Baseball – 1914

Baseball in 1914

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January 6The National Commission grants some demands of the Players’ Fraternity: players to be notified in writing of their transfer or release and to receive a copy of their contract; players with 10 years in the ML are eligible to become free agents; clubs will pay traveling expenses to spring training and furnish all uniforms; all parks to have a blank green wall behind the pitcher in CF.
January 11Former 19th century major leaguer Walt Goldsby commits suicide by a self-inflicted gunshot wound.


March 1The White Sox and Giants play a 3-3 tie in Cairo. The next day a triple play will be made in the shadow of the Pyramids.
March 3A joint NL-AL rules committee decrees that: a runner touched or held by a coach while rounding 3B is out; coaches may now assist other members of their team‚ not just base runners; the frequently violated rule requiring pitchers to stand behind the rubber until ready to pitch is rescinded-they may now stand on the rubber; base runners are now not permitted to run on an infield fly. A move to eliminate the intentional walk is defeated.
March 9Veteran umpire Hank O’Day‚ who managed the Reds in 1912‚ signs to skipper the Cubs.

The world tourists arrive in Rome where they stage a demonstration of the game. After a private audience with the Pope‚ they travel to Paris. They will be rained out in Paris and end the tour in England on February 26th before King George V.
March 11Declining to remain with the Cubs as a player after being fired as manager‚ Johnny Evers is traded to the Boston Braves for 2B Bill Sweeney. Evers will have one good season left‚ leading the Miracle Braves to the pennant and willing the Chalmers Award for MVP. Sweeney will sour in Chicago.
March 21Charles W. Murphy sells the Cubs to Charles P. Taft of Cincinnati.


April 1Future Hall of Famer Rube Waddell‚ weakened by a heroic effort to help contain a winter flood in Kentucky‚ dies at 37 of tuberculosis in a San Antonio sanitarium.
April 8An attempt to legalize Sunday baseball in Massachusetts is defeated.
April 13After building 8 new ballparks in 3 months‚ the Federal League opens with the Baltimore Terrapins beating Buffalo 3-2 before 27‚140. Winning P Jack Quinn will win 26 and lose 14. Indianapolis will win the pennant‚ led by rookie Benny Kauff‘s league-leading .370 batting average. Ex-Pirate Claude Hendrix will be 29-11.
April 14At Fenway Park‚ 24‚741 fans are on hand as the Red Sox open the season against Washington. Walter Johnson doesn’t allow a hit till the 6th inning as he shuts out the Sox 3-0. Johnson walks none and strikes out 8. Ray Collins takes the loss.

At Brooklyn‚ Wilbert Robinson wins his first game as manager‚ defeating the Braves‚ 8-2.

At Philadelphia‚ the Giants open the season with the Phillies‚ losing 10-1 to Pete Alexander. Rube Marquard takes the loss. The Phils are led by Sherry Magee‚ who clubs 2 homers‚ the first player to hit a pair of home runs on Opening Day. It’ll next be done by Earl Webb‚ in 1927.

Before 22‚000 at the Polo Grounds‚ the Yankees rock the World Champion Athletics‚ 8-2‚ driving Joe Bush from the mound after two innings. With only one starter‚ Roy Hartzell‚ back from last year’s opening lineup‚ New York scores 4 in the first and would have scored another in the 2nd inning but Jeff Sweeney falls rounding 3B. When the burly catcher is helped to his feet by coach and manager Frank Chance‚ he is declared out by Billy Evans: a new rule prohibits coaches from helping runners. Sweeney redeems himself when he and pitcher Marty McHale pull off a double steal. New York has seven steals‚ including two by Sweeney and Fritz Maisel‚ who steals 2B and 3B in the 4th inning. Maisel will swipe 74 bases on the year‚ while Sweeney will pick up 19‚ tops for Yankee catchers.

Reds pitcher Rube Benton twirls a 2-hitter against visiting Chicago to win, 10-1.
April 17Pittsburgh rookie Erv Kantlehner makes his first start and beats the Cardinals‚ 2-0.

In the Federal League‚ Buffalo’s Ed Porray makes his debut in a 4-2 loss to Baltimore. Porray‚ born “somewhere on the Atlantic Ocean‚” will have one more decision‚ a loss‚ before being set adrift.
April 18At Ebbets Field‚ Wilbert Robinson leads his Dodgers to a pasting of John McGraw‘s Giants. Brooklyn racks Christy Mathewson for 10 hits and 9 runs in 7 innings. Zack Wheat leads the way with a 3-run homer while driving home 5 runs.
April 20The 25-player limit is suspended in the AL and NL. With uncertainty over who has signed with what teams‚ it is almost impossible to know how many players may be on the roster at any one time.
April 21Pitcher Jack Quinn ends a Federal Lague match with Brooklyn by clubbing a game ending homer in the 10th to give Baltimore a 3-2 win.

In a 1-1 tie with the A’s‚ Boston CF Tris Speaker pulls off the 3rd unassisted DP of his career. He’ll do it again on August 8.
April 22At age 19‚ Babe Ruth‘s first professional game (as a pitcher) is a 6-hit‚ 6-0 win for Baltimore (International League) over Buffalo. The 2nd batter he faces is Joe McCarthy‚ the manager he will play for 17 years later with New York. Ruth is 2-for-4. Just 200 fans are on hand.

The Chicago Whales (FL) host the Kansas City Packers at newly built Weeghman Park‚ on Chicago’s North Side. With 2 homers by Art Wilson‚ and a 5-hitter by Claude Hendrix‚ the Chifeds coast to a 9-1 before a crowd of 21‚000.
April 25Browns catcher Frank Crossin throws out Detroit’s Sam Crawford at 2B‚ and the return throw from Del Pratt nips Ty Cobb at home‚ for a rare double play on a double steal. The Tigers win anyway 4-0.
April 27The Giants nip the Phillies‚ 4-3‚ with Mathewson taking the decision against George Chalmers. For the first time‚ hot dogs are sold at the Polo Grounds.
April 30The White Sox manage just one hit-a leadoff double by Demmitt-and almost beat the Tigers‚ losing 5-4‚ when Detroit pushes across a run in the 9th.

At St. Louis‚ Cleveland uses a triple steal in the 9th-Graney‚ Olson and Carisch-to tie the Browns‚ 3-3. The games is called aftere 12 innings due to darkness.


May 4At the Polo Grounds‚ the Dodgers hit for the cycle against Mathewson in the 4th inning to take a 3-0 lead. Casey Stengel‘s double caps the scoring. But New York is gifted with two runs on an errant throw by catcher Lew McCarty in the 4th‚ and they go on to win‚ 4-3.
May 6Pittfed’s Ed Lennox collects the only Federal League cycle in a 10-4 win over Kansas City. He adds a 2nd home run‚ the first player to do that since Tip O’Neill in 1887. The next to do it will be DiMaggio‚ in 1937.
May 7The Giants come from behind to beat the last-place Braves‚ 7-6‚ scoring 4 runs in the 8th inning. Art Fromme is the winner.

