Baseball – 1915

Baseball in 1915

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January 2The Cardinals sue to prevent OF Lee Magee‚ 25‚ from playing for the Brooklyn Tip-Tops. Like similar suits filed by clubs against players in the past‚ the action will fail. Magee will play and manage in the Federal League.
January 4Hans Lobert‚ “fastest man” in the NL‚ is traded by the Phils to the Giants for righthander Al Demaree‚ infielder Milt Stock‚ and C Bert Adams. The speedster will injure his knee in a preseason game at West Point.
January 5The FL sues organized baseball‚ claiming it to be an illegal trust and asking that it be dissolved and all contracts voided. The case is filed in U.S. court in Chicago‚ before Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis. He will stall his decision‚ and peace is declared at the end of the year. The league shifts players to beef up teams in key cities. Benny Kauff‚ the FL’s answer to Ty Cobb‚ is moved from Indianapolis to Brooklyn.

Thirteen years after a Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision effectively banned him from playing for the Athletics‚ Nap Lajoie (.258 last year) rejoins them. With Lajoie leaving Cleveland‚ the owner will ask several newspapermen for nickname suggestions to replace the Naps. He’ll pick the name “Indians”. A popular myth will be that a newspaper contest resulted in the winning nickname‚ after the late Lou Sockalexis‚ a Penobscot Indian who was a popular Cleveland player in the late 1890s. The team doesn’t correct the myth until 2000.
January 7The Tigers waive Wally Pipp to the New York Yankees. Pipp hit .161 in 12 games‚ but he’ll anchor first base in New York for a decade.
January 9The National Commission declares University of Michigan senior George Sisler a free agent after a two-year fight. The Pirates’ owner Barney Dreyfuss claimed rights to Sisler‚ who had signed a contract as a minor but never played pro ball. After graduating‚ Sisler will sign with the St. Louis Browns‚ managed by his former college coach‚ Branch Rickey.
January 24In a retreat from the FL competition‚ the Baltimore Orioles of the International League move to Richmond‚ VA. With the demise of the FL‚ the Orioles will return to Baltimore.


February 3The AL bans the emery ball‚ a pitch introduced by Russ Ford in 1910.
February 4The Yankees purchase Wally Pipp and OF Hugh High from the Detroit Tigers for a reported $5‚000 each. Historian Lyle Spatz (Yankees Coming‚ Yankees Going) writes that this was the first of some promised funneling of ball players to the recently sold Yankee franchise.
February 11The International League tries to put a team in the Bronx‚ but Giants president Hempstead objects.

Today’s issue of The Sporting News reports on Joe Jackson‘s speaking tour (as noted by Bill Deane): “One thing Joe tells them is how he turned down $60‚000 to play with the Feds for three years. ‘It looked like a lot of money‚’ he said‚ ‘but there are things in this world to be regarded above money-keeping faith with your friends‚ for instance.’ All of which goes to show that you don’t have to know how to read and write to be a man of principle and conscience.”
February 16Home Run Baker‚ 28‚ announces retirement following a contract dispute with Connie Mack. He will sit out the 1915 season. Mack will also have salary problems with Chief Bender‚ Eddie Plank‚ and Jack Coombs‚ and rather than compete with the Federal League‚ he releases the stars.


March 13In an infamous exhibition at Daytona Beach‚ Brooklyn manager Wilbert Robinson is set to catch a baseball dropped from an airplane flying at an altitude of 525 feet. Aviatrix Ruth Law supposedly forgets to bring a baseball aloft and instead drops a grapefruit which splatters all over Robbie. Outfielder Casey Stengel is the assumed culprit of the switch.
March 20The Braves break ground on Commonwealth Avenue and begin construction of Braves Field. Owner Gaffney wants a large enough park so that inside-the-park homers can be hit in 3 directions. The field will open on August 18th.


April 5In the final match of a 3-game series against the Memphis Turtles (Southern Association)‚ the Red Sox win 10-5 to sweep. Babe Ruth pitches the final 5 innings in relief. The Sox are traveling north from their spring training camp in Hot Springs‚ Arkansas.
April 10In the final of the city series in Philadelphia‚ the Phillies beat the A’s‚ 5-3‚ when Gavvy Cravath belts a 3-run homer off Bob Shawkey in the 8th. The series‚ which began in Jacksonville‚ ends at 3 wins apiece‚ and a tie.

In Cincinnati‚ the Reds beat Babe Ruth and the Red Sox‚ 3-1. Boston will prevail tomorrow‚ 2-1.
April 14The A’s young Herb Pennock comes within one out of pitching the first Opening Day no-hitter. A scratch single by Harry Hooper with two out in the 9th is the Red Sox’ only hit in a 2-0 loss to Philley. Ernie Shore is the loser. The Sox like what they see in Pennock: on June 13th they will claim him on waivers.

With government offices closed to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s death‚ many government workers‚ including President Woodrow Wilson‚ are among the 15‚556 fans on hand for the Washington Opener against the Yankees. Wilson throws out the first ball and the rest is all Walter Johnson‚ who allows just two singles and issues three walks‚ all to Andy High. High added two steals. The Senators score 7 runs against the Yankees starter Jack Warhop to coast to a 7-0 win.

The Giants open the season with a trouncing of Wilbert Robinson‘s Dodgers‚ 16-3.

In Boston‚ Pete Alexander stops the world champion Braves‚ 3-0‚ as the Phillies beat Dick Rudolph. Bill James‚ the Braves other star from the World Series‚ is in California recovering from an illness incurred in Hawaii during the all-star world trip. James’ career is virtually over.

In the White Sox-Browns Opener‚ St. Louis reserve outfielder Ernie Walker swipes home in the bottom of the 11th inning to tie the score‚ but the Sox win in 13 innings‚ 7-6. Red Faber wins in relief of Jim Scott‚ while reliever Parson Perryman takes the loss. Bunny Brief homers for Chicago
April 15Rube Marquard‚ who lost 22 games for the Giants in 1914‚ pitches a 2-0 no-hitter over Brooklyn in the Giants’ 2nd game of the season. The loser is Nap Rucker‚ who pitched a no-hitter in 1908. Rube faces just 30 batters‚ walking Stengel and Zack Wheat‚ while George Cutshaw reaches on an error.

With Red Faber on the mound‚ the White Sox roll over the Browns‚ 16-0‚ giving Faber his 2nd win in 2 days. Faber strikes out 10. Led by Eddie Collins‚ the Sox pull off a triple steal in the 1st inning.

With the game tied at 3-3 in the 9th‚ Tris Speaker draws a 2-out walk‚ goes to the 3rd on a hit-and-run by Lewis and then scores on a double steal. Boston beats the A’s‚ 5-3.

The Brookfeds score 10 runs in the 5th to beat Newark (FL)‚ 17-6.
April 16The Dodgers recover from yesterday’s loss to beat the Giants‚ 5-3.
April 17Behind their ace Pete Alexander‚ the Phils drill the Giants‚ 7-1‚ their 2nd successive victory by that score. Christy Mathewson lasts just 4 innings in taking the loss‚ as Gavvy Cravath deep sixes Big Six with a double and homer.

In his first game with the Browns‚ Hank Severeid hits his first ML HR‚ a 3-run blast off Hi Jasper‚ who had given up just one hit‚ to propel the Browns to a 4-3 win over the White Sox. Severeid played for the Reds from 1911-13.

In a 9-1 Yankee win over Philadelphia‚ Fritz Maisel steals 2B‚ 3B‚ and home‚ though not in the same frame.

Dallas owner/president Joseph W. Gardner announces the arrival of the Texas League’s first infield tarp (as noted by David O. Barker). The new covering reportedly contains 2‚300 square yards of canvas.
April 19In a 4-1 loss to the Reds‚ St. Louis Cardinals righthander Lee Meadows makes his NL debut and becomes the first player to wear glasses regularly on the field since P Will White in 1877. Later in the season‚ Carmen Hill will become the 2nd pitcher to do so.

Pete Alexander shuts out Boston‚ 3-0‚ for his 2nd victory for the Phils.
April 22A’s newly acquired 2B Nap Lajoie makes 5 errors in a 7-6 loss to the Boston Red Sox. He is the last of six second baseman to boot that many in one game.

The Phillies win their 6th in a row‚ beating the Braves‚ 8-4 with a five-run 8th inning. Pete Alexander picks up his 3rd victory.

