hempstead makes a swap with the Reds. The Reds send OF Bob Bescher to the Giants for young catcher Grover Hartley and Buck Herzog‚ who replaces Joe Tinker as manager and shortstop.

The Pirates clean house in an 8-player swap with the Cardinals. Going to St. Louis is Dots Miller‚ a 1909 World Series hero‚ 14-game winner Hank Robinson‚ 3B Cozy Dolan‚ IF Art Butler‚ and OF Owen “Chief” Wilson, king of the triple. The Pirates receive pitcher Bob Harmon‚ 3B Mike Mowrey‚ and 1B Ed Konetchy‚ whom the Bucs had been after for years. Konetchy‚ unhappy in St. Louis‚ will have his worst season (.249) in years‚ while Miller will have his best (.290)‚ giving credence to the trading abilities of manager Miller Huggins.

The Cubs fire Johnny Evers as manager‚ but expect him to continue as a player. He declines.
December 23The Sporting News reports that 15 men died from baseball injuries during the 1913 season‚ according to a list compiled by J.R. Vickery of Chicago (as noted by R. J. Lesch). The only name given is that of J. Whetstone of New Orleans‚ who suffered “a broken spine sustained in sliding to a base”; all other fatalities were the result of foul tips or pitched balls. The list “does not include a major league player or even a minor league athlete of sufficient experience in baseball to be widely known.”