In a 15-7 PittFed win‚ Jack Lewis hits 3 triples to tie the record.
May 8When the Senators relieve with Walter Johnson‚ the A’s greet him with 6 runs in three innings to drive the Big Train from the mound. Johnson throw the one and only beanball of his career‚ a fast ball at the head of Frank “Home Run” Baker‚ a particular nemesis of Johnson’s. The beanball misses Baker‚ whom Johnson calls “the most dangerous batter that I ever faced.” Baker had hit .385 against the Nats ace up till this game (4 seasons); he’ll hit just .207 off him in the next 9 years. When the dust settles‚ the game ends in a 9-9 tie.
May 9Before 18‚000‚ Mathewson scatters 10 hits in shutting down the Braves‚ 2-0. A Chief Meyers double off Lefty Tyler accounts for both New York runs. Boston is now 3-11‚ 10 games behind the Pirates.
May 14The White Sox’s Jim Scott pitches a no-hitter for 9 innings‚ then loses to Washington 1-0 in the 10th. The first hit is by Chick Gandil‚ who scores on Howard Shanks‘ single. It is the first of a record three no-hitters that White Sox rookie C Ray Schalk will catch in his 17 years with the team.
May 15At Forbes Field‚ Mathewson outpitches George McQuillan to give the Giants a 5-3 win over the Pirates.
May 16Giants’ spitballer Jeff Tesreau‘s no-hit bid against Pittsburgh is spoiled with two outs in the 9th when Joe Kelly lines a single. Tesreau retires the last batter to win‚ 2-0.
May 18In a 2-0 Boston win‚ Detroit’s Ty Cobb is hit in the ribs by a pitch from Boston’s Dutch Leonard‚ but stays in the game. In Cobb’s next at-bat‚ he drags a bunt down the first base line and spikes Leonard when the pitcher tries to field the ball. In a few days‚ Cobb will leave the lineup because of a broken rib‚ the result of the pitch.

At Princeton University‚ Alexander MacMillan unveils his new invention‚ an automatic pitching machine. Called a Bat-Ball‚ the device propels a ball every eight seconds. At the unveiling‚ would-be batters are charged a penny for every pitch thrown.
May 19The Giants tip the Reds‚ 5-2‚ with Christy Mathewson unseating Dave Davenport.
May 20The first-place Pirates trip the Braves‚ 4-1‚ in a game that features the debut of Dolf Luque‚ “The Pride of Havana‚” who will be a 20s star for the Reds.
May 21Boston’s Lefty Tyler beats the Cubs‚ 2-1.
May 22Otto Hess shuts down the Cubs‚ 2-0‚ giving the Braves back-to-back wins for the first time this year.
May 23At St. Louis‚ Slim Sallee stops the Giants to preserve the Cards lead‚ and the Birds win‚ 4-3‚ over Mathewson.
May 26Red Sox righthander Rube Foster‘s string of 42 consecutive scoreless innings is stopped by Cleveland in the 5th inning. The Naps prevail to win‚ 3-2.

At Chicago‚ the Giants come from behind to defeat the Cubs‚ 10-7. New York is lead by a crew of pinchhitters: Jim Thorpe with a 2-run double‚ Red Murray with a sac fly‚ and in the 8th inning‚ Mike Donlin belts a 3-run homer.
May 27The Cubs lose to Christy Mathewson and the Giants‚ 3-1‚ with George Zabel taking the loss.
May 28In the 8th‚ Boston’s Harry Hooper leads a successful triple steal (Hooper‚ Lewis‚ Speaker) against Cleveland that results in a 2-2 tie‚ but Washington scores 3 in the 9th to win. With Rip Hagerman on the mound in the 8th inning‚ Dode Birmingham‚ Fred Carisch and Ivan Olson get tossed for protesting too vigorously. Tris Speaker‚ on the back end of the triple swipe today will be on the front end of another Red Sox triple steal.
May 30At St. Louis‚ the Browns and Tigers combine for just 11 hits in a doubleheader. Detroit’s Harry Coveleskie tosses a one-hitter in the opener to win‚ 2-1. The Tigers manage 4 hits off Earl Hamilton. Carl Weilman then wins for the Browns in the 2nd game‚ 2-1‚ outpitching Miles Main. Both pitchers allows just 3 hits‚ with Sam Crawford collecting two of the 3 Bengal bingles. The Tigers miss Ty Cobb‚ sitting with a cracked rib‚ who will not return until June 5th.

In the Federal League‚ Pittsburgh sweeps a pair from Baltimore‚ winning 4-2 and 6-5 in 11 innings. The Pittfeds win the nightcap despite Tex McDonald being caught by the hidden ball trick in the 11th inning. Baltimore 2B Otto Knabe nabs him.
May 31Joe Benz‚ who will be the AL’s leading loser with 19‚ no-hits Cleveland 6-1 at Comiskey Park. Three straight errors in the 4th inning give the Naps their only run. The loser is Abe Bowman‚ who “is withdrawn in favor of Blanding after three spasms (Chicago Tribune).” Cap Weaver and Ray Demmitt each have three hits to pace the 7th place White Sox.


June 1The Phillies pound out 16 hits‚ including 6 for extra bases‚ but still lose to the Giants‚ 11-7. Mathewson is slightly more effective than Erskine Mayer in winning.
June 3P Chief Johnson jumps from Cincinnati to Kansas City (FL); a judge grants a permanent injunction against him playing for KC‚ but he pitches for the Packers through 1915.
June 5Opelika (Georgia-Alabama League) P John Cantley slugs 3 grand slams and a single for 15 RBI in a game against Talladega‚ winning the contest 19-1.
June 6Christy Mathewson allows 10 Cardinals hits‚ including 4th inning homers by Chief Wilson and Ivy Wingo‚ but hangs on to win‚ 6-4. Slim Sallee is the loser.
June 8It is a good thing his bat is not needed as Boston Red Sox P Hugh Bedient strikes out 4 times against 4 different Cleveland pitchers in an 11-8 win.
June 9At Baker Bowl‚ Honus Wagner joins Cap Anson as the only members of the 3‚000 hit club when collects a 9th-inning double off the Phillies Erskine Mayer‚ and scores the Bucs lone run in a 3-1 loss.. It comes in Wagner’s 2‚332nd game. Lajoie will join the club in September. (Later calculations put the date at June 30th or July 4th). Wagner shows skills by tricking Beals Becker to try and take 3B and then tagging him out; with the Phils up 3-0‚ in the 8th he nabs Becker at 2B with a hidden ball trick.

With Bob Shawkey on the mound the A’s top the Tigers‚ 7-1. Detroit’s only score comes in the 4th when Ty Cobb steals home.
June 11The Cubs score 5 runs in the 6th inning against the Giants to hand Mathewson a 7-4 loss.
June 16With the score knotted at 5-5‚ the Brooklyn Tiptops (FL) unload for 7 runs in the 12th off St. Louis Terrier player-manager Three Finger Brown. Art Griggs ends the scoring by purposely missing three pitches from the 37-year-old reliever. Little Johnny Tobin then leads off with a Terrier home run and St. Louis scores 8 times to win‚ 13-12. The 15 runs is an extra-inning ML record.
June 17At Philadelphia‚ Phils OF Sherry Magee collects a ML-record tying 4 doubles against the Cardinals‚ including the game-winner. With a runner on 2B in the 10th‚ Magee’s blow lands in the bleachers but the rules give him only a double. The Phils win‚ 5-4.

Mathewson blanks the slumping Pirates‚ 5-0‚ allowing just 5 hits. George McQuillan is the losing pitcher.
June 20In a 7-1 loss to the visiting Yankees‚ Cleveland SS Ray Chapman fumbles his way into the record books with 4 errors in the 5th inning.

The Tigers lose the services of Ty Cobb when he breaks his thumb in a fight with a butcher’s clerk. Cobb will be out until August 13th.
June 21Against Detroit P George Boehler‚ Walter Johnson connects for a 5th inning grand slam and it is the difference as Washington wins‚ 7-3.
June 22The Giants shade the Reds‚ 3-2‚ scoring the winning run in the bottom of the 9th off Red Ames. Christy Mathewson gives up 7 hits and no walks as the Giants increase their lead over the NL to 4 games. For the second year in a row‚ Matty will end the season with fewer walks than victories‚ the only pitcher ever to accomplish that.
June 23Third baseman Ivy Olson helps preserve a 5-4 Cleveland victory over Detroit by nabbing Bobby Veach with a hidden ball trick in the 8th inning.
June 24Washington’s Walter Johnson is enroute to a 2-1 home win over the A’s when newsboys come through the stands hawking the latest edition of the papers headlining the wedding that evening of the ace to Hazel Roberts. The fiancee is supposedly spotted by the crowd‚ but the real Ms. Roberts slips by unnoticed.
June 26In Boston‚ the Giants hammer the Braves for 27 hits‚ winning 8-4 and 10-4‚ and put Boston back in the cellar. Boston had moved into 7th with yesterday’s win over New York. Mathewson wins the opener over Lefty Tyler‚ and Art Fromme wraps up the nitecap.
June 27The A’s top Walter Johnson and Washington‚ 4-2. Eddie Collins is 2-for-4 with a run and RBI for the A’s.
June 28The Reds Pete Schneider makes his debut with a nifty 1-0 shutout over the Pirates. He’ll finish the year with a 5-13 mark.
June 29At the Polo Grounds‚ the Giants and Dodgers battle to a split. Brooklyn lurches to an 8-7 win in the opener. In game 2‚ Giants starter Jeff Tesreau is tossed in the 3rd inning for disputing a call‚ and Mathewson rushes in to relieve with the score 1-1. New York scores 4 in the 3rd off Frank Allen and goes on to win‚ 8-6.

With attendance down in the Federal League‚ Robert Ward‚ president of the Brooklyn Tip Tops‚ announces that ticket prices at Washington Park will be reduced from 50 cents to 25 cents. The Pittsburgh Filipinos will soon follow suit.

The Cardinals trade OF Ted Cather and INF Possum Whited to the Braves for righty Hub Perdue.
June 30Cleveland’s Terry Turner ends a long dry spell by hitting a three-run homer off the Browns Earl Hamilton. Turner’s last HR was back in 1906: he had gone 3186 at bats without a round tripper.


July 3Chief Bender and Bob Shawkey whitewash the Yankees‚ 2-0 and 1-0‚ for an A’s sweep.

The Braves make their 2nd trade in 4 days acquiring OF Josh Devore from the Phils for INF Jack Martin.

At Washington‚ it’s Johnson versus Johnson in game 1. with Walter beating Boston’s Adam‚ 12-0. Adam leaves after 4 innings. Rip Williams is the big hitter for the Nationals with a double‚ triple and homer. Smoky Joe Wood wins the nitecap‚ 3-1‚ and he singles and scores in the 2-run 10th inning for the Sox.
July 4At the Polo Grounds‚ the Giants sweep an A.M.-P.M. twinbill from the Phils‚ winning 5-4 and 3-0. Mathewson‚ in winning the shutout‚ records his 350th victory.

The Dodgers drum the Braves‚ sweeping a doubleheader‚ 7-5 in 11 innings and 4-3 in the nitecap. The nitecap is especially hard fought: Lefty Tyler plunks Dodger SS Ollie O’Mara on the neck and when Jack Daubert crosses the plate with the winning run in the 9th‚ he collides with Braves C Hank Gowdy and is knocked unconscious. Boston (26-40) is 10 1/2 games in back of New York.

Turnabout is fair play. The Pittfeds sweep a pair from Baltimore‚ winning 5-1 and 8-7. In the 8th inning of the opener‚ Pitt SS Eddie Holly nabs Harvey Russell with the hidden ball trick. Baltimore’s Otto Knabe pulled it gainst Pittsburgh 5 weeks ago.
July 5Big Ed Walsh makes his first start since straining his right arm in spring training in 1913. He lasts 7 innings in a White Sox win over Cleveland‚ 6-3.
July 6At Washington‚ it is a battle of the Johnsons-Boston’s Rankin vs. the Nats’ Walter. George McBride‘s steal of home in the 4th inning is the only score‚ and Walter wins the 16th 1-0 game of his career.

The A’s sell pitcher Boardwalk Brown‚ 17-13 last year‚ to the Yankees. New York also brings back Birdie Cree by sending Bill Holden and cash to Baltimore (IL) in exchange. Birdie hit .348 in 1911 and .332 next season before injuring his leg. He slumped to .272 last year and was sold to Baltimore‚ but he will hit .309 in 77 games this year.
July 7Suffering heavy losses from Federal League competition in Baltimore‚ the Orioles’ (IL) owner Jack Dunn offers Babe Ruth (plus Ernie Shore and C Ben Egan) for $10‚000 to old friend Connie Mack‚ who refuses‚ pleading poverty. Cincinnati‚ which has a working agreement giving them the choice of 2 players‚ ignores Ruth and takes OF George Twombley and SS Claud Derrick. Dunn finally peddles his threesome to new owner Joe Lannin of the Red Sox for a reported $25‚000.

In an exhibition game in Buffalo‚ the Bisons (IL) humiliate the Boston Braves‚ 10-2.
July 8The Cardinals come from behind to beat the Giants‚ 4-3‚ pinning the loss on Christy Mathewson.
July 9Austin of the Texas League loses its 27th straight.

Ossee Schreckengost‚ 39‚ peripatetic catcher (7 teams) best known as battery and roommate of Rube Waddell while with the Athletics‚ dies of uremia at Philadelphia. Skilled defensively on the field‚ Schreckengost was an eccentric off. He had it written into his contract that Waddell could not eat crackers in bed.
July 10Detroit’s Billy Purtell and Marty Kavanagh combine to nab Eddie Collins with the hidden ball trick. It comes in the 9th inning and helps preserve an 8-8 tie with Philadelphia.
July 11Babe Ruth breaks in with Boston‚ striking out in his first at bat‚ but gets a win in a 4-3 victory over Cleveland. With the score 3-3 in the 7th‚ Duffy Lewis pinch hits for Ruth‚ singles‚ and later scores the winning run. Dutch Leonard strikes out 4 of the 6 batters he faces in relief.

At St. Louis‚ the Browns win the 1st of 2 with the A’s‚ 4-3‚ as Tilly Walker hits a pair of home runs. The A’s win the game 2‚ 6-4‚ with the help of a triple steal. Walks to Strunk‚ Barry and Amherst College pitcher Chick Davies‚ who is making his ML debut‚ load the bases in the 8th and set up the triple steal. Davies also has two hits and a complete game victory in his only appearance this year.

The Giants outhit the Cardinals‚ 18-16‚ and win 13-9 in St. Louis. Mathewson goes all the way in the win‚ walking none but allowing 3 home runs. Bill Steele takes the Redbird defeat.

Only 26 people are on hand to see Newark (IL) fade‚ 2-0‚ at Baltimore.
July 14The Cubs pound Giants reliever Christy Mathewson for 6 runs in 6 innings‚ but New York does worse damage to Larry Cheney and Jimmy Lavender‚ and wins 12-8. Bob Bescher has a HR‚ the 1‚000th Giant home run. New York leads the NL by 4 1/2 games.

Red Sox rookie Ernie Shore makes an impressive debut‚ pitching a 2-hitter to beat Cleveland‚ 2-1 at Fenway Park.
July 15At Fenway‚ Dutch Leonard shuts out the Cleveland Naps‚ 4-0. Ump Tommy Connolly‚ tiring of the taunting from the Sox bench‚ ejects 8 Boston players.

A proposed Sunday benefit game between the Red Sox and Detroit Tigers in Lynn‚ Massachusetts for the city’s firefighters is opposed by Mayor Newhall and other city councilors. No admission would have been to be charged‚ but contributions would be accepted. At a municipal council session‚ ten ministers appeared to oppose baseball on the Sabbath (as noted by Bill Nowlin).
July 16The Tigers‚ minus Cobb who is nursing a sore thumb‚ knock out rookie Babe Ruth in the 4th inning and trip the Red Sox‚ 5-2. It is Ruth’s first loss.

The Red Sox acquire 1B Dick Hoblitzell from Cincinnati.
July 17At Forbes Field‚ Rube Marquard and Babe Adams each go a marathon 21 innings before Larry Doyle‘s 2-run HR gives the Giants a 3-1 win over the Pirates. Adams yields no walks and 12 hits‚ the longest non-walk game in ML history. Marquard walks 2 (one intentional) and yields 15 hits. In the 6th‚ Honus Wagner goes from first to 3B on a hit by Jim Viox. When New York CF Bob Bescher throws to 3B Milt Stock‚ the ball bounces out of his hands and disappears. Wagner scores before it’s discovered that the ball bounced up under his arm and stayed there as he ran home. Wagner is called out for interference‚ and the Bucs protest. Manager Clarke is then ejected by umpire Bill “Lord” Byron. In a fitting ending to this unusual game‚ Giants OF Red Murray is knocked unconscious by a bolt of lightning after catching a ?y ball for the final out. Murray is uninjured. Marquard’s win is his last in 1914. He will lose 10 straight on his way to a 12-22 record.

Frank Allen of Brooklyn allows just one hit‚ but 5 errors do him in and the Cubs win‚ 3-2. A 2-run 4th for Chicago on no hits‚ and Good’s scoring after his double in the 6th‚ completes the Chicago scoring. Brooklyn will sell Allen to the Pittfeds in September.

Any pennant chances the Senators have go out the window when Clyde “Deerfoot” Milan and Danny Moeller collide in the outfield with Moeller holding onto the ball as Milan somersaults over him. Milan’s jaw is broken in 2 places and he will miss 40 games. Cleveland wins‚ 3-1.
July 18The Pirates spilt a twinbill with New York‚ winning game 1 by a 3-0 score‚ then losing the nitecap‚ 6-5 in 10 innings. New York scores 3 in the top of the 10th off George McQuillan‚ and the Bucs came back with 2 off Mathewson. Max Carey pops up with the tying run on 3B to end the game.
July 19Behind reliever Paul Strand‚ the Braves get 3 runs in the 9th off Earl Yingling to beat the Reds 3-2 and climb out of last place on their way to the pennant. During that journey‚ they will pass the Reds going the other way‚ as today’s loss starts the Reds’ fall from 2nd place to last.
July 20Lefty Tyler and Bill James combine to hold the Pirates to 4 hits and the Braves score a run in the 9th to win‚ 1-0. Boston (37-43) now moves into 6th place past the Dodgers.

Hub Leonard‚ pitching masterfully in relief for the Red Sox‚ throws 8 hitless innings against the Tigers while striking out 9 batters. The Sox win it‚ 3-2‚ to stay in 3rd place ahead of Washington.
July 21Dick Rudolph throws a 3-hitter to give the Braves their second straight whitewash of the Pirates‚ winning 6-0. Rudolph will end the year with 27‚ victories‚ tied with Alexander; one of his credited wins is a game in which he started and left after 3 innings. The Braves move ahead of the Reds and Phils into 4th place.

The Reds lose‚ 6-5‚ to the Giants in 13 innings. Mathewson pitches the last 5 innings of shutout ball and singles in the winning run to pin the loss on Red Ames.
July 22Bill James continues the Braves remarkable pitching by blanking the Pirates‚ 1-0. The Braves then lose the nitecap‚ 8-4.
July 23Lefty Tyler follows suit‚ stopping the Pirates‚ 2-0‚ as the Braves take 4 out of 5 in Pittsburgh.
July 25At Boston‚ the Cubs belt Otto Hess for a 5-4 win. Boston is now 12 in back of the Giants‚ winners of 6 straight.

New York’s Mark Baldwin surrenders only 3 hits‚ but is out dueled by Ed Stein‚ who pitches his 2nd one-hitter of the season to lead Brooklyn to a 3-0 victory.
July 26Boston rookie Ernie Shore stops the Naps in Cleveland‚ 4-1.
July 27Red Sox ace Dutch Leonard shuts out Cleveland‚ 3-0. He is helped by Tris Speaker‚ who has 2 singles and a triple. Speaker also makes 8 put outs in CF‚ on his way to a record 423 for the year.

The Athletics win their 12th consective game‚ beating host Detroit‚ 8-3‚ and scoring 3 runs in the first inning without a hit. Jean Dubuc hits 2 A’s batters‚ makes a throwing error‚ and his teammates chip in with 2 errors to give Philadelphia the 3 runs. Frank Baker has 3 hits including a double and triple to back Hereb Pennock’s pitching. Detroit will beat Philadelphia tomorrow.

The Reds just nip Brooklyn‚ 6-5‚ as starter Elmer Brown walks 4 straight and his reliever Johnny Enzmann duplicates the feat‚ all within the first three innings.

PCL president Allen Baum says he will rigidly investigate charges that umpires have gambled on games. Accusations surfaced following a fight yesterday in Sacramento between umpire Held and Harl Maggert.
July 28The Red Sox acquire lefty Vean Gregg (9-3)‚ a 20-game winner the past three years‚ from Cleveland for (Adam) Rankin Johnson‚ Fritz Coumbe‚ and catcher Ben Egan.
July 29The newly acquired Vean Gregg goes 7 innings for the Red Sox before exiting‚ and Boston goes on to beat the host White Sox‚ 8-4‚ in 10 innings.
July 30It’s a bad day for the Chief as the Giants lose a tough one to the Reds‚ 2-0. The Giants catcher doubles in the 6th and then is out for missing 1B. In the 9th‚ Meyers throws one ball over Stock’s head at 3B‚ bounces one to 2B on a steal‚ and tosses another into CF. The three errors hand Christy Mathewson the loss.

A wild melee mars the Tigers 3-2 win over the Senators. With the score tied in the 9th‚ the Nats Ray Morgan seemingly beats out a grounder when he slides into 1B‚ but umpire Sheridan calls him out. Morgan comes up with a handful of dirt‚ which he throws at the ump’s feet. (“This happens in nearly every game.” Washington Post). Sheridan thinks that Morgan meant to hit him with the dirt and swings at the player catching him on the jaw. Ainsmith then leads a charge out of the dugout and punches the ump as both teams rush out. Ainsmith and Morgan are ejected and as they are walking by the box seats‚ a fan calls Ainsmith a name. Eddie leans in and asks him to repeat it‚ and when the fan does‚ the catcher decks him‚ starting a near riot. Morgan jumps into the stands as does Bull Henry‚ who gets hit in the back with a chair. Eventually calm is restored‚ but the game is delayed 15 minutes. Shaw wild pitches in a Tiger run in the 10th to give Detroit a 3-2 win. Harry Coveleski is the winner‚ allowing 3 hits and striking out 11.

Rusty Griner allows just one hit but his Cards lose to the Dodgers‚ 2-1. Les Mann has a single for the lone hit. It is the 2nd one-hiiter this month in which the pitcher lost.

Ernie Shore stops the White Sox‚ 4-0‚ to give the Red Sox rookie a 4-0 record.
July 31Red Sox owner Joe Lannin buy the Providence Grays (IL) and Melrose Park from the Detroit Tigers for $75‚000. Detroit gets to pick one player from the Providence roster and they select P Red Oldham‚ overlooking Carl Mays. Detroit then purchases the Buffalo (IL) team.


August 1The Braves edge the Cardinals‚ 4-3‚ in 10 innings to reach the .500 mark (45-45) for the first time this year.
August 3Against Detroit in the 7th inning‚ Yankees catcher Les Nunamaker has 3 assists in the 7th inning‚ nipping Sam Crawford and Bobby Veach trying to steal‚ and picking off Hugh High at 2B. Detroit’s next baserunner‚ George Burns in the 9th‚ gets picked off a base for the 2nd time‚ this time at 1B by the pitcher King Cole. Nunamaker is the first catcher since 1887 to have 3 assists in an inning. The Yankees lone score comes on a double steal with Nunemaker on the front end with Fritz Maisel. New York still loses to Detroit‚ 4-1‚ as Stanley Coveleski is the winner. Heilmann plays 2B, replacing Marty Cavanagh‚ who ‘played like a clown’ yesterday. Nunamaker’s feat is erroneously listed in most record books as occurring in the 2nd inning; also‚ he is listed as throwing out three runners in that frame when he only throws out 2.

The Giants split with the Reds‚ winning the opener‚ 7-2 behind Mathewson‚ then blowing a 4-0 lead to drop the nitecap‚ 5-4.

At Brooklyn‚ Ed Konetchy hits a grand slam to deep CF in the 13th inning to give the Pirates a 7-3 win over the Dodgers. Brooklyn loaded the bases with no outs in the 10th and failed to score.

At Pittsburgh‚ the ChiFeds lose 1-0 in 10 innings. Young Clem Clemens is the starting catcher for Joe Tinker‘s team‚ replacing Artie Wilson who was struck with appendicitis and rushed to the hospital. The Tinx other catcher Bruno Block is out with a broken his finger. With the ChiFeds heading for a crucial series with Baltimore‚ the Pittfeds loan them catcher Skipper Roberts.

Contracts are let to cut up the New York AL Baseball Park between Broadway and Ft. Washington Avenue from 165th to 168th Streets. The park has not been used for baseball for two years. Street will be cut through the property.
August 4Red Sox owner Lannin offers the use of Fenway Park to Braves owner James Gaffney. With the Braves making a run for the pennant‚ Gaffney will take up the offer.
August 6Rabbit Maranville cracks a 10th-inning homer to give the Braves their 9th win in a row‚ a 5-4 topper over Pittsburgh.

Vic Saier starts the Chicago scoring with a solo homer off Mathewson. The Cubs score then two in the 8th and two in the 9th to edge the Giants‚ 4-3. The Giants now lead the Braves by 6 1/2 games.
August 7Grover Cleveland Alexander (16-9) shuts out the Reds and leads the Phillies offense with 4 hits‚ including a double‚ and two runs scored.
August 8At Boston‚ center fielder Tris Speaker pulls off his 2nd unassisted DP of the year‚ this one coming against Detroit. Tiger runner Harry Heilmann is doubled off 2nd in the fourth inning when a hit-and-run play becomes a line drive to Speaker. Boston wins‚ 5-2. Speaker had another unassisted DP on April 21 against the A’s. The two OF unassisted DPs in a season is a ML record.
August 10Bill James tops the Reds‚ 3-1‚ to push the Braves past the Cubs (53-48) and the Cardinals (54-49).
August 11Boston Braves P Lefty Tyler begins a string of 23 shutout innings‚ but Red Ames of the Reds matches him today in a 13-inning 0-0 tie. Four days later‚ Tyler will beat Christy Mathewson 2-0 in 10 innings.

In St. Louis‚ the Giants are trailing the Cardinals‚ 3-2‚ after 5 innings when the light rain turns heavy. The umps call the game‚ a loss to New York’s Mathewson.

After missing 6 weeks‚ first with broken ribs‚ then a broken thumb‚ Ty Cobb signs a new 3-year contract and returns to the lineup. He and Sam Crawford had been offered double their salaries to jump to the Feds. Cobb will get into just 97 games‚ but he will win another batting crown at .368. Under existing rules his 345 at bats are enough to qualify.

At Brooklyn‚ the Cubs lose‚ 3-2. Chicago teammates Roger Bresnahan and Heinie Zimmerman are ejected for fighting with each other.

White Sox pitchers Mellie Wolfgang and Ed Cicotte both toss 2-0 shutouts against Cleveland.
August 13In the start of a crucial series in New York‚ The Braves pound Rube Marquard for 11 hits to win‚ 5-3. Rabbit Maranville contributes a triple and Les Mann adds a homer and 2-run single. Lefty Tyler notches another victory.
August 14The Braves pound another 11 hits‚ off Jeff Tesreau‚ and the Braves beat the Giants‚ 7-3. Bill James is the winner with help from Connolly‚ who belts a homer‚ double‚ and single.
August 15At the Polo Grounds‚ 32‚000 watch as Lefty Tyler and Christy Mathewson throw goose eggs for 9 innings. In the 10th‚ Red Smith singles and Hank Gowdy triples him home. Matty then wild pitches home Gowdy for 2-0 lead. New York loads the bases in the 10th with no outs‚ but Tyler slams the door with no Giants scoring. The Braves trail by 3 1/2.

Brooklyn 1B Jake Daubert ties a ML record by recording 4 sacrifice bunts in the 2nd game of a doubleheader sweep against Philadelphia‚ 8-4‚ and 13-5. Daubert‚ who can’t run because of an injured ankle‚ also lays down 2 sacrifice bunts in the first game.
August 17The Braves sweep two from the Reds‚ winning 11-1 behind Dick Rudolph and 5-3 with Bill James on the mound.

In Manchester‚ NH‚ Babe Ruth pitches the Red Sox to a 4-2 exhibition win over the local New England League team. Ruth will be sent to the Providence Grays (IL) tomorrow after finally clearly waivers.
August 18The Braves express slows as the Reds beat Dick Crutcher‚ 3-1.
August 19Lefty Tyler stops the Reds for a 3-2 Braves win.
August 20The Braves’ Dick Rudolph wins his 11th straight‚ stopping Pittsburgh‚ 6-3. Included in his win streak is a 4-3‚ 10-inning victory over the Reds on August 8. There is confusion in some record books about this game. Rudolph’s streak will be stopped in his next start on the 24th by Chicago.
August 21The Reds use a triple and double steal in the 1st inning to score three runs and beat New York ace Mathewson‚ 3-2. Al Demaree relieves Matty in the 6th‚ but Big Six takes his 4th loss in a row. The New York lead drops to a game.
August 23The Giants lose their 5th straight‚ to Cincinnati 3-2‚ and the idle Braves move into a tie for first place. Herb Moran‚ playing his last game for Cincy before being sold to the Braves‚ doubles in the game-winner in the 9th. The 3rd place Reds will win all three games with the Giants at Redland Field‚ but will soon head in the other direction‚ losing 19 in a row in September to finish last.
August 24In the 2nd game of a twinbill at Washington‚ Detroit’s Hooks Dauss and four Nats pitchers combine to plunk a record seven batters‚ a ML record that will remain unmatched until 1971. Hooks hits three while Jim Shaw‚ Al Bentley‚ Harry Harper‚ and Jim Stevens hit four. The Tigers win 11-0 and take the opener as well‚ 3-1.

At Chicago‚ the Cubs trounce the Braves‚ 9-5‚ putting Boston back in 2nd place. For Dick Rudolph‚ it is his first loss after 11 consecutive wins.
August 25The A’s score 9 runs to back Rube Bressler‘s shutout of the Browns in the first of two games. Teammate Herb Pennock then follows with a 1-0 shutout.
August 26The Giants lose 1-0 to the Cardinals‚ managing just 3 hits off Bill Doak‚ but win game 2 on a 2-hitter by Christy Mathewson over Slim Sallee. The 4-0 win is Matty’s 20th
August 29In Chicago‚ the Giants split with the Cubs‚ Rube Marquard losing the opener‚ 1-0‚ and Mathewson topping Bert Humphries in the 2nd game‚ 7-5. The Giants waive Hooks Wiltse‚ ending his 11 years with the Giants. Hooks will pitch for the Brookfeds next season.
August 31Walter Johnson relieves in the 8th inning with his Senators holding a 3-2 lead over the White Sox. On the first pitch‚ Jack Fournier hits a HR to tie the game. Fournier’s next at bat up comes in the 10th and he homers again to give the Sox a 4-3 win. This is the first time Johnson has been reached for 2 HRs in a game by the same batter (Gehrig will match it August 13‚ 1926). Last night the Sox beat Johnson 2-1 and Fournier was 3-for-3 with 2 triples against the “Big Train.”


September 2The NL lead seesaws. Beaten by Brooklyn 6-2 while the Braves win twice‚ the Giants drop out of first place for the first time since May 30. Tomorrow they sweep 2 from Brooklyn and retake the top spot.
September 3The Pirates take a pair from the Cardinals‚ winning 11-6 and 10-3. Max Carey scores 5 runs for the Bucs in game 1.
September 5Pitching for visiting Providence (IL) 19-year-old Babe Ruth beats Toronto 9-0 with a one-hitter‚ and hits his only minor league HR‚ a 3-run blast off Ellis Johnson.
September 7The Braves and Giants play an A.M.-P.M. twin bill in Boston on Labor Day. To accommodate the crowds‚ the Braves have moved their home games to Fenway Park‚ courtesy of owner Joe Lannin: Fenway has triple the seating capacity of South End Grounds. The two contests draw 74‚163 on the day. The Braves‚ down 4-3 to Mathewson in the 9th‚ storm back for 2 runs to win the opener. Josh Devore scratches a single‚ Herb Moran doubles into the crowd ringing the outfield‚ and Johnny Evers slaps a single that eludes George Burns to drive home the tying and winning runs. Jeff Tesreau wins the nitecap‚ 10-1‚ and the Giants pile on Lefty Tyler. In the Giants’ 4-run sixth‚ Snodgrass takes a pitch on the sleeve to reach 1B‚ thumbing his nose at Tyler along the way. Lefty retaliates by acting out Fred’s 1912 muff. When Snodgrass returns to CF‚ the crowd is merciless to the point that Boston Mayor Curley rushes on the field and demands the umpires eject the Giant player. McGraw‚ worried that Snodgrass might incur an injury‚ replaces Snodgrass.

The Brooklyn Feds score just enough to win a pair over the Pittfeds‚ winning 4-3 and 12-11. In the second game‚ Jim Bluejacket of Brooklyn gets credit for a win without throwing a pitch (as noted by Frank Vaccaro). The Brooklyn Eagle reports‚ “Blue jacket (sic) did not pitch a single ball to a Pittsburg batter‚ but even at that he gets credit for winning the second game. He entered the fray in the eighth inning‚ with Monasky on third and Yerkes on first. Bringing his Indian cunning into play‚ he caught Yerkes napping off first and ended the inning. In the last half of the same round the local team scored the five runs that won the game.”

Floods severely damage the Kansas City Packers’ (FL) ballpark‚ washing away fences and demolishing the clubhouse.
September 8Bill James allows just 3 hits in beat the Giants‚ 8-3‚ and dropping New York to the 2nd spot.
September 9In the opener at Boston‚ the Phils win their only game in the series‚ 10-3‚ behind Pete Alexander. In game 2 of a doubleheader‚ George A. Davis‚ a Harvard law student‚ pitches the only shutout of his brief career‚ a 7-0 no-hitter for the first-place Braves over the Phils. The spitballer walks the bases loaded with no outs in the 5th‚ but “he rose to the occasion to prove his perfect candidacy to a niche in the hall of stars‚” writes the Boston Post. Released by the Highlanders in 1912‚ Davis will be 3-3 this year and next‚ then hang up his glove to start a law practice.

At Washington‚ the Senators Jack Bentley shuts out New York‚ 1-0. Jack Warhop takes the loss‚ his 5th 1-0 loss of the year‚ which ties the AL record set by Bill Donovan in 1903. It won’t be topped by any pitcher. Also not topped‚ or tied‚ is Warhop’s loss today to the Senators‚ the 3rd time this year they’ve beaten him‚ 1-0. No pitcher will tie Warhop’s ML record.
September 11At the Polo Grounds‚ Mathewson stops Brooklyn 7 hits and the Giants schmeer Charlie Schmutz‚ 3-0.
September 12Yankee SS Roger Peckinpaugh‚ 23‚ is named to replace Frank Chance‚ who resigns today effective through September 15. Peckinpaugh becomes the all-time youngest manager‚ and the 7th in the club’s 12-year existence. He will win 9 of 17 games and will manage next at Cleveland in 1928. The Yanks win today‚ 2-1‚ over the A’s‚ with catcher Jeff “Big Ed” Sweeney going from goat to hero. When McInnis and Strunk attempt a double steal in the top of the 9th‚ Sweeney heaves the ball into CF trying to throw to 2B and McInnis scores the tying run. Leading off in the bottom of the 9th against Chief Bender‚ Sweeney cracks a homerun‚ his only one of the year‚ to give New York the win. Winning pitcher Ray Keating is warned by umpire Tommy Connally‚ who discovers an emery board on the pitcher. In ten days the emery pitch will be banned and any violation will result in a $100 fine and a 30-day suspension.

In Philadelphia‚ Grover Cleveland Alexander receives an automobile before the first game of a doubleheader as the Phillies’ most popular player‚ then drives by the Giants Rube Marquard for a 1-0 win. It is his 23rd of the year tying him with Mathewson for the NL lead. Alex gives up 4 hits as Marquard absorbs his 10th straight loss. Art Fromme wins the second game‚ 6-0‚ in 1 hour: 38 minutes. Game 1 took just one hour: 12 minutes.

St. Louis Federal Leaguer Bob Groom accomplishes the rare feat of umpiring and pitching in the same game. When the two regular umps don’t appear‚ Groom and Bert Maxwell of the Brooklyn Tip-Tops are selected to ump. The regular umps appear in the 3rd inning‚ having thought the game started at 3:30‚ not 2:30. Groom goes to the bench but relieves in the 7th inning and allows 3 hits in the Brookfeds 4-run inning. Brooklyn wins‚ 8-5.
September 14The Giants edge the Phillies‚ 3-2‚ but the Quakers jump on Mathewson for 7 runs on 7 hits in 3 innings‚ and win 10-6.
September 15Cleveland’s Nap Lajoie strokes his 3‚000th hit‚ a single off Detroit’s Pug Cavet‚ joining Wagner and Anson as the only players to reach that mark. Cavet and the Tigers win‚ 2-1.
September 17Cincinnati’s Phil Douglas walks 8 and allows 10 runs in 7 innings. New York wins‚ 10-1 behind Mathewson.
September 19Ed Lafitte pitches a 6-2 no-hitter for the Brooklyn Tip-Tops (FL) over the Kansas City Packers. Wildness costs him the 2 runs. He will lead the FL with 127 walks.

Before the Phils-Cards game‚ Alexander is presented with a check for $1‚000 for winning 24 games. Alex proceeds to win his 25th‚ allowing just 2 hits while fanning 11.
September 20John Lush of Portland (PCL) pitches a 9-inning no-hitter against Venice‚ losing 1-0. It is the 2nd no-hit loss in the PCL in 5 years (Frank Arellanes‚ Sacramento‚ October 17‚ 1910‚ loses 2-0).

John Lush, a seven-year veteran of the major leagues, pitches a no-hitter for Portland (PCL) against Venice, but loses, 1-0.
September 21The White Sox score in the 4th inning on a Walter Johnson wild pitch‚ one of 4 that Johnson uncorks in the game. But he strikes out 12 batters in 13 innings as the Nats finally break through against Chicago’s Red Faber for a 6-1 win. The record book gives Johnson all 4 wild pitches in the 4th inning‚ but it appears that Eddie Collins‚ who opened with a single‚ stole 2nd and advanced on a grounder to 3rd‚ scored the Pale Hose’s only tally on a just one wild pitch.
September 22Boston (AL) P Ray Collins hurls two complete-game victories over the Tigers‚ winning by scores of 5-3 and 5-0.

At the Polo Grounds‚ the Cubs score 5 runs in the 1st inning against Mathewson. It is all Larry Cheney needs‚ as he tosses a 3-hitter to win‚ 5-0. The Giants now trail the Braves by 5 games.
September 23After losing game 1 to Boston‚ 3-2‚ the last-place Reds come back in game 2 to break the longest losing streak in the club’s history (and 3rd longest in the NL and tying the 20th C. mark of the 1906 Bston Nationals) at 19 straight. Charles “King” Lear wins his only game of the year and pitches his only shutout ever‚ 3-0. The Reds wait till the 9th to score their 3 runs.

Rube Marquard loses his 12th in a row‚ as the Cards sink the Giants twice‚ but the Cards fall short of overtaking New York in 2nd place by 2 1?2 games.

Pete Alexander coasts to a 9-4 win over the Cubs as Gavvy Cravath bangs two homers to lead the Phils’ offense.
September 24At New York‚ the Cardinals win their 3rd game in a row over the stumbling Giants‚ 4-3. Cozy Dolan’s 9th inning double off reliever Christy Mathewson drives home the winning score.
September 26Pete Alexander wins his 9th in a row for the Phils‚ beating the Reds‚ 7-4. Gavvy Cravath hits his 18th homer‚ off King Lear‚ and Sherry Magee clouts his 15th.

At Fenway Park‚ the Braves roll over the Cubs‚ 6-2 and 12-2. Lefty Tyler tops Hippo Vaughn in the opener‚ and Otto Hess beats Larry Chaney in the 2nd game. The red hot Braves will sweep the four-game series with the Cubs.

Meanwhile‚ the Giants split with the Pirates‚ winning and losing by 4-2 scores. Babe Adams wins the nitecap for the Bucs‚ shutting out the Giants in the last 8 innings.

Manager Joe Tinker of the ChiFeds will appeal to FL prexy Gilmore to outlaw the emery ball after he plays today’s game with the BrookFeds under protest. In the 2nd inning‚ with Tinker on 3B‚ Tom Seaton of the BrookFeds strikes out 2 Whales and Tinker protests to ump Barry McCormick‚ who examines the ball and finds it filed on one side. Tinker accuses Seaton of using emery paper‚ which the pitcher denies. Tinker then discovers the emery in the pitcher’s glove. Seaton refuses to hand it over to the ump but instead gives it to Brooklyn manager Bradley‚ who hands it back to Seaton on the bench. When Tinker says he won’t play anymore if Seaton continues to doctor the ball‚ the pitcher laughs. He doesn’t laugh in the 8th when he walks 4 men and refuses to be lifted‚ saying he wants to finish the game. But the Tinx win‚ 7-6‚ and take the 2nd game 5-3 to remain-temporarily-in first place ahead of Indianapolis.
September 27At St. Louis‚ the Athletics clinch the AL pennant behind Chief Bender‘s 6-0 shutout as the Red Sox split a doubleheader. Bender allows 4 hits‚ two by Gus Williams‚ and he strikes out 5. Williams will end the year with 120 strikeouts‚ the first batter to K more than 100 since Same Wise set the ML record in 1884 with 104.

In the opener of a doubleheader in Cleveland‚ Nap Lajoie collects his 3‚000th hit as his Cleveland team defeats the Yankees‚ 5-3. Lajoie is 2-for-2 with two doubles. He is given the ball after his double. The star is not expected to play the rest of the year. He does not play in game 2‚ which the Yankees win‚ 5-2.

At Detroit‚ CF Ty Cobb misplays a bases-loaded single in the 10th by Ray Morgan and four runs score. The Senators win‚ 6-2.

After losing four in Boston‚ the Cubs play an exhibition game against the Providence Grays and lose again‚ 8-7‚ in 8 innings. The Cubs score 3 in the 9th to tie and when Providence tallies a run‚ the Cubs rush to make a train: which they miss. The game at Rocky Point features two splash homers hit into Narragansett bay‚ one by Wilbur Good and another by Grays pitcher Babe Ruth. Ruth adds a triple and on the slab he walks 7 and strikes out 3. The Cubs pocket $400 for their showdown with the Babe.
September 29At Fenway Park‚ the Cubs drop a 3-2 decision to the Braves as Larry Cheney walks 11 Boston batters in the game. Tom Hughes‚ making his first start for Boston‚ is the winner on a 5-hitter.
September 30The Dodgers stop Alexander’s win streak at 9 games‚ defeating the Phils‚ 2-1‚ behind Jake Pfeffer. Alex is done in by 3 Phillie errors.

In front of a handful of fans‚ the pennant winning Braves top the Giants‚ 7-1 in the first of two. Boston then beats up Mathewson for 6 runs in 3 innings‚ but the game ends in a 7-7 tie. For the 2nd year in a row Matty (24-13) will finish with more victories than walks (23).


October 1In the Braves 7-6 win over the second-place Giants‚ umpire Bill Klem provides most of the fireworks. He tires of the name-calling in the 6th inning and clears the entire Giants bench-24 players‚ including many rookies‚ march in step to the clubhouse.

After five starts in which Cleveland lost‚ Vean Gregg finally wins his 20th game‚ beating the Tigers‚ 8-1. For Gregg it is his 3rd 20-win season in his first three years‚ the only 20th century major league pitcher to accomplish that.

In a 9-7 victory‚ Phils slugger Gavy Cravath belts his ML-record 19th homer‚ off Brooklyn’s Pat Ragan. All of Gavy’s homers this year have come at Baker Bowl‚ a ML-record for the 20th century‚ topped only by Chicago’s Fred Pfeffer in 1884 (26). Lifetime he will hit 119 homers-93 in Baker Bowl-the highest percentage in history of home dingers. Cravath also leads NL outfielders with 34 assists in right field.
October 2In Boston‚ the Yankees make 5 errors to help Red Sox rookie Babe Ruth win‚ 11-5. Ruth‚ just recalled from Providence‚ makes his first ML hit‚ a double‚ off King Cole.

Phil Douglas gives up just one hit-a single to Honus Wagner-but 2 walks and 2 errors in the 8th are his undoing. The Reds lose‚ 2-1 to the Pirates. For Wagner‚ it is the 3rd game in his career where he’s had the only hit. This is the 3rd one-hit loss this year; two occurred in July.
October 3At Boston‚ Red Sox starter Ernie Shore gives up an unearned Yankee run in the 1st‚ and the score is 1-0 when he departs after 7 innings. Both team score 2 in the 9th inning‚ New York’s runs coming against reliever Guy Cooper. The scorer nails Cooper with the loss for pitching poorly.
October 5At Fenway Park‚ Washington’s Walter Johnson wins his 28th game of the year‚ a 9-3 win over the Sox. Babe Ruth‚ pinch hitting for pitcher Ray Collins‚ strikes out on three pitches.

In game 2 of a twinbill with the Braves‚ Dodger P Pat Ragan relieves in the 8th inning and strikes out the side on 9 pitches‚ doffing his hat to the home crowd after each K. He’s the first National Leaguer to do it. The celebration is a bit premature as the Braves score 5 runs off Ragan in the 9th to win‚ 9-5. Boston wins the opener‚ 15-2.
October 6The Brooklyn Robins (AKA the Dodgers) split with Boston-winning 3-2 and losing 7-3-and finish 5th‚ their highest level since 1907. The Braves lose regular 3B Red Smith‚ who breaks his right leg sliding into 1B.

In the Federal League‚ the Chicago Whales lose to Kansas City while the Indianapolis Hoosiers beat St. Louis‚ giving Indianapolis a 1 1?2 game pennant margin. Five .300 hitters‚ led by Benny Kauff‘s .370‚ pace the winners. For the Whales‚ Claude Hendrix is the FL’s top pitcher at 29-11.
October 7The Senators and the Red Sox wind up the season in a meaningless game in Boston. Washington manager Clark Griffith‚ 45‚ makes his final mound appearance‚ while Boston’s star outfielder Tris Speaker does the only pitching of his career‚ giving up a run in an inning. Ruth‚ in relief of starter Hugh Bedient‚ pitches 3 innings for Boston.
October 8In Chicago‚ the White Sox even the city series with the Cubs by scoring 3 in the 9th off spitter Larry Cheney and winning‚ 5-2.

In the New York city series‚ bridegroom George Burns gets 4 hits‚ including a triple‚ and steals 2 bases to give the Giants a win over the Yankees. Burns gets serenaded with the wedding march in his first at bat.
October 9The Boston Braves go into the WS as underdogs‚ despite their strong finish. Only one regular‚ LF Joe Connolly‚ hit .300. Their strengths are pitchers Dick Rudolph‚ George “Lefty” Tyler‚ and “Seattle Bill” James‚ 2B Johnny Evers‚ who wins Chalmers’ final MVP automobile‚ and SS Rabbit Maranville‚ their cleanup hitter. The Philadelphia A’s Eddie Collins‚ with a .344 BA‚ wins the Chalmers AL award with 63 of 64 possible points. The A’s have 7 pitchers with 10 or more wins‚ led by Chief Bender‘s 17-3. Bender’s WS magic is quickly dispelled as the Braves knock him out in the 6th. Rudolph coasts to a 5-hit 7-1 victory. Hank Gowdy has a single‚ double‚ and triple. He will hit a WS record .545‚ and Evers‚ .438. Only Ruth will top Gowdy with .625 in 1928. Bender makes his last WS appearance‚ finishing with a record 59 strikeouts.
October 10In game 2‚ Bill James and Eddie Plank match zeroes for 8. In the 9th‚ Boston’s Charlie Deal doubles‚ steals 3B‚ and scores on Les Mann‘s single. James gives up 2 hits.
October 12Joe Bush‚ 17-10 for the A’s‚ faces Lefty Tyler in game 3. Tied 2-2 in the 10th‚ Home Run Baker drives in his only 2 runs of the Series‚ but a HR by Gowdy starts a game-tying rally. After James comes on and sets the A’s down for 2 innings‚ Gowdy doubles. Bush gives up a walk‚ then throws a sacrifice bunt past Baker at 3B allowing pinch runner Les Mann to score the winning run.
October 13The first WS sweep in history belongs to the Braves-the only WS the franchise will ever win. Bob Shawkey and Herb Pennock allow just 6 hits‚ but one is a 2-run single by Evers‚ as Rudolph wins 3-1.
October 18NL and AL all-star teams‚ featuring stars such as Grover Alexander‚ Jeff Tesreau‚ Joe Bush‚ and Bill James‚ start an exhibition tour today in Milwaukee with the Braves’ Bill James losing to Bullet Joe Bush‚ 6-2. The tour will take them to Hawaii after wandering throughout the West‚ with the NL winning 29 of the 50 games played. Playing tomorrow in Mandan‚ ND‚ the NL will win ‚ 2-1‚ in 12 innings.
October 20Veteran C Pat Moran is named manager of the 6th-place Phils‚ replacing Red Dooin. Dooin will not be asked to stay on as the backup catcher; instead the Phils trade him to his home-town Reds for infielder Bert Niehoff.


November 1Connie Mack begins cleaning house‚ asks waivers on Jack Coombs‚ Eddie Plank‚ and Chief Bender. Colby Jack goes to Brooklyn (NL). Plank and Bender escape Mack’s maneuvering by jumping tfo the Federal League. Although all have some life left in their soupbones‚ they are near their careers’ end‚ and departure is more sentimental than serious. Mack’s excuse: retrenchment. Despite the pennant‚ Philadelphia fans did not support the A’s and the club lost $50‚000.
November 5The Court of Appeals upholds a ban on Sunday baseball in Washington‚ DC.
November 10In Sacramento‚ California Heinie Reitz‚ 47‚ one time member of the Baltimore Oriole infield‚ is killed by an automobile. He is the first major leaguer to die in a cr accident. Braves SS Tony Boekel‚ will die in a car accident in 1924‚ the first auto-related fatality of an active major leaguer.
November 18Roger Bresnahan signs to manage the Cubs.


December 4Walter Johnson accepts a $6‚000 bonus from the FL Chicago Whales and signs a three-year contract for $17‚500 per year. Clark Griffith threatens to take Johnson to court‚ claiming he has paid Johnson for the reserve option in his contract. AL Prexy Ban Johnson asserts that Johnson was on the market and is “damaged goods‚” worth getting rid of. Griffith travels to Coffeyville‚ KS‚ to persuade his franchise player that the option clause is legal and binding. Two weeks later Griffith signs Johnson for 3 years at $12‚500 per year and returns the bonus to the Feds.
December 6Indoor baseball is a winter fad in some cities. In Chicago‚ $2‚000 is raised at an indoor game for the benefit of the family of Jimmy Doyle‚ deceased former Chicago 3B.
December 7Chief Bender signs a 2-year deal with the Federal League; he will be assigned to Baltimore.
December 8After weeks of rumors‚ the bomb drops: Connie Mack sells 27-year-old Eddie Collins‚ generally regarded as the game’s finest position player‚ to the White Sox for $50‚000. Collins signs a 5-year contract worth $75‚000 and gets $15‚000 as a signing bonus. The deal breaks up the A’s “$100‚000 infield” and raises conjecture that Mack‚ too‚ will leave to manage the Yankees. Ban Johnson reportedly had a hand in the negotiations‚ sending the A’s star to counter the box office effect of the Chifeds signing Walter Johnson. Johnson first approached the Yankees who thought the $50‚000 price tag excessive.

The NL votes to hold the 1915 player limit to 21 per team. They also create the disabled list (DL) which allows a player to be kept out of play for 10 days and have another player substituted into the roster for him.
December 14Former Giants mascot (and “pitcher”) Charlie “Victory” Faust is confined to the Western Hospital for the Insane. He will die there of pulminary tuberculosis on June 15‚ 1915.
December 17Charlie Comiskey pulls a surprise‚ reaching down to Peoria and naming Clarence “Pants” Rowland‚ scout and minor league executive‚ to manage his White Sox.
December 19Washington manager Clark Griffith meets with Walter Johnson in KC and convinces the star to re-sign for $12‚500‚ considerably less than his recent contract with the ChiFeds‚ with the assurance that Griffith would convince the Washington management to spring for a bigger contract later. Washington will later sign Johnson to $16‚000 a year for five years. Griffith gets $6‚000 from Charlie Comiskey to allow Johnson to repay his ChiFed signing bonus.
December 26The Phillies trade their star and captain Sherry Magee to the Braves for cash and two players to be named later. The two turn out to be Possum Whitted and INF Oscar Dugey. Magee led the NL in hits‚ doubles‚ RBIs‚ and slugging percentage‚ while hitting .314. On the first day of spring training‚ 1915‚ in Macon‚ Georgia‚ Magee will step in a hole while shagging flies and break his collarbone. He’ll hit just .280 with 2 homers.

Jack Barry purchases the Worcester roller polo team. Roller polo is all the rage in New England‚ and large crowds turn out to see the games. Jack has much of his money tied up in business enterprises. (as noted by Norman Macht)
December 31Ban Johnson’s efforts to strengthen the New York Yankees succeed when he arranges the purchase of the team by Colonel Jacob Ruppert and Cap Huston for $460‚000 from Bill Devery and Frank Farrell. After Detroit owner Frank Navin refuses to let Hughie Jennings go‚ the new Yankee owners will name longtime Detroit pitcher Wild Bill Donovan as manager. Donovan was recently manager of Providence (IL) and was rumored to be Jennings’ eventual successor in Detroit.