Massachusetts governor Walsh is on hand for the Red Sox home opener and watches as Mayor James Curley tosses out the first ball. Ralph Comstock‚ in relief of Ernie Shore‚ is the winner‚ 7-6‚ for Boston over the A’s.
April 24Frank Allen‚ Pittsburgh (FL) lefty‚ pitches a 2-0 no-hitter against the St. Louis Terriers. Allen will win 23 for Pittsburgh‚ who will finish 3rd just a half game back of the first-place Chicago Whales and the 2nd-place Terriers. The Terriers‚ in the race all the way‚ will outdraw the Cardinals and Browns.

At Ebbets Field‚ the Dodgers beat an aging Christy Mathewson‚ 7-5. It’s the 6th loss in a row for the Giants.

The Phils lose their first game after 6 victories‚ falling to Boston‚ 10-2. The pitchers allowed 9 runs in the first 6 games before today.
April 28The Tigers trim the Browns‚ 12-3‚ scoring 10 runs in the 8th. James walks 4 Tigers in the 3rd but‚ despite giving up a triple steal (Cobb‚ Crawford‚ and Leach)‚ allows just one run in the inning. Cobb will steal home six times this season.

The New York Times announces the trade of Brooklyn star Zach Wheat to the Giants for P Pol Perritt and outfielders Jack Murray and Dave Robertson. However‚ it is a false alarm and the trade never takes place.

In the Reds 9-8 win over the visiting Cubs‚ Chicago’s Cy Williams hits “the longest ball ever” at Redlands Field‚ a triple in the 7th. The ball bounces off the RF bleachers wall.

Brooklyn cuts down its roster selling pitcher Pat Ragan (1-0) to the Boston Braves‚ where he will win another 16 games this year.
April 29Federal League star Benny Kauff jumps from the Brookfeds to the New York Giants. When Boston refuses to play if Kauff is in the Giants’ lineup‚ ump Ernie Quigley forfeits the game to New York. The two teams agree to play an exhibition game. The other ump‚ Mal Eason‚ telephones NL president John Tener‚ who declares Kauff ineligible until reinstated and orders Eason to forfeit the game to Boston. Meanwhile‚ the Braves win the exhibition game‚ 13-8. The next day Tener rules this to be an official game‚ and both forfeits are canceled. Kauff goes back to Brooklyn where he leads the FL at .342‚ and McGraw has to wait until next year to sign him.


May 1In their second matchup of the season‚ Grover Cleveland Alexander again tops Christy Mathewson‚ as the Phils win‚ 4-2‚ over the Giants.

At St. Louis‚ the Cardinals trip the Reds‚ 9-5‚ St. Louis 2B Miller Huggins helps by pulling the hidden ball trick on Tommy Leach in the 7th inning. The out call is made by home plate ump Charlie Rigler since the base ump had his back to the play. An argument ensues between Rigler and Reds manager Buck Herzog‚ who pushes the ump and spikes his foot. Rigler reacts by hitting Herzog with his mask. Herzog will get a 5-day suspension for his actions.
May 3Yankee pitcher Ray Fisher steals home in the 4th inning as New York doubles the A’s‚ 8-4.
May 5The Giants finally beat Alexander‚ nipping the Phillies ace‚ 4-2. It’s his 1st loss of the year.
May 6Red Sox P Babe Ruth clouts his first ML HR‚ off the Yankees Jack Warhop in the 3rd inning at New York’s Polo Grounds. Ruth has two other hits but loses the game in the 13th‚ 4-3‚ as the Sox makes 4 errors behind him. Cy Pieh is the winner.
May 7The Yankees pound the Red Sox‚ 10-3‚ scoring all of their runs in the 4th inning. Sixteen Yanks come to the plate in the frame.
May 8The NY Times headlines: “BALL GRABBERS, READ THIS. Guy Clarke Fined $3 for Taking Ball Hit Into Polo Grounds Bleachers. “It isn’t safe to try to get away with a ball when a home run is hit into the bleachers at the Polo Grounds. Yesterday in the ninth inning Peckinpaugh of the Yankees hit a home run into the left field bleachers and the ball was grabbed by Guy Clarke, a chauffeur, of 68 West Ninety-eighth Street, who tried to get away with the prize. Tom Kelly, one of the park policemen, tried to pursuade Clarke to give it up but he refused, so he was arrested by a policeman who was summoned from outside of the park.” “In the Night Court, Magistrate Sims told Clark that he had no more right to take a baseball at the Polo Grounds than he had to take his (the magistrate’s) watch. James McIlravy of the park police stated to the court that between twenty-five and thirty balls were lost at the grounds each week.” “Clark was fined $3.”

The NY Times headlines: “BALL GRABBERS, READ THIS. Guy Clarke Fined $3 for Taking Ball Hit Into Polo Grounds Bleachers. “It isn’t safe to try to get away with a ball when a home run is hit into the bleachers at the Polo Grounds. Yesterday in the ninth inning Peckinpaugh of the Yankees hit a home run into the left field bleachers and the ball was grabbed by Guy Clarke, a chauffeur, of 68 West Ninety-eighth Street, who tried to get away with the prize. Tom Kelly, one of the park policemen, tried to pursuade Clarke to give it up but he refused, so he was arrested by a policeman who was summoned from outside of the park.” “In the Night Court, Magistrate Sims told Clark that he had no more right to take a baseball at the Polo Grounds than he had to take his (the magistrate’s) watch. James McIlravy of the park police stated to the court that between twenty-five and thirty balls were lost at the grounds each week. Clark was fined $3.”
May 9It is Nap Lajoie Day as the long-time hero returns to Cleveland in an A’s uniform. But Nap is hitless as Guy Morton tosses a 6-0 shutout against Philadelphia.
May 10Despite a good move in the 2nd inning by the Cubs SS Bobby Fisher‚ Chicago loses to Pittsburgh‚ 10-7. Fisher picks off Doug Baird with the hidden ball trick.
May 11Jim Kelly of the PittFeds hits the first pitch for a leadoff homer and the game’s only score. Buffalo’s Fred Anderson serves up the homer and takes the loss.
May 12White Sox righthander Red Faber throws just 67 pitches in beating Washington 4-1 on 3 hits.

A’s part-time catcher Wally Schang nails an AL-record-tying six would-be St. Louis base stealers in a 3-0 Browns victory. With Schang sidelined next month‚ three A’s catchers will again nail six against the White Sox on June 18th.

At the Polo Grounds‚ veteran Christy Mathewson wins his 1st‚ topping the Reds‚ 6-5. Gene Dale is the loser.

The New York Yankees top Cleveland 4-2‚ despite hitting into a triple play.
May 13In Chicago, when the Cubs take a 5-1 lead over the Pittsburgh Pirates after 3 1/2 innings the Bucs start stalling with two out (as noted by Retrosheet). When P George Pearce comes to the plate, Pitt hurler Guy Cooper tosses his pitches so high his catcher can barely reach them. After several pitches, manager Roger Bresnahan signals Pierce to swing at anything, which he does. Pirate manager Fred Clarke comes out to argue and the umpire ejects him. Cooper subsequently fires a beanball at Pearce, who dodges the pitch and throws his bat at the pitcher. The ump calls ball four and ejects Pearce. Pitcher Hippo Vaughn enters the game as a pinch runner for Pearce and steals 2B and 3B and finally makes the 3rd out when he attempts slowly to steal home. Pirates outfielder Dan Costello is ejected for indulging dilatory tactics despite the fact he isn’t even in the game. Play is finally called with one out in the home 5th after the umpires wait the customary 30 minutes.
May 15Claude Hendrix pitches a 10-0 no-hitter for Chicago (FL) over Pittsburgh.
May 16In Cleveland‚ the Red Sox score 3 in the 14th to win‚ 3-0.
May 18On Suffrage Day‚ 4‚100 women buy tickets to see the Giants-Cubs game in New York‚ and the suffragettes announce they will pay five dollars to each player who scores a run. “Wildfire” is the only recipient‚ as Chicago pulls a first inning double steal with Frank Schulte on the front end. Heinie Zimmerman is on the rear. The one run stands up against Jeff Tesreau and Bert Humphries wins‚ 1-0‚ with each pitcher allowing three hits.
May 19In St. Louis‚ Hooks Dauss is married in a morning double ring ceremony to Ollie Speake. Ollie’s sister Jessie is also married at the same ceremony. In the afternoon Hooks then pitches Detroit to a 7-1 win over the Browns.
May 21The Red Sox and White Sox battle for 17 innings at Comiskey Park‚ before Chicago prevails‚ 3-2. Red Faber wins his 7th straight‚ beating Carl Mays‚ who takes over in the 8th.
May 22The White Sox top Boston again‚ knocking starter Babe Ruth out in the 2nd. Ruth allows 3 hits in the 1st‚ walks 3‚ tosses a wild pitch and throws a potential DP ball into CF. After he strikes out on 3 pitches from Joe Benz‚ the Babe gives up two singles in the 2nd and is lifted. Chicago wins‚ 11-3.
May 27At the Polo Grounds‚ the Cards jump on Mathewson for 4 runs in the first inning. Matty stays to the 7th and the Giants tie the game at 5 runs apiece. The Cards push across the winning run in the 10th off Ralph Stroud.
May 29Babe Ruth allows one hit through 8 innings but his Red Sox lose‚ 2-1‚ in the 9th when the A’s Harry Davis hits a 2-run pinch single off of Babe. Boston takes the 2nd game‚ 6-5.

The Cardinals and Pirates are scoreless in the first of 2 games when an hour-long rain delays the game after 5 innings. The umpires declare it a tie and start the 2nd game‚ which the Cards win 5-3 with a 5-run first.
May 31The Pirates score just one run in each game of a doubleheader‚ but it’s enough for a a.m./p.m. sweep of the first-place Cubs. Wilbur Cooper and Al Mamaux both toss 1-0 whitewashes. Jimmy Lavender loses the opener when he walks 3 in the 3rd and hits the 4th batter to force in a run. In the afternoon contest Larry Cheney allows 2 hits-both by Max Carey-but loses when Hinchman walks‚ goes to 2nd on an out and scores on a wild pitch.

Reb Russell is 1-1 on the day for the White Sox. He is knocked out in the a.m. game‚ a 4-3 loss to Detroit‚ but he comes back to win the afternoon game‚ 3-1. The combined attendence is 32‚000.

Chinese University of Hawaii loses‚ 5-4‚ to Columbia in an errorless game.

Duncan of Union College strikes out 18 against CCNY to tie the college mark set last year by Hummer against Rutgers. Union wins 7-0.


June 1The Braves Pat Ragan gives up two hits‚ one a scrath‚ in subduing the Giants‚ 7-0. Mathewson goes 7 inning to take the loss. The Boston Globe reports that Matty has been suffering from a sore and swollen left shoulder.

Joe Wood goes 13 innings allowing 13 hits but the Boston Red Sox prevail over New York‚ 4-3.

Brooklyn’s Zack Wheat hits a 2-out‚ 2 strike homer in the 9th inning to tie the Phillies at 4 apiece. His infield single in the 11th then drives in the winning run.

Starting his 2nd game in a row‚ the Browns’ Bill James subdues the Indians‚ 2-1.
June 2At the Polo Grounds‚ Babe Ruth and the traveling Red Sox stop the Yankees‚ 7-1. Today’s game is the last stop on a 29-day road trip for the Sox. Ruth allows 5 hits and bangs his 2nd ML homer‚ a 3-run shot‚ again connecting off Jack Warhop. After his 2nd inning drive‚ the Babe is given two intentional walks. Ruth ends up kicking the bench and breaking his toe‚ sidelining him for 2 weeks.

In the 5th‚ Giants 2B Larry Doyle hits a long fly to RF off Braves P Bob Crutcher with winning run on 3B. Doyle crosses 1B and as the throw to the plate comes in‚ he inexplicably catches the ball‚ and the runner is called out for interference. The games ends in a 10-inning‚ 5-5‚ tie.
June 4Tim Hurst‚ colorful umpire who was often in the center of controversy‚ dies at 49.

Ty Cobb steals home in the 9th inning of 3-0 Detroit win‚ the only steal of home that late in a game in his career. Yankee pitcher Ray Caldwell is so angry at the safe call he throws his mitt in the air and is promptly ejected by umpire Silk O’Loughlin. It is Cobb’s 2nd steal of home while Caldwell is on the mound (the first was on May 12th‚ 1911).
June 5Philadelphia’s Pete Alexander loses his no-hitter‚ when the Cards’ Artie Butler punches a single with 2 outs in the 9th. Alex then fans Bob Bescher for the final out to win 3-0. He will pitch 3 more one-hitters this season.
June 7In a pitching duel at Boston‚ Smoky Joe Wood of the Red Sox bests White Sox ace Red Faber‚ 3-0 and knocks Chicago into 2nd place. Each pitcher allows 4 hits and strikes out 5. Bobby Wallace makes his umpiring debut. Wallace had been discarded by the Browns and refused an offer from the Cardinals‚ but he’ll tire of umpiring after the season ends and return to the Browns.
June 9The Phils move into first place‚ as Alexander flirts again with a no-hitter‚ holding the Cubs hitless until the 7th. The Phils win‚ 4-3‚ in the 11th‚ beating Larry Cheney. Alexander will be 31-10 and lead the NL with a 1.55 ERA‚ 36 CG‚ 376 IP‚ 241 strikeouts‚ and 12 shutouts.

In St. Louis‚ the Cardinals collect 7 runs in the 7th inning as they hold off the Giants to win‚ 11-10. It is not the only loss: Owen Wilson has his wallet and $700 stolen from the clubhouse during the game. The trainer reports that he had fallen asleep there and when he awoke he saw a stranger who said he was getting a drink of water.

The 2nd-place Tigers paste the Red Sox‚ 15-0. With lefty Ray Collins on the mound in the 3rd‚ Ty Cobb swipes home‚ one of his 3 steals on the day. His steal attempt in the first inning cuts up SS Ev Scott‚ forcing him to retire. The Tigers manage 17 hits‚ including 4 by Veach. Dauss‚ with 6 IP‚ is the winner.

At New York‚ the White Sox pound the Yankees‚ 13-0‚ as Eddie Cicotte allows just 2 hits. Braggo Roth leads the attack with a homer‚ triple and single.
June 11The Reds finally beat the Robins‚ 1-0‚ in 15 innings as Rube Benton pitches a complete game shutout. Tommy Griffith‘s single drives in the winning run. Yesterday‚ the two teams battled to a 2-2 tie in 14 innings.

The Yankees finally beat the White Sox‚ winning 10-9. Yankees P Ray Caldwell hits a pinch HR for his 2nd pinch HR in 2 days. He hit one yesterday in a 5-4 loss to the White Sox. Nobody else in the AL repeats the feat until Joe Cronin in 1943. Tomorrow Caldwell will hit another‚ but he is on the mound in that game.

Giants catcher Larry McLean‚ suspended by McGraw for 10 days‚ goes on rampage at Buckingham Hotel in St. Louis and picks a fight with McGraw and scout Dick Kinsella. McGraw banishes the catcher saying he’ll never play for Giants again. Mathewson‚ unperturbed‚ beats the Cards in the afternoon. McLean will be shipped to the Cards‚ from whence he came‚ on August 6th for Doc Crandall.
June 12The Yankees stop the visiting Browns‚ 9-5‚ as Ray Caldwell helps his own cause with a 3-run homer‚ his 3rd homer in 3 days.
June 13Whoops. Connie Mack waives Herb Pennock‚ his Opening Day pitcher‚ to the Red Sox for $1‚500. Mack states that Pennock will probably become a good pitcher‚ but that the A’s have several pitchers joining the team who will help immediately. It’s doubtful‚ since the A’s will set the ML mark for most walks in a season (827). They will finish last this year and the next 7 years as well.
June 15In the Tigers 2-1 win over the A’s‚ Cobb leads an apparent successful triple steal‚ but Young pops a bunt in the air and Cobb is doubled off 3B.

On Bunker Hill Day in Boston‚ the Browns manage just 4 hits and one run off Babe Ruth in six innings. Ruth strikes out 10 before collapsing in the 7th. Carl Mays relieves with one out and the Red Sox emerge with an 11-10 win‚ Ruth the victor. The Sox are now tied for 2nd with the Tigers.

The Giants top the Reds‚ 8-0.
June 16The Giants score 2 runs in the 12th to beat the Reds. Ralph Stroud takes the victory.
June 17George “Zip” Zabel comes out of the Cubs bullpen with 2 outs in the first and winds up with a nineteen-inning 4-3 win over Brooklyn‚ the longest relief job ever. Brooklyn starter Jeff Pfeffer scatters 15 hits as he labors 18 1/3 innings‚ only to lose on an errant throw by 2B George Cutshaw.
June 18Ty Cobb collects 3 stolen bases against Washington‚ all with a wild Joe Boehling on the mound. Boeling allows 7 walks and 10 hits in 7 innings while striking out 7. Bull Henry is the starting catcher‚ but he leaves in the first inning with a spike wound from Cobb on the front end of a triple steal. Buff Williams‚ his replacement‚ makes 2 errors (one paper has 3). The triple steal and two double steals-all involving Cobb-make the difference in the 5-3 Detroit win.

Jack Quinn‚ in his only 20-game season‚ coasts to a 17-10 win as the Orioles (FL) score 10 runs in the 5th against the visiting KC Packers.

In an 11-4 Chicago win‚ the White Sox try to steal 11 times against three A’s catchers‚ but are successful on just 5. The six runners caught stealing ties the AL record set last month‚ and the ML record set in 1909. Happy Felsch slams a 4th inning grand slam over the right center field fence to hand an exit pass to Bullet Joe Bush.

Three-Fingered Brown pitches a one-hitter as the Chicago Whales (FL) beat Buffalo‚ 8-0. Percy Dalton has the only hit‚ a solid single in the 8th.

Charley “Victory” Faust‚ 34‚ dies of pulmonary tuberculosis while confined to the Western Hospital for the Insane in Washington State. Faust was the “good luck charm” of the pennant winning Giants’ teams.
June 20In a 13-inning 4-3 win over the Phillies‚ Honus Wagner cracks his 100th ML homer. He is the first to reach that number. Wagner‚ who hit his first homer in 1897 for Louisville‚ now has 3131 hits‚ according to the Boston Globe.

Pittsburgh and Newark (FL) trade shutouts. Newark’s Clint Rogge throws a one-hitter to win‚ 2-0‚ and then the Pittfeds win‚ 3-0.
June 22Pete Alexander allows 2 hits in the 1st inning and none in the next 8 innings‚ but the matchup with the Giants’ Rube Marquard ends in a 1-1 tie.
June 23For the 5th time this month‚ and 6th time this year‚ Ty Cobb steals home‚ doing it in a 4-2 Tiger win over the St. Louis Browns. Cobb scores another run when Sam Crawford hits back to Browns P Grover Lowdermilk‚ who somersaults after catching the grounder and sits on the mound holding the ball. Cobb scores all the way from 2B on the play.

Philadelphia Athletics lefty Bruno Haas makes his debut against New York a memorable one as he walks a ML record 16 batters‚ and throws 3 wild pitches. He goes all the way in a 15-7 loss‚ his only ML decision. Haas breaks the record of 15 walks‚ set by Boardwalk Brown‚ before he was sold by the A’s to the Yankees. Haas will pitch in just five more games before ending up in the NFL as a halfback for Akron.

At Washington‚ Walter Johnson fires a one-hitter to beat the Red Sox‚ 5-0. Harry Hooper has the only hit for Boston. In 1924‚ Hooper will again have the lone hit in a Johnson game.
June 24With two outs in the bottom of the 9th‚ Heinie Zimmerman swipes home to give Chicago a 14-13 win over the visiting Cardinals. St. Louis went ahead 13-10 but the Cubs score 4 in the 9th‚ highlighted by a 2-run pinch double by Zimmerman.

In the Red Sox 12-4 win over Washington‚ Harry Hooper scores 5 runs.
June 25In Boston‚ Ruth blast his 3rd homer of the year‚ off New York’s Ray Caldwell‚ and is the 2nd player to hit a ball into the RF seats at Fenway. Ruth strikes out 8 in pitching a complete game‚ 9-5‚ win‚ and adds a single off reliever Bill Donovan‚ Yankee skipper and his former manager.
June 26Phillie ace Pete Alexander continues his masterful pitching‚ topping Brooklyn’s Jack Coombs‚ 4-0. Zack Wheat’s 8th-inning single is the only Dodger safety.
June 27A 22-inning scoreless game takes place between Burlington and Keokuk (Iowa).
June 28The Giants sweep two from the Braves‚ winning 3-2 and 5-3. Mathewson wins the opener‚ 11 innings to beat Pat Ragan. Art Fletcher scores the wining run in the 11th on an error. Matty allows six hits‚ including a two-run homer in the 4th by Sherry Magee. Jeff Tesreau is the winner in the nitecap.

Recent University of Michigan graduate George Sisler makes his ML debut as a pinch hitter. Sisler stays on to pitch the last 3 innings‚ giving up no runs‚ in the Browns 4-2 loss to the White Sox.

The Yankees purchase 24-year-old pitcher Bob Shawkey (6-6) from the last-place A’s. Shawkey will pitch 13 seasons or the Yanks‚ reaching the 20-game mark four times.
June 29Led by Tris Speaker‘s 5-for-5‚ the Red Sox trip the Yankees‚ 4-3‚ in 10 innings. Babe Ruth gets the win‚ going all the way before Sheriff Gainer hits for him in the 10th.

In the 7th inning of game 1‚ Cards LF Cozy Dolan’s single hits his own glove in the grass behind third. Buc LF Max Carey hustles in and throws Dolan out trying for a double. (as noted by Clem Comly). Pittsburgh wins the opener‚ 8-6 and the Cards rebound in the nitcap‚ 6-4.


July 1Pittsburgh (FL) drops game 1‚ 6-0‚ at Baltimore‚ then scores in every inning of the nitecap to win‚ 13-5 (as noted by Dave Vincent). This is the first game since 1894 that this has happened.
July 2The last place A’s continue to dismantle‚ selling Jack Barry‚ part of the “$100‚000 infield‚” for $8‚000 to Boston.

For the first time since the 1911 World Series‚ Jack Coombs pitches against Christy Mathewson. Now with the Dodgers‚ Coombs wins the duel‚ shutting out the Giants‚ 3-0. Two singles and a Zack Wheat triple in the 8th is the difference.
July 3The Browns beat the Indians‚ 3-1‚ behind George Sisler. Sisler walks 9 and strikes out the same number in pitching a complete game victory. He allows 7 hits. Cleveland comes back in game 2 of the doubleheader to win 5-1.

New York’s Mark Baldwin surrenders only 3 hits‚ but is out dueled by Ed Stein‚ who pitches his 2nd one-hitter of the season to lead Brooklyn to a 3-0 victory.

The Red Sox split with the A’s‚ losing the first game 7-3‚ before taking the nitecap‚ 11-0. Jack Barry makes his first appearance for the Sox‚ playing the final two innings against his old mates.
July 4Led by Al Shaw who hits three triples‚ Kansas City (FL) beats St. Louis‚ 14-5.

With only four NL teams playing this Sunday‚ the Reds take a pair from St‚ Louis at Redland Field. Gene Dale pit hes a shutout to win the opener‚ 1-0. He drives in the only run. The Reds prevail 3-2 in game 2‚ called after 7 innings because of darkness.
July 5The Senators are shut out twice today against the Red Sox. Rube Foster wins the opener‚ 5-0‚ then Babe Ruth follows with a 6-0 win. Ruth scores two runs and hits his first triple. The Sox will sweep two more doubleheaders in the next two days with the Nationals to edge ahead of the White Sox for 1st place.

The Reds sweep two from the Cubs‚ winning 8-5 and 12-7. Red Ames wins the nitecap with the help of Heinie Groh‚ who hits for the cycle‚ off Jimmy Lavender. Pete Schneider tops Zip Zabel in the opener.

At the Polo Grounds‚ Phils ace Grover Cleveland Alexander fires a one-hitter to win‚ 2-0. The only baserunner for the Giants is Fred Merkle‚ who doubles off Pete in the second inning.

In the North Carolina State League‚ Durham and Raliegh play a home and home doubleheader (as noted by Art Schott). Raleigh wins the first game‚ 3-2 in 14 innings over visiting Durham.The two clubs then journey 40 miles to Durham for game 2‚ which ends 2-2 after 21 innings. The two teams make 206 putouts in 376 minutes of play.
July 7The Phillies split with the Giants‚ losing the opener to Mathewson‚ 5-4‚ and winning the nitecap‚ 1-0‚ behind former Giant Al Demaree.

After Brooklyn wins the opener‚ 4-3‚ over Boston‚ the two teams battle to a scoreless 16-inning tie. Phil Douglas shuffles all the way for the Robins.

The A’s continue to dismantle‚ shipping frontline pitcher Bob Shawkey to the Yankees for $18‚000.
July 8The Pirates make just 2 assists‚ both by 2B Jim Viox‚ in a 9-inning game to tie a record set by the Giants August 9‚ 1906. On July 22‚ 1906‚ the Cincinnati Reds had no assists in a 7-inning game versus the Phils.
July 9In Detroit‚ Babe Ruth lasts a third of a inning and allows 4 runs as Detroit pounds the Red Sox‚ 15-4.

For the second time in a month‚ a team makes a triple steal and two double steals as the White Sox run on Washington to win‚ 5-1. Shano Collins‚ with Schalk on 1B‚ leads a double steal in the first‚ then following a walk leads a triple steal. Felsch and Blackburne pull of the other double steal.
July 12At the Polo Grounds‚ Cincinnati’s Gene Dale pitches an 8-hit shutout to beat the Giants‚ 6-0. Mathewson takes the loss.
July 13Pete Alexander wins his 9th in a row for the Phils‚ shutting out the visiting Cardinals‚ 8-0.

In Cleveland‚ the Red Sox split‚ winning 7-3 behind Babe Ruth‚ then losing the nitecap‚ 6-5.
July 14White Sox P Red Faber steals 3 bases in the 4th inning against the A’s. With the White Sox leading 4-2 in the 4th and rain threatening‚ the A’s try to delay the game. Joe Bush purposely hits Faber with a pitch‚ and Faber‚ trying to speed up the game‚ tries to get thrown out by stealing. Little effort is made to retire him‚ and he scores Chicago’s 5th run. His “steal” of home turns out to be the winning run‚ as rain never materializes‚ and Chicago wins 6-4.
July 15In the first game of a doubleheader with Washington‚ Brownie rookie pitcher-first baseman George Sisler goes all the way allowing 6 hits in winning 5-2. St. Louis takes the second game, 4-3. Sisler goes 4-4 with a 2.83 ERA in fifteen starts for the Browns. He will become the Browns’ full-time first baseman in 1916 and will make only 4 more starts on the mound in his Hall of Fame career.
July 16Flashing his old form‚ Christy Mathewson pitches a 5-hit shutout over the Cubs to win‚ 2-0. He walks none in beating George Zabel.
July 17The Cubs end Alexander’s 9-game win streak 4-0. Chicago and Philadelphia are deadlocked for the NL lead. In the AL‚ the White Sox spend their last day on top. The Tigers will challenge Boston down the stretch.

In Chicago‚ the Red Sox top the White Sox‚ 6-2‚ to move back into 1st place. Boston will win 4 out of 5 in the series with their rivals.
July 19The Nationals come out running‚ stealing a ML record 8 bases (tied in the NL in 1919) against the Cleveland Indians in the first inning. Sore-armed catcher Steve O’Neill is the victim of 3 SBs by Danny Moeller including 2B‚ 3B and home‚ 2 each by Clyde Milan and Ed Ainsmith‚ and one by George McBride in the 11-4 Washington win. Walter Johnson (15-8) allows just two hits in 6 innings before taking the afternoon off. Reliever Nick Altrock gives up the Cleveland scores.
July 21The Phils stop the Cubs‚ 1-0‚ in a rain-shortened game in Philley. Alexander gets the victory.

Babe Ruth pitches and bats the Red Sox to a 4-2 win over the host St. Louis Browns. Ruth is 4-for-4 with a tremendous homer and two doubles‚ and knocks in 3 runs. He scatters 5 hits with the two St. Louis runs coming on Heinie Wagner errors.
July 22At St. Louis‚ the Red Sox use 3 pitchers in subduing the Browns 7-3. With the Red Sox ahead‚ Carl Mays takes over in the 2nd with 2 outs and pitches through the 8th to earn the win. Browns rookie George Sisler pitches in the 9th inning‚ allowing a hit to Red Sox reliever Smoky Joe Wood.

Jack Ness of Oakland (Pacific Coast League) has his 49-game hitting streak stopped by veteran Art Fromme. Ness‚ now hitting .387‚ bats .440 in the longest streak thus far in organized baseball‚ topping Cobb’s streak of 40 games of 1911‚ and long since breaking Chester Radbourne’s PCL record of 29 games.
July 23In the first of two at the Polo Grounds‚ Pittsburgh’s Doc Johnston clouts a 3-run homer in the 3rd‚ off Mathewson‚ to lead the Pirates to a 6-1 win. The Bucs take the nitecap as well‚ 4-3.
July 24In the 9th inning of game 2 of a twinbill with Cleveland‚ the A’s Nap Lajoie lines into a triple play against Sam Jones to end the game (as noted by Jim Smith and Herm Krabbenhoft).
July 25In the first of 2 games‚ the Browns cuff Red Sox starter Babe Ruth for 4 unearned runs in the 3rd‚ and the young lefty is relieved by Carl Mays. Boston ties the score 4-4 in the 4th‚ but the Browns eventually win 9-8. In the nitecap‚ a 1-1 tie‚ George Sisler pitches the last 2 innings for the Browns.
July 26Honus Wagner drives in both runs to beat Christy Mathewson‚ 2-1. The Pirates lose the nitecap when the Giants Jeff Tesreau tosses a 5-hitter to win‚ 3-0.
July 27The Senators score the games only run in the 1st when Clyde Milan swipes home against Cleveland pitcher Rip Hagerman. Hagerman allows just two hits in a losing effort‚ while Washington pitcher Bert Gallia gives up just one safety.
July 29At 41‚ Honus Wagner becomes the oldest player in this century to hit a grand slam when he connects in Pittsburgh in the drizzling rain. It is inside the park against Jeff Pfeffer of Brooklyn in an 8-2 win. The record will stand until Tony Perez hits a grand slam on May 13‚ 1985‚ one day short of his 43rd birthday. Pfeffer is also caught off 1B when RF Hinchman nabs a Myer’s line drive and makes an unassisted DP.

Walter Johnson wins his own game with a 10th inning drive to deep CF with a man on and 2 out to beat Cleveland‚ 2-1. Johnson struck out his first 3 times up.

Ernie Koob of Kalamazoo College pitches the Browns to a 5-1 win over the A’s.

In Kansas City‚ Brookfed pitcher Dan Marion fires a 4-0 shutout. KC’s George Stovall and Lee Magee watch from the stands after their altercation with umpire Corcoran. The runin will also cause the postponement Saturday of “George Stovall Day” celebrations.

Boston NL pitcher Pat Ragan wins 2 games today‚ beating the Reds‚ twice‚ 10-5 and 7-6. In game 1 he is lifted after 4 innings with a lead‚ but is givien credit for the victory. He goes the distance in the 2nd game.
July 31At West Side Park‚ the Cubs split their 2nd doubleheader in a row with the Giants. Cy Williams belts a 3-run homer in the 4th to chase Christy Mathewson‚ and Chicago wins‚ 7-3. New York takes the nitecap‚ 9-2‚ scoring 5 runs in the 1st inning.

Dave Davenport of St. Louis (FL) splits a pair of 1-0 games in a doubleheader with Buffalo‚ winning the first and losing the 2nd. He gives up just 5 hits all afternoon‚ and just one in his losing effort‚ and becomes the only pitcher to be involved in two 1-0 decisions in one day.


August 1The Cubs beat the Phillies‚ 2-1‚ when OF Possum Whited misses a shoestring catch on a line drive by Heinie Zimmerman‚ Zim circles the bases for a homer to beat Alexander.
August 2On the 8th anniversary of Walter Johnson‘s debut‚ the Big Train tops the Browns‚ 5-1. The losing pitcher is George Sisler‚ who has a single off Johnson.
August 4On a cold and damp day in St. Louis‚ the Giants sweep the Cardinals. In the opener‚ New York pounds Red Ames and Mathewson coasts to a 10-0 lead after 6 innings‚ but the Cards come back to make it close‚ losing 11-9. Jeff Tesreau saves Matty’s 6th win of the year. New York takes the nitecap‚ 7-0.
August 5Against Pittsburgh‚ the Phillies lose‚ 1-0‚ when Quaker backstop Bill Killefer throws wildly past 3B with the sacks full in the 9th. Pete Alexander is saddled with the loss while Adams takes the win.

(Adam) Rankin Johnson allows just one hit‚ but it drives in the lone run as the St. Louis Feds lose to Baltimore‚ 1-0. Eddie Plank is the winner.
August 7At Fenway‚ Smoky Joe Wood fires a one-hitter‚ beating Cleveland‚ 2-0. Bill Wambsganss single is the only Cleveland hit. For Wood‚ it is his 5th one-hitter‚ and the 3rd over regulation distance.

In Chicago‚ the White Sox top the Senators 6-2. Relieving for the losing pitcher Jim Shaw is future Hall of Famer Sam Rice‚ who will pitch only 8 more times before going to the outfield for two decades. Playing RF in the game for Washington is Walter Johnson‚ filling in for the injured Danny Moeller.

Another Hall of Famer takes a turn on the mound‚ as George Sisler pitches to two Yankees in the 6th inning‚ hitting one and walking the other. The Browns-Yankees game is called at the end of 10 innings with the score tied 4-4.

For the 2nd time in six weeks‚ Pirate hurler Al Mamaux combines to throw a doubleheader shutout. This time his partner is Bob Harmon‚ as Mamaux stops the Phils 6-0 and Harmon follows with a 9-0 win.

At Redland Field‚ New York’s Christy Mathewson pitches a 5 hitter to beat Pete Schneider and the Reds‚ 5-4.

As Brooklyn’s rookie pitcher steps to the mound‚ St. Louis manager Miller Huggins‚ coaching at 3B‚ calls for the ball. The rookie obliges‚ Huggins steps aside‚ and the Cardinal runner scores. A change in the rules will prevent such trickery in the future.
August 8Phils OF Gavvy Cravath drives home a club-record-tying (Bransfield‚ 1910) 8 runs on 4 doubles as Philadelphia wins 14-7 in Cincinnati. Two of Gavvy’s doubles come with the bases loaded‚ a ML record‚ and the only time this century that someone has doubled with the sacks full twice in a game. Alexander coasts home to the win.

Hank O’Day‚ who managed the Cubs in 1914‚ returns to umpiring.
August 9George Cutshaw goes 6-for-6‚ all singles to lead Brooklyn to a 13-0 pasting of the Cubs. He’s the first player in 14 years to collect 6 hits in a game. Giving up the hits are George Pierce and Pete Standridge.
August 10In Washington‚ Detroit 3B Ossie Vitt is hit by a Walter Johnson fastball and‚ after being knocked out for 5 minutes‚ leaves the game with a concussion. A rattled Johnson then allows 4 runs in the first inning‚ two runs on a 2-run homer by George Burns‚ and another 4 through the 6th inning to lose (he will be 17-2 at home this year). Ty Cobb‚ observing Johnson’s fear of hitting a batter‚ will begin crowd the plate on the Washington ace from here on. Cobb will average .435 for the rest of his career against Walter‚ after topping .222 only once in the previous 8 years.

Babe Ruth is 2-for-4 while pitching the Red Sox to 10-3 win over the Browns in the 2nd of two. Ruth strikes out 7 in winning his 10th.
August 12At Forbes Field‚ young Al Mamaux yields just 3 hits in beating Giants starter Jeff Tesreau‚ 3-0.
August 13Grover Cleveland Alexander wins his 20th‚ 5-3‚ as the Phillies beat Boston’s Dick Rudolph.
August 14In the first matchup of Babe Ruth and Walter Johnson‚ the Babe comes away the winner‚ 4-3. He also goes 2-for-3 and scores a Boston run in the come from behind victory. Ruth is hitting .370‚ 2nd in the AL behind Cobb.
August 15The Browns George Sisler pitches a complete game against the Indians‚ losing 1-0 to Guy Morton.

Hub Perdue of the Cardinals picks up a win with 2 1/3 innings of relief in the opener with the Giants‚ then pitches another 7 innings of relief in the nitecap to win his 2nd game of the day.
August 16At Boston‚ Smoky Joe Wood fires a 1-0 shutout over Washington. The Nationals have lost all 11 games at Fenway this year.

In the 2nd game of a doubleheader‚ Tiger rookie Bernie Boland no hits Cleveland through 26 batters before Ben Paschal singles‚ his first and only hit of the year. Boland wins‚ 3-1.

Miles Main of Kansas City (FL) pitches a 5-0 no-hitter versus Buffalo.
August 17Lefty Rube Benton pitches a 3-2 win for Pittsburgh over Chicago‚ but both the Cubs and Giants protest the win‚ claiming Rube belongs to New York. A week later‚ NL directors agree with them‚ upholding his purchase by the Giants from the Reds.

Jack Coombs bests Mathewson again as the Dodgers top New York‚ 3-2.

Fritz Maisel of the Yankees steals 2B‚ 3B‚ and home in the 9th inning against Philadelphia.
August 18The new Braves Field opens in Boston. An estimated 46‚500 jam the park to see the Braves and Dick Rudolph beat the Cards‚ 3-1.

Good job. Wilbur Good becomes the only Cub ever to steal 2B‚ 3B‚ and home in the same inning. He does it in the 6th frame of a 9-0 beating of Brooklyn.

Asahi Shimbun‚ a Japanese newspaper‚ sponsors the first National High School baseball tournament. It is an instant success and will continue every August (except during W W II) to the present. It will often be called the Koshien Tournament‚ after the stadium near Osaka where the games will be played starting in 1924.

The Browns send pitchers Bill James and Grover Lowdermilk to the Tigers for 1B Babe Doll Jacobson.
August 19Red Faber pitches the White Sox to a 2-1 win over the Red Sox‚ beating Rube Foster. With the Tigers’ win over the A’s‚ Boston and Detroit are virtually tied for 1st.
August 20The White Sox obtain Joe Jackson from Cleveland in exchange for OF Braggo Roth‚ OF Larry Chappell‚ P Ed Klepfer‚ and $31‚500. Roth will lead the AL in homers this year with 7.

The Giants purchase the contract of George “High Pockets” Kelly from Victoria for $1200. Kelly is the nephew of Bill Lange‚ 1890s star of the Chicago Nationals.
August 21Babe Ruth pitches Boston to a 4-1 win over the Browns. At bat‚ the Babe is hitless.
August 22In the 2nd inning of game one of a doubleheader versus Detroit‚ the crowd sees the Senators score a run with no times at bat‚ the only time its ever happened. Chick Gandil and Merito Acosta walk; Buff Williams sacrifices‚ and George McBride hits a sacrifice fly‚ scoring Gandil‚ and the Tigers catch Acosta off 2B when OF Bobby Veach throws to Ossie Vitt. Washington’s Walter Johnson goes on to win‚ 8-1‚ and snap the Tigers’ 9-game win streak.

In the Federal League‚ Newark takes 2 from Pittsburgh‚ winning‚ 2-1 and 3-1‚ both wins coming on 10th inning inside-the-park homers by Edd Roush. Newark leads by one percentage point over Kansas City‚ with Pittsburgh 3rd and Chicago 4th‚ only 1 1?2 games separating the teams. The race is so close by season’s end Newark will be 5th‚ six games out. Chicago will win it by one game with 86-66 to St. Louis 87-67 and Pittsburgh’s 86-67. There will be nine 20-game winners‚ led by George McConnell‘s 25-10 for the Whales‚ the only year McConnell wins more than 8 games.
August 23At the Polo Grounds‚ the Cardinals sweep two from the Giants‚ winning 5-4 and 4-3‚ with reliever Hub Perdue picking up both victories. New York is in 7th place‚ 8 1/2 games in back of the leading Phillies.
August 24The Browns bring George Sisler in to pitch 5 innings of relief. Sisler gives up one run and earns the win‚ a 10-7 victory over the A’s Rube Bressler.
August 25The Giants release Rube Marquard to Toronto (IL) but the veteran pitcher refuses to go to the minors. He works out his own deal and is signed by Wilbert Robinson and the Dodgers. Rube will post a 13-6 record next season for Uncle Robby.

The Red Sox win 2-1 in 13 innings to sweep the Tigers and solidify their hold on 1st place. Boston has now won 7 straight and 19 of 21.
August 27Mathewson wins his 8th and last game of the year edging the Pirates‚ 2-1. Babe Adams takes the loss.

Detroit snaps the Red Sox win streak‚ stopping Boston‚ 7-6 in 12 innings. Boston still leads the AL by 4 1/2 games.
August 28Pitching for St. Louis in the Federal League‚ 39-year-old Eddie Plank records his 300th career win‚ beating Kansis City. 3-2. Henning is the loser. Plank will post a 21-11 record this season in the FL‚ and‚ when the league folds‚ post a 16-15 for the 1916 St. Louis Browns.

In the first of two at Cleveland‚ the Red Sox win 5-3 behind Babe Ruth and Carl Mays‚
August 29George Sisler again pitches against Walter Johnson and this time wins‚ 2-1. He will be 4-4 for the Browns and 1-2 next year before moving permanently to 1B. Sisler is helped in the 8th inning when Brownie 2B Del Pratt nabs pinch runner Horace Milan‚ in his ML debut‚ with a hidden ball trick. Horace is the brother of teammate Deerfoot Milan.
August 30Three-time 20-game winner Larry Cheney is traded by the Cubs to Brooklyn for OF Joe Schultz.
August 31Art Nehf and Tom Hughes are both 2-0 winners as the Braves sweep two from the Reds.

Only 2 runners reach base as the Cubs’ Jimmy Lavender pitches a 2-0 no-hitter against the Giants‚ the only shutout in his 11-16 season.


September 2The visiting Phillies sweep two from the Giants‚ winning 3-1 and 2-0. Tesreau and Mathewson take the losses‚ while Pete Alexander is the shutout winner in the nitecap.

Ruth is hitless at bat‚ but pitches the Red Sox to an 8-3 win over the host Athletics. He strikes out 5.
September 3Cleveland 1B Jay Kirke swings at a wild pitch for strike 3 and reaches 1B. Cleveland beats the White Sox‚ who protest on the grounds that the rules did not permit Kirke to take 1B. The protest is upheld and the game ordered replayed.

Ernie Shore is victorious over the A’s‚ 10-2‚ giving the first place Red Sox its 6th straight win.

With the game tied at 2 apiece in the 8th‚ the Browns Bert Shotton heads a triple steal with Austin and Walker to beat the Tigers‚ 3-2.
September 4Pittsburgh’s Erv Kantlehner loses to the Cubs‚ 5-2‚ but at least his teammates give him a pair. He will go 6-12 this year‚ with 8 of his losses by shutouts.
September 5In the first game of a doubleheader versus the Tigers‚ the Browns’ George Sisler tosses 9 innings and gives up 6 runs‚ to lose 6-5. Sisler clubs a HR in the loss.
September 6Babe Ruth holds the Yankees hitless till the 8th‚ before weakening and giving up 3 hits. Dutch Leonard relieves and the Red Sox win‚ 5-2‚ sweeping the doubleheader. Ruth is 2-for-3 at the plate.
September 7The St. Louis Terriers’ Dave Davenport‚ strikeout leader of the FL‚ pitches a 3-0 no-hitter over the Whales‚ one of his 10 shutouts and 22 wins. St. Louis will play 2 more games than Chicago and split them‚ thus trailing the Whales at season’s end by one percentage point. Chicago will be 86-66; St. Louis‚ 87-67‚ and the Pittsburgh Rebels‚ 86-67. A percentage difference of .004‚ it is the closest bunching of the top 3 teams in any ML race.
September 8Fred Clarke resigns as Pirates manager having won 4 pennants in 19 years.

In a twinbill at Philadelphia‚ the A’s manage just one hit but beat Ernie Shore and the Red Sox‚ 1-0. Walsh’s single is the only hit allowed. The Sox are more patient in the 2nd game‚ and walk 12 times off Cap Crowell to win 13-2.
September 9Boston’s Lefty Tyler allows just one Brooklyn hit‚ but loses 1-0. Jeff Pfeffer is nearly as perfect‚ allowing 2 hits for the win. Brooklyn scores the lone run on a walk by Hy Myers‚ Gus Getz‘s single‚ a double steal‚ and a sac fly.

Sporting goods manufacturer A. G. Spalding‚ one of the original players‚ managers‚ and executives of the NL‚ dies at 65 in Point Loma‚ near San Diego‚ CA.
September 10Rogers Hornsby‚ brought up a week earlier from class D Denison (Western Association)‚ makes his ML debut for the Cardinals. With the Cards trailing the Reds‚ 70‚ after 6 innings‚ Hornsby plays SS and goes hitless in two appearances against Cincy rookie Charles “King” Lear‚ who wins‚ 7-1.

Boston’s Babe Ruth wins his 15th of the year‚ stopping the visiting A’s‚ 7-2 on six hits. Ruth‚ 3rd in the AL in hitting‚ is 0-for-4 at the plate.

St. Louis (FL) pitcher Dave Davenport follows up his no-hitter with a 2-hitter‚ beating Newark‚ 3-0.
September 11The Reds pepper Mathewson for 10 hits and Lefty George shuts out last-place New York to win‚ 4-0. Lefty will pitch into the 1940’s‚ and will set the Eastern League record for wins (165) between 1923-33.

Future Hall of Famer Eddie Plank‚ pitching for St. Louis (FL) wins his 300th game‚ beating Newark‚ 12-5. He is the first lefty to reach the mark. Plank will go into the Hall in 1946.

In a 2-0 win over Kansas City‚ Hal Chase of the Buffeds hits a home run at Kansas City’s Gordon and Koppel Field‚ which clears the fence and lands in Brush Creek. This is Prince Hal’s 4th homer in 7 games‚ on his way to a Federal League-leading 17. In ten previous big league seasons‚ he had never hit more than four.
September 12Dave Danforth of Lousville (AA)‚ strikes out 18 Kansas City batters to set an American Assocation record. In his next start‚ on May 15‚ he will strike out 15 St. Paul hitters. He’ll whiff 130 in 101 innings.
September 14The Cardinals‚ battling for 4th place in the NL‚ lose 6-2 to Brooklyn’s Jack Coombs. Rogers Hornsby is in the starting lineup for the first time‚ but goes hitless. Tomorrow he will get his first ML hit‚ a single off Rube Marquard.

Babe Ruth fires a two hitter‚ as the Red Sox beat the White Sox‚ 2-1‚ for their 7th win in a row. Ruth has 2 of Boston’s 3 hits. Boston will win 4 of 5 in the series with Chicago.

George Dumont debuts with Washington and fires a 3-0 shutout over Cleveland. Dumont will finish the year at 2-1‚ with both wins shutouts.
September 15The Cubs edge the Braves‚ 1-0‚ behind Phil Douglas‚ with Lefty Tyler taking the tough loss. Tomorrow‚ the Cubs will win another 1-0 battle‚ but it will take them 12 innings to do it.
September 16In the first of important four games series at Fenway Park‚ the Tigers (90-48) and Red Sox (90-44) square off. Detroit knocks out starter Rube Foster‚ then rookie reliever Carl Mays keeps throwing at Ty Cobb till he hits the Tiger star on the wrist. Cobb slings his bat at Mays in retaliation‚ and the crowd reacts by throwing bottles at Cobb. The next inning‚ Cobb catches a fly ball for the final out and then needs a police escort to leave the field. The Tigers win 6-1.
September 17Dutch Leonard allows 3 hits as the Red Sox top Detroit‚ 7-2.

Pittsburgh rookie Carmen Hill makes his mound debut with a 5-0 win over the Giants.
September 18In one of the best pitched games of the year‚ Ernie Shore goes all the way to give Boston a 1-0 win over Detroit in 12 innings.
September 19In a Sunday doubleheader in St. Louis‚ the Phils win the opener‚ 6-2‚ behind Grover Alexander. It is Alex’s 29th win of the year. The Cardinals reverse the outcome in game 2 as Red Ames allows one hit in 10 innings to win‚ 1-0. Whitted’s pop single in the 8th is the only safety as Ames faces just 31 batters. Bob Bescher singles in Huggins with the game’s only run.
September 20In front of a full house at Fenway Park‚ including Vice-President Thomas Marshall‚ Babe Ruth gives Boston a 3-2 win over Detroit. Rube Foster relieves Babe with 2 outs in the 8th. Ruth is 1-for-3 at bat.

After the A’s win the opener 5-4 over Cleveland‚ Bud Davis walks 12 Indians in game 2 and Cleveland wins‚ 5-3. Davis is the 2nd A’s pitcher in 2 weeks to walk that many. Clarence Garrett is the loser in the opener‚ although helping himself with a wild pitch in the second inning. With Healy at bat with 2 outs and a 2-2 count‚ Garrett fires a pitch in the dirt that bounces off the mask of C O’Neill and rebounds onto the diamond. Healy swings and misses and hustles to 1B on the missed third strike. Lajoie‚ who is on third‚ attempts to score and Garrett retrieves the rebound and tags out Nap for the 3rd out.
September 22Having loaned the Braves the use of their larger park in 1914‚ the Boston Red Sox request the use of the new‚ larger NL park for this year’s WS.

The Tigers use a 10-run 7th to beat the A’s‚ 13-9. Reliever Joe Bush faces 9 batters to start the 7th and retires none. The A’s get a HR from Bill Bankston‚ his only ML roundtripper‚ while Wally Schang is 0-for-1 but scores 4 runs.
September 23In the first of two games‚ the Yanks top the Browns‚ 7-0. George Sisler pitches one perfect inning of relief for St. Louis.

Before the game at Pittsburgh‚ manager Fred Clarke is presented with a grandfather’s clock and a red leather binder signed by thousands of well-wishers. Clarke plays 4 innings in left field and goes 1-for-2. After reaching first‚ Clarke is replaced by Max Carey‚ and the out-going manager exits to thunderous applause. Pittsburgh wins‚ 8-4‚ over the Braves.

In Chicago‚ Phillies ace Pete Alexander wins his 30th‚ beating the Cubs‚ 5-1.

In Philadelphia‚ Detroit’s Ty Cobb swipes his 90th base of the year. Only 300 fans are on hand to witness the event. Detroit wins‚ 6-5.
September 27St. Louis Browns 1B George Sisler makes his 2nd pitching start this month‚ and gets no decision despite giving up 4 runs in 7 innings. The Red Sox beat St. Louis‚ 8-4.
September 29On Patsy Moran Day in Boston‚ the Phils clinch their first pennant for manager Moran on Pete Alexander’s 4th one-hitter and 12th shutout of the year‚ 5-0 beating Dick Rudolph and the defending champion Braves. Sherry Magee‘s 4th-inning single is the only safety for Boston (the 4th time he’s had the only hit in a game)‚ while Gavvy Cravath clouts a 3-run homer in the 1st for the Phils. Cravath ends the year leading the NL in homers (24)‚ slugging‚ runs‚ walks‚ total bases‚ and is the only National Leaguer with more than a hundred RBIs (115).

Kansas City (FL) lefty Art Packard does it all‚ winning 1-0 and hitting a home run.

Wilbur Good‚ of the Cubs‚ hits the last HR at West Side Grounds as Chicago makes good‚ winning 5-4‚ over the Reds.

After whipping the A’s 10-2‚ the Senators double-up in the second game‚ 20-5‚ pounding pitcher Tom Sheehan for 21 hits in 8 innings. Sheehan will manage the San Francisco Giants briefly in 1966. Rippy Williams is 5-for-6. In the first game‚ Turner Barber is 5-for-5 against OF-P Chick Davies. Bert Gallia and Doc Ayers are the winners.
September 30The Red Sox clinch the AL pennant as St. Louis beats Detroit‚ giving Boston a 2 1?2-game margin. The World Series is now set for another Boston-Philadelphia matchup‚ but with the leagues reversed.


October 2In the first of two games‚ Walter Johnson gives Washington a 3-1 win over the Red Sox. Ruth pitches the final 3 innings‚ allowing one Nats hit.

The Queens Bombers? At the Waldorf Astoria‚ the National Commission meets. During the sessions Colonels Ruppert of the Yankees and Ebbets of the Dodgers meet regarding a possible new home for the Yankees‚ and Ebbets withdraws his objections to the Yankees moving to Queens. They are considering a stadium near the 59th Street Bridge. Nothing is final and the New YorkTimes also mentions two sites in Manhattan that the team is considering.
October 3The Chicago Whales (FL) clinch the pennant by winning the 2nd game of a doubleheader with the Pittsburgh Rebels.

In Detroit’s 100th win of the year‚ Ty Cobb steals his 96th base of the season‚ against Cleveland’s catcher Steve O’Neil‚ for a new ML season record. He also sets a ML record for times caught stealing with 38‚ a mark Henderson will top in 1982. The Tigers win 100 games‚ the first time a runner-up has reached that mark‚ and have the top three RBI producers [Crawford (112)‚ Veach (112)‚ Cobb (99)]. This is first of only two times in the AL that teammates have had the top three RBI spots (Yankees in 1928).

The Pirates end their season with a 5-3 win over the Reds‚ Retiring manager Fred Clarke hosts a dinner for the players after the game‚ and also celebrates his 43rd birthday.
October 5In a 5-0 loss to the Indians‚ Detroit speedster Ty Cobb steals his 96th base. Cobb’s 96 steals will stand as the record until 1962 when Maury Wills steals 104 bases.
October 6The Boston Braves end the season with by shutting out the Giants in a doubleheader in New York‚ winning the opener 1-0 behind Tom Hughes’s 2-hitter and taking the nitecap by the same score. Pat Ragan is the winner in 67 minutes.

In the 2nd game of a doubleheader‚ Boston’s 28th twinbill of the year‚ Babe Ruth beats New York‚ 4-2 to sweep the two. Ruth is now 17-3 since June 1st. Boston takes the opener‚ 2-0‚ as Shore‚ Leonard‚ Wood and Mays split the mound duties with each one striking out 3 Yankees. A crowd of 714 is at the Polo Grounds.

Rookie Elmer Myers makes a spectacular debut with the A’s by striking out 12 Washington batters‚ while allowing just two hits. Myers walks 5 in the 4-0 win‚ his only game this year. Elmer will go 14-23 in 1916‚ but strike out an impressive 182 batters in his rookie season.
October 7At Boston‚ the Giants win‚ 15-8‚ in the quickest game of the season: 62 minutes. New York collects 24 hits‚ with Doyle‚ Burns and Kocher each hitting 4. Larry Doyle pads his league-high average to finish at .320. Brothers Joe and Red Shannon play for Boston; Joe in his last game and Red in his debut. The Giants finish in last place‚ but are just 21 games behind the league leader‚ the closest an 8th place team will finish in major league history.

In the city series in Chicago‚ the Cubs even the games at one apiece behind Jimmy Lavender’s 4-0 effort.
October 8The Red Sox start Ernie Shore in game 1 and the Phils manage just 3 hits and one run through 7 innings against him. Grover Cleveland Alexander gives up just one run as well. The Phils manage to push across two runs in the bottom of the 8th on two infield singles and two walks. Babe Ruth makes his only appearance in this WS‚ pinch hitting for Shore and grounding out. Grover Alexander holds on for a 3-1 victory for the Phils.
October 9Playing game 2 in tiny Baker Bowl in Philadelphia‚ Boston’s 19-game winner Rube Foster allows the Phils 3 hits and drives in the winning run to break a 1-1 tie in the 9th against Erskine Mayer. The Sox win‚ 2-1. President Wilson and his fiancé watch the game‚ the first President to attend a WS.
October 11In Boston‚ an unprecedented 42‚300 are on hand for game 3 and see another 1-1 duel‚ which is decided in the 9th when Duffy Lewis singles home Harry Hooper for a 2-1 hometown win. Dutch Leonard walks none‚ yields 3 hits‚ and sets down the last 20 Phils to face him.
October 12In game 4‚ 41‚096 see another 2-1 Boston victory‚ as Ernie Shore gets the win over surprise starter George Chalmers. Gavvy Cravath triples and scores the Phils’ lone run.
October 13Back home‚ the Phils get 4 runs early off Rube Foster. The Red Sox break a tie in the 9th for the 3rd time‚ as reliever Eppa Rixey gives up Harry Hooper‘s 2nd solo HR of the game‚ both bounce homers into the crowd. Boston wins the Series 4-1. The Sox victory comes without using Babe Ruth or Carl Mays on the mound.


December 4Former Giants owner Andrew Freedman dies at the age of 55. He owned the team for 7 years‚ firing a Steinbrennian 16 managers during his reign.
December 22Organized baseball and the Federal League sign a peace treaty at Cincinnati‚ ending their 2-year war. Feds agree to go out of existence‚ but the ML pay an enormous price: $600‚000 for distribution to FL owners; amalgamation of 2 Fed franchises‚ one each into NL and AL; recognition of Fed players’ eligibility‚ and agreement to bid for them in a Fed-controlled auction. Baltimore‚ hoping to get the Cardinals‚ balks‚ but conferees‚ eager for settlement‚ defer its claims-a decision they will repent at leisure.