Baseball – 1916

Baseball in 1916

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January 3Former ace Ray Collins announces his retirement from baseball at age 29. Colllins slipped to 4-7 last season.
January 4The St. Louis Browns are the first of 2 ML franchises awarded to Federal League owners. Philip de Catesby Ball‚ ice-manufacturing tycoon and principal stockholder of the Feds’ St. Louis Terriers‚ pays a reported $525‚000 for the Browns and replaces manager Branch Rickey with his own Fielder Jones.
January 5The NL‚ happy to be rid of fractious Cubs owner Charles W. Murphy‚ allows Charles H. Weeghman‚ owner of a restaurant chain and president of the Federal League Chicago Whales‚ to buy the Cubs for $500‚000. By putting up $50‚000‚ William Wrigley‚ Jr. becomes a minority stock holder. Whales manager Joe Tinker succeeds Roger Bresnahan‚ and the Cubs will play in the FL’s newly built park on the North Side‚ soon to become Wrigley Field.
January 6Leonard King Cole‚ who gave up Babe Ruth‘s first hit in 1914‚ dies in Bay City‚ Michigan at age 29. Cole pitched in 10 games with the Yankees last season.
January 8Profiting handsomely on his 1913 investment of $187‚000‚ owner James E. Gaffney sells his Boston Braves for $500‚000 to Harvard’s famous football coach‚ Percy Haughton‚ and a banker associate.

The Giants pick up Jesse Barnes‚ last year’s NL leader in losses (21)‚ along with Larry Doyle from the Boston Braves. Boston receives veteran Buck Herzog. Barnes will go 6-1 this year and then win a league high 25 games in 1917.
January 14Lee Magee‚ player-manager of the Brooklyn Tip-Tops‚ is sold to the Yankees for about $25‚000.
January 19A list of 123 Federal League players with free-agent status under the terms of the peace agreement is released by the National Association.
January 20The Giants buy Edd Roush from the Newark Tip Tops (Federal League) for $7‚500. Roush will hit just .188 in New York before being packaged to Cincinnati‚ where he will blossom into a Hall of Famer. Along with Roush come the contracts of C Bill Rariden from the Peps‚ infielder Bill McKecknie‚ spitballer Fred Anderson from the Buffalo Bufffeds (AKA the Blues)‚ and Federal League star‚ the colorful Benny Kauf. The price is $65‚000.
January 21The Yankees buy left-handed P Nick Cullop from Kansas City (FL)‚ infielder Joe Gedeon from Salt Lake City (PCL)‚ and veteran Germany Schaefer from Newark (FL). Schaefer will announce that he is changing his nickname to “Liberty” because of the war. Schaefer noticed that sauerkraut had been renamed “liberty cabbage.”


February 7The Federal League‘s year-old suit charging antitrust violations by organized baseball is dismissed by mutual consent in U.S. District Court in Chicago by Judge Kenesaw M. Landis. No appellate decision is written and it will not be until 1922 when the courts rule on antitrust.
February 8The NL votes down a proposal by Charlie Ebbets of Brooklyn to limit the number of 25-cent seats clubs can sell to 2‚000. Boston has 10‚000 such seats; St. Louis‚ 9‚000‚ Philadelphia‚ 6‚500‚ and Cincinnati‚ 4‚000.
February 9The NL votes down a proposal by the Giants‚ Braves‚ and Cubs to increase club player limit from 21 to 22. (The Reds want a decrease to 20.)

The NL celebrates its 40th anniversary with a Waldorf-Astoria banquet. The NL’s first president‚ Morgan G. Bulkeley‚ is present. The chief speaker is former president William H. Taft.
February 10C Chief Meyers is waived to Brooklyn by the Giants where he rejoins Wilbert Robinson. The Braves also claim him. Owners Ebbets and Haughton toss a coin to determine Meyers’ fate‚ and Ebbets wins the right to sign him.

In a sweet deal‚ the Cubs send cash to the sinking Chicago Whales (Federal League) and bring back Three Finger Brown‚ Clem Clemens‚ Mickey Doolan‚ Bill Fischer‚ Max Flack‚ Claude Hendrix‚ Les Mann‚ Dykes Potter‚ Joe Tinker‚ Rollie Zeider‚ and George McConnell.
February 11After playing two seasons in Cleveland‚ the American Association Toledo Mud Hens transfer back to Toledo. The franchise spent two seasons in Cleveland to block a Federal League team from moving in there.
February 15The Yankees buy Frank “Home Run” Baker from the Athletics for $37‚500. He sat out the 1915 season in a salary dispute with Mack.

With the emergence of Joe Judge at 1B‚ the Senators sell Chick Gandil to Cleveland for $7‚500.
February 16Energetic recruiting by Ban Johnson produces a pair of Chicago contractors to take over the Cleveland franchise from Charles W. Somers‚ a lavish spender at the AL’s creation but now in financial difficulties. J. C. Dunn and P. S. McCarthy pay $500‚000-$60‚000 less than the asking price. E. S. Barnard will stay on as vice president; Lee Fohl‚ as manager.


March 3Jack Dunn‚ owner of the IL Orioles‚ buys the park built by the Baltimore Terrapins (FL).
March 5The NL meeting of February 1916 announced that it had come to the league’s attention that “some of the diamonds” didn’t measure properly. On this day‚ John Heydler’s office circulates to clubs the news of the Chicago Cubs pitching distance‚ and orders an engineer’s certification.


April 8Tris Speaker is still a holdout as a reaction to Boston owner Joseph Lannin’s proposal to cut his salary from a reported $18‚500 to $9‚000. Speaker wants $15‚000. Speaker’s salary‚ the highest in the game for the past two years‚ was negotiated under the threat of Speaker jumping to the Federal League. With the demise of that league‚ the Sox are looking to save money. The Red Sox‚ in anticipation of resolving the contract dispute by trading Speaker‚ purchase the hard-throwing OF Tilly Walker from the Browns.
April 9The Red Sox trade star outfielder Tris Speaker‚ who did not take to the notion of his salary being cut‚ to Cleveland for two players-Sam Jones and Fred Thomas-and $50‚000. Speaker will hold out for $10‚000 of the purchase price: Ban Johnson will finally intervene and Speaker will collect. A few days earlier‚ the Yankees had turned down the offer of Speaker for cash and Fritz Maisel.
April 10The World Champion Boston Red Sox suffer an embarrassing 1-0 loss to Harvard‚ finally being reduced to bunting twice in the 9th to get on base (as pointed out by Dick Thompson). Tris Speaker‚ just traded‚ is in the stands for the game. Tomorrow‚ the Red Sox will take out their loss on Boston College‚ 9-1.
April 11In a 7-0 exhibition game win against the Yale team in New Haven‚ Giants third sacker Hans Lobert snaps a cartilage in his left knee while sliding. The speedster will miss most of the 1916 season and will never be the same when he returns. He’ll retire after the 1917 year.

The Robins host the Yankees and beat them 7-2 in the last exhibition game of the pre-season.
April 12On Opening Day the Red Sox scratch Ernie Shore as their starter and Babe Ruth goes 8 innings for a 2-1 win over the Athletics at Boston. The A’s score their only run following Babe’s throwing error‚ and Rube Foster gets the last 3 outs. The Babe hands the loss to poor Jack Nabors. A poor throw by Charlie Pick‚ A’s 3B‚ is the first of his 42 errors-worst for any 20th-century 3B. This contributes to his overall .899 fielding average‚ a mark that Butch Hobson would equal in 1978.

Harry Coveleski gives up just 3 hits‚ and collects 4 himself including a double and triple‚ as the Tigers beat the White Sox 4-0 in Chicago. Hundreds of fans complain that their clothes are ruined by fresh green paint recently applied to the grandstand seats.

Before 20‚000 at the Polo Grounds‚ the Yankees and Nationals battle 11 innings before the Nats push across an unearned run against starter Ray Caldwell to win 3-2. Walter Johnson strikes out 10 and walks none in the win. Frank Baker‚ after sitting out last season in a salary protest‚ has two of the five hits for New York‚ while Clyde Milan homers for the Nats.

In St. Louis‚ the Cardinals open with a 2-1 win over the Pirates Erv Kantlehner. “Spitting Bill” Doak scatters six hits-three by Honus Wagner-and SS Rogers Hornsby drives in both runs for St. Louis.

Phils righty “Pete” Alexander tops the Giants‚ 5-4. Benny Kauff‚ the star acquisition from the Federal League‚ goes hitless for New York.

In the Opener at Cincinnati‚ the Cubs trounce the Reds‚ 7-1‚ behind the pitching of George McConnell. Fred Toney takes the loss.
April 13Babe Adams‚ the Pirates bellwether‚ pitches a one-hit 4-0 shutout against the Cardinals‚ the only safety coming when a ball squirts out of 2B Joe Schultz’ mitt. He will win only one more game this season‚ and the Pirates will release him in August. They will then re-sign him during the 1918 season.

Ernie Shore and Herb Pennock combine to give the Red Sox an 8-2 win over the A’s.

In a 4-2 loss to the Browns‚ Cleveland catcher Steve O’Neill completes a double play (with SS Ray Chapman)‚ the first of 36‚ a ML season record for catchers that still stands.
April 15In a 9-4 win‚ White Sox C Ray Schalk steals twice against Detroit en route to a season total of 30. This is a record for catchers until 1982 when John Wathan nicks 36.
April 16Now with Cleveland‚ Boston’s Tris Speaker doubles against the Tigers’ Hooks Dauss‚ the first of 41 that will tie him with teammate Jack Graney for the AL lead‚ and one of an all-time career high of 792. The Indians top Detroit‚ 4-3.
April 17At Fenway‚ Babe Ruth and Walter Johnson square off with the young Red Sox lefty emerging the winner‚ 5-1 over the Washington ace. Ruth scatters 8 hits in 6 innings and strikes out 6‚ while Johnson gives up 11 hits before being lifted in the 6th. Rain starts falling in the 7th and the game is called.

Detroit scores a 12-inning 3-1 victory over Stan Coveleski‚ in his first year at Cleveland. Righthander George Cunningham fills in when Tiger ace Harry Coveleski refuses to take the mound against his younger brother. Sam Crawford‘s consecutive-game streak ends at 472. He played in every Tiger game in 1913 through 1915.
April 18Phillies star Pete Alexander blanks the Braves on 5 hits at Baker Bowl to win 4-0. Dick Rudolph takes the loss. It is Pete’s first shutout of the year; 15 will follow.

The Nationals top the Red Sox‚ 4-2‚ for Washington’s first win in Boston since 1914.
April 20The Cubs play their first game in the newly built Federal League park that will soon have its name changed to Wrigley Field. The stadium‚ minus the upper deck added later‚ seats 14‚000‚ but 20‚000 fans are on hand. Greeting fans on the Addison Street side is JOA‚ a bear cub owned by Cub’s (partial) owner J. Ogden Armour. Everyone goes home happy as Vic Saier‘s 11th inning sac fly gives the Cubs 7-6 a win over the Reds.

Washington 3B Eddie Foster hits his only homer of the year‚ and the last he will hit. He ends his career in 1923 with 6 homers in 3‚278 at bats.

Boston’s Babe Ruth is 0-for-4 at the plate but whips the A’s‚ 7-1‚ on five hits.
April 22The A’s Jack Nabors tops the Red Sox‚ 6-2. His only victory of the season evens his record at 1-1. He will follow with 19 straight losses to set a major-league record. Teammate Tom Sheehan will be right behind him at 1-16.
April 23The Giants are saved from a humiliating exhibition loss to the Long Branch Cubans at West Side Park‚ Jersey City‚ when rain halts the game in the first inning with the Cubans leading‚ 8-1.
April 25At the Polo Grounds‚ Boston’s Babe Ruth goes 10 innings to defeat the Yankees‚ 4-3. The Babe gives up 2 earned runs on 8 hits‚ but is hitless at the plate.
April 26Yankee Fritz Maisel does his part to keep the score down by getting thrown out 3 times trying to steal against the A’s.The Yankees still win‚ 9-0.
April 29Buck Weaver (3B) and Jack Fournier (1B) execute the season’s first triple play in the 3-1 White Sox win at St. Louis.

Pirate SS Honus Wagner saves a 2-1 win over the Reds by making a sensational grab of Greasy Neale‘s line drive.

Innovative Cubs owner Charles Weeghman decides to let fans keep balls hit into stands. The decision follows an incident where a fan scuffles with park attendants when he refuses to give up a foul ball during the Cardinals’ series. The Cards win today‚ 8-4.

The Dodgers down the host Giants, 5-4, in the 12th inning on three singles. The big winner, however, is New York’s Fred Merkle who wins an automobile when his double in the 8th hits an advertising sign on the left field wall. The sign, which has been in place since opening day 1915, says that the first player to hit the sign wins an automobile from the company.


May 1Lefty Babe Ruth loses his first game after 5 wins‚ as the Nationals beat Boston‚ 5-3. Ruth allows just 5 singles in 7 2/3 innings‚ but walks 9. The Babe walks the bases loaded in the 8th‚ and reliever Dutch Leonard serves up a 3-run double to Washington catcher John Henry.

The Phils Pete Alexander beats Boston‚ 3-0‚ for his 2nd shutout of the year.
May 2The Giants pick up their first win in 9 games as Jeff Tesreau allows just 3 hits in beating Brooklyn‚ 3-1.
May 4Christy Mathewson‚ beset with back problems‚ makes his first start of the year‚ losing to the Braves‚ 7-6‚ in 10 innings.‚ Matty goes the distance allowing 15 hits‚ including a homer to rival pitcher Lefty Tyler. The Giants were held in check by Tyler until the 9th when ‚ trailing 4-0‚ they tie it up. Fred Merkle‘s homer is the big blow in the inning.

Red Sox pitcher Dutch Leonard shuts out the Yankees‚ 3-0. The Yanks will take the next three games to drop Boston below .500.
May 5Red Sox pitcher Carl Mays relieves Ruth with the score 4-2 in the 9th against New York. New York ties the game on a 2-out error by 3B Larry Gardner‚ and wins in 13 innings‚ 8-4. Mays makes his first appearance of the year following a tonsil operation in the spring.
May 7Pittsburgh’s Max Carey hits a homer off Cubs rookie Jimmy Lavender to give the Pirates a 1-0 win. The Cubs will lose ten 1-0 decisions this year‚ tying the ML record.
May 9Thirty walks‚ a ML record‚ are allowed at Philadelphia as Detroit overwhelms the A’s 16-2. Tiger rookie George Cunningham is lifted with one out in the 3rd inning after walking 6 batters. He is given the win‚ but leaves with a no hitter and leading 9-0. A 20th-C record 18 of the walks are issued by the A’s-12 by reliever Carl Ray-on their way to a season total of 715. Not until 1938 will a team (the St. Louis Browns with 737) top that. Detroit will add another 11 walks against the A’s tomorrow for a 2-game ML record of 29.

The Giants‚ 2-13 and in last place‚ open their western swing with a 13-5 win at Pittsburgh. New York uses three pitchers‚ and pound three Buc hurlers for 16 hits. New York will win their next 16 games.

The Red Sox and Dutch Leonard stop the Indians‚ 5-1‚ ending the first-place Tribe’s 8-game win streak. The game marks Tris Speaker‘s return to Boston‚ and 15‚000 cheer his every move. After one inning Speaker inadvertently heads into the Sox dugout‚ much to the crowd’s delight.
May 10Led by Tris Speaker‘s 2 hits and three runs‚ Cleveland tops the Red Sox and Babe Ruth‚ 6-2.
May 12The Giants top Pittsburgh‚ 3-2‚ to sweep the 4-game series. Mathewson shuts out Pirates for 5 innings‚ but Doc Johnson’s triple in the 6th helps tie it at 2-2. Rube Benton relieves Matty and picks up the win when the Giants score.

The A’s and Tigers conclude a weird series with the Tigers winning today‚ 7-6‚ in 11 innings. The A’s set an ML record by leaving 17 runners on base in the first 9 innings‚ while Detroit strands 13 for a 9-inning record of 30. This will not be topped this century though it will be tied in games concluded in 9 innings (this game is not listed in the record books‚ though it was acknowledged at the time). For the game‚ the A’s leave 20 on base‚ while Detroit leaves 16. For the four-game series‚ the two teams combine for 85 walks and two HBP‚ and they combine to leave 92 runners on base.
May 14The Cardinals rookie Rogers Hornsby hits his first HR‚ off Brooklyn’s Jeff Pfeffer. It is a bounce HR (legal till 1931) that lands behind 3B and skips into the stands at Robison Field in St. Louis. Brooklyn prevails today‚ 3-2.
May 15The Nationals top the A’s‚ 6-5‚ in 11 innings. Reliever Walter Johnson fans 6 of the 14 batters he faces.
May 20The Giants win their 10th on the road‚ when Christy Mathewson allows 6 hits in clipping the Cardinals‚ 4-1. Henry Jasper is the losing pitcher. Fred Merkle steals 3rd and home in the 2nd inning‚ the latter on the front end of a double steal.

At Fenway‚ starter Babe Ruth walks the first two Browns hitters. With the 2nd walk‚ Ruth’s batterymate Chet “Pinch” Thomas complains so much about the call that he is tossed‚ and Sam Agnew takes his place behind the plate. After two outs‚ and runners at 1B and 3B‚ the Browns pull a double steal to score. The Sox take a 2-1 lead after 4‚ and when Ruth walks the bases loaded in the 6th‚ Carl Mays relieves. Mays allows 2 hits in 3 1/3 innings to preserve the 3-1 win. Ruth allows no hits in his 5 2/3 innings.

The Senators paste the Indians‚ 13-3. Shorty Desjardien mops up for Cleveland in the 8th inning‚ allowing three runs on 3 walks and 2 hits in his only major league appearance.
May 22In a 9-5 loss to the Browns‚ Yankee pitcher Ray Fisher steals home in the 6th inning.
May 23In Cincinnati‚ Rube Benton pitches the Giants to a 4-3 win over the Reds‚ New York’s 12th win in a row on the road. Benton needs relief help from Tesreau and Mathewson in the 9th to win.
May 24Boston shuts out Detroit‚ 4-0‚ as Babe Ruth allows just 4 singles. Ruth adds two hits but Harry Hooper‘s fielding heroics-4 great catches-make him the day’s star.
May 26Despite outfielder Benny Kauff‘s base running blunders‚ the New York Giants cruise to their 14th straight road win‚ 12-1 over Boston. Kauff‚ the Federal League‘s “Ty Cobb“‚ sets a NL record when he is picked off first base three times‚ the only 20th century player to do this. Lefty Tyler does all three pickings. Sailor Stroud is the winner‚ picking up his last ML victory.

Philley outfielder Gavvy Cravath‘s strike to the plate cuts down Brooklyn’s Casey Stengel for the last out in the 6th and saves Grover Cleveland Alexander‘s 1-0 shutout win over Sherry Smith. The Phils move into first place on the strength of Alex’s 4th shutout of the month.

The Yankees stop the visiting Red Sox twice‚ winning 2-1 and 6-5‚ in 10 innings.
May 27Yankee P Ray Keating gives up 3 hits to beat Babe Ruth and the Red Sox‚ 4-2. Ruth has two hits for Boston.
May 28It’s shutout day in the AL: Carl Mays submarines the Yankees‚ 3-0‚ for the visiting Red Sox‚ and the White Sox take two from the Indians‚ both by 2-0 scores. The winning pitchers are Jim Scott and Red Faber.

Jimmy Claxton‚ signed as an American Indian‚ pitches in both games for Oakland (PCL in a doubleheader against Los Angeles. He takes the loss in game 1. When it is found out that he is African American‚ Oakland will release him on June 3rd. Claxton will be the first black to appear on a baseball card.
May 29Christy Mathewson beats the Braves 3-0 for the Giants’ 17th consecutive win on the road. Matty gives up just 4 singles in beating Dick Rudolph. New York is only 1 1/2 games behind the leading Dodgers.
May 30The Phillies Al Demeree‚ an ex-Giant‚ finally stops the Giants‚ 5-1‚ on 6 hits‚ handing New York its first loss in 18 matches. Giant 3B Bill McKecknie‚ obtained from Newark (Federal League) in April‚ is caught stealing 3 times. In a raucous game 2‚ the Giants knock out Pete Alexander in the 7th to win‚ 10-2. Three Giants-catchers Bill Killifer and Ed Burns‚ and Dode Paskert get tossed by umpire Harrison‚ which provokes the fans to toss cushions and bottles at him until he is surrounded by Giants players. He gets a police escort after the game and stays in the clubhouse for an hour to avoid the mob. After Burns is ejected‚ infielder Bobby Byrne goes behind the plate and throws out to would-be base stealers.

Browns pitcher Earl Hamilton‚ with 50 wins in the last 4 years but just one appearance this year‚ is sold to Detroit. He’ll go 1-2‚ then be waived back to St. Louis on June 22.


June 1Boston’s Babe Ruth tops Walter Johnson‚ 1-0‚ for his 2nd straight shutout‚ allowing just 3 hits. The Sox get their only run in the 8th inning when Mike McNally scores from 2B on an attempted 6-4-3 DP that ends with a forceout only. McNally will set a ML record this year of playing 87 games without an extra base hit: Luis Gomez will top it by 2 games in 1975. Both pitchers strike out six‚ while Ruth adds a hit by pitch on Joe Judge. Ruth‚ batting 9th‚ strikes out twice against Johnson‚ while Walter‚ batting 6th‚ is 0-for-3. The Senators lose 4 straight to Boston and drop to 2nd place in the AL.

Behind Joe Bush‚ the A’s down the Yankees‚ 5-0. Ray Caldwell allows 15 hits‚ including 4 by Rube Oldring. Rube is 12-for-20 in the series‚ and when he is released by the A’s on July 1‚ the Yankees will sign him two weeks later.

The Giants conclude their long road trip with a loss to the host Phillies‚ 4-2. Eppa Rixey is the winner. The Giants finish this road trip with a stellar 19-2 record.
June 2At the Polo Grounds‚ the Giants lose to the Reds in 13 innings‚ 6-4. The Reds knock out starter Christy Mathewson with 4 runs in the first 3 innings‚ then score two in the 13th off Bill Perritt for the win. The last score in the 13th on Hal Chase‘s steal of home.

The Browns deal Charlie Deal to the Cubs‚ where he will be their starter at third base for 5 years.
June 3Philadelphia’s Pete Alexander shuts out the Cardinals‚ 2-0. His shutout is saved when Dode Paskert makes a leaping catch to rob Frank Snyder of a home run. Lee Meadows is the loser.

In Cleveland‚ Tris Speaker drives in 5 runs with two triples and a single to lead the first-place Indians to an 11-2 win over the Red Sox.
June 4Cleveland continues to beat up on Red Sox pitching‚ whipping Carl Mays and Rube Foster‚ to win‚ 9-3.

In game 1 of a PCL doubleheader sweep at Oakland‚ Bill Prough pitches 10 hitless innings against San Francisco. He leaves the scoreless game after 17 innings having given up 4 hits. Oakland wins‚ 1-0‚ in 18 innings.

Bill Prough of Oakland (PCL) gives up no hits through 10 innings against San Francisco, then allows his first safety in the 11th. He then pitches another three innings of no-hit ball for the victory.
June 5At Boston‚ Chicago’s Heinie Zimmerman swipes home in the 4th inning for the only score as the Cubs top the Braves‚ 1-0. Lefty Gene Packard prevails over Art Nehf and helps his own cause with 7 assists and a putout at home.

In Cleveland‚ Babe Ruth shuts out the Indians‚ 5-0‚ on 5 hits‚ and has now thrown 24 straight scoreless innings. The Boston lefty is 2-for-3 at the plate.
June 9Walter Johnson beats Cleveland‚ 7-4‚ for a Washington win.

In Detroit‚ consecutive doubles by Bobby Veach and George Burns stop Ruth’s scoreless innings at 25. Ruth evens the score with a longest drive ever seen at Navin Field‚ into the RF bleachers. When Ruth tires in the 9th‚ Carl Mays relieves and loses‚ 6-5. Ruth is 3-for-3 at bat.
June 11In the 7th inning against the A’s‚ Cleveland’s Guy Morton ties a ML record by striking out 4 batters. Cleveland wins‚ 7-2.
June 12Pete Alexander beats the Pirates‚ 2-1. His shutout bid is stopped in the 9th inning when Honus Wagner lines a hit off Alex’s shin to drive in the lone Buc run.

In St. Louis‚ Babe Ruth hits a 3-run pinch homer-the first of his career-in the 7th to tie the Browns at 3-3‚ but St. Louis scores in the 9th to beat the Red Sox‚ 4-3.
June 13Babe Ruth goes 5 1/3 innings and‚ with relief help from Ernie Shore‚ beats the Browns‚ 5-3. Ruth allows one run and is 2-or-2 at the plate‚ including his 3rd homer in 3 games.
June 14Cubs spitballer Jimmy Lavender has his moist one working against the Giants‚ beating New York‚ 4-0. The only hit is an infield single by Benny Kauff. Mathewson takes to the loss‚ though all four runs are unearned.
June 15Any more brothers? After losing yesterday in Detroit to Harry Coveleski‚ the Yankees succumb today‚ 3-2‚ to Cleveland’s Stan Coveleski. The Yankees rally with two outs in the 9th on Peckinpaugh’s triple and a single by Hartzell to tie. With a man on 2nd base and first base open in the 10th‚ Bob Shawkey throws two wide ones to Tris Speaker‚ then tries to slip a fast ball over the plate. Speaker hits it for the game-winning single.
June 16Long Tom Hughes of the Braves pitches a no-hitter over the Pirates‚ 6 years after pitching a 9-inning no-hitter for the Yanks‚ before losing 5-0 to Cleveland in 11. Today he wins 2-0 striking out Honus Wagner for the 2nd time to end the game.
June 17The White Sox pound Babe Ruth for 12 hits‚ including 3 by Joe Jackson‚ in 8 innings and beat the visiting Red Sox‚ 5-0. The loss drops Boston into 6th place.

Heinie Groh hits a leadoff homer off Al Demaree for the game’s only score as the Reds beat the Phils‚ 1-0. Fred Toney is the winner.
June 18In Cleveland the Yankees roll over the Indians 19-3‚ as they score in every inning but the 8th. Every starter gets a hit including pitcher Nick Cullop who departs after 5 IP. Wally Pipp has a double and homer.

The New York Times reports that a baseball league of Canadians has been started in London and that baseball “has aroused such entusiasm its future seems assured.”
June 19Former major leaguer Johnny Dodge‚ playing for Mobile (Southern League) is hit by as pitch from Nashville’s Shotgun Rogers and killed. Dodge played for the Phillies and Reds in 1912-13. Seemingly unfazed‚ Rogers will go on the pitch five straight shutouts after the fatal beaning. He’ll break in with the A’s in 1919 and compile a 4-12 record.
June 20Tilly Walker’s HR over the LF wall is the only HR the Red Sox will hit at Fenway this season‚ but it is the lone Boston score today as the Yankees win‚ 4-1. Inserted as a defensive replacement late in the game‚ Boston SS Everett Scott starts a string of 1‚307 consecutive games‚ all played at SS. He will complete the streak as a Yankee on May 6‚ 1925. It will be the best until Gehrig’s 2‚130.
June 21Rube Foster of the Red Sox no-hits the Yankees 2-0‚ for the first no-hitter in Fenway Park‚ beating Bob Shawkey 2-0. Harry Hooper leads the offense with 3 hits. Red Sox president Lannin hands Rube a $100 bonus and each of his Sox teammates receive a gold handled pocket knife engraved with the date.

At a soggy Polo Grounds‚ the Braves edge the Giants‚ 5-4‚ in 10 innings. Mathewson‚ in relief of Bill Perritt in the 9th‚ takes the loss.
June 22Brownie 1B George Sisler makes his final mound appearance of the year‚ a complete game 2-0 loss to White Sox starter Reb Russell.

Babe Ruth almost duplicates teammate Rube Foster‘s no-hitter‚ allowing just 3 singles‚ two by Frank Gilhooley‚ in beating the Yankees‚ 1-0. The game takes 1 hour: 18 minutes.

Against the Giants‚ the Braves pull off a triple steal in the 11th inning‚ with Johnny Evers on the front end of Collins and Compton to win‚ 3-1. It is the NL’s only extra-inning triple steal; the AL’s only triple swipe will come in 1941.
June 23Chicago pitcher Tom Seaton provides the edge by stealing home in the 6th inning to help beat the Reds‚ 2-1. The 2nd game at Wrigley is postponed.

Ernie Shore blanks the A’s‚ 1-0‚ the 2nd straight shutout for Red Sox pitchers at Fenway Park. This will not occur again until the 2006 season.

Pitching for San Francisco‚ Skeeter Fanning fires his 2nd PCL no-hitter in three years‚ beating Vernon‚ 4-1. Fanning no-hit Portland on October 25‚ 1914.
June 24The leading Dodgers sweep a doubleheader against the Giants at Ebbets Field‚ winning 6-4 and 5-4. Casey Stengel is the hero in the opener‚ going 3-for-4.

The Red Sox sweep two from the A’s‚ winning 3-2 and taking the night cap‚ 7-3 behind Carl Mays. Mays also saves the opener for Dutch Leonard.
June 26The Dodgers split with the Giants‚ losing 11-8 before winning the nitecap‚ 2-1. New York takes a 6-0 lead in the opener‚ but the Dodgers score 5 in the 5th off starter Bill Perritt‚ then put two on against reliever Rube Schauer. Mathewson then takes over and George Cutshaw cranks a 3-run homer to give the Dodgers an 8-6 lead. Matty allows just one other hit and New York comes back against Duster Mails to win. It is Mathewson’s last major league victory. During the game‚ police at the Polo Grounds and arrest three fans for not throwing back baseballs hit into the stands.

Cleveland players‚ in a game with the White Sox‚ wear numbers pinned to their their sleeves‚ marking the first time players are identified by numbers corresponding to those on the scorecard. Jack Graney‚ leading off for the Tribe‚ is the first batter to wear a number in the 20th century. Cleveland also puts up the numbers to win‚ 2-0.
June 27Boston’s Babe Ruth allows 2 runs in the first inning‚ but settles down to beat the A’s‚ 7-2‚ while striking out 10. Red Sox infielder Larry Gardner is caught stealing 3 times‚ the 2nd time this year that A’s catchers have caught a base runner three times (New York’s Fritz Maisel‚ April 26). On June 29th‚ Lee Magee will be caught 3 times by the A’s while trying to steal‚ and not until Rickey Henderson‚ in 1982‚ will an AL runner be cut down thrice in a game.
June 28Rogers Hornsby‚ playing his first full season for St. Louis‚ has a 5-hit day‚ with 3 singles and 2 doubles. He paces the Cards to a 9-6 win over the Reds.

Cubs catcher Bill Fischer sets a major league record by catching all 27 innings in a doubleheader loss to the visiting Pirates. Each games is 3-2. The second game goes 18 innings before the Corsairs win it. Impressed with Fischer’s durability‚ the Pirates will acquire the backstop next month.

New York’s Mark Baldwin surrenders only 3 hits‚ but is out dueled by Ed Stein‚ who pitches his 2nd one-hitter of the season to lead Brooklyn to a 3-0 victory.
June 29In a 5-0 win over the Athletics‚ Lee Magee matches the mark of his teammate Fritz Maisel by getting thrown out 3 times trying to steal. Maisel did that on April 26.


July 1At age 42 years and 4 months‚ Honus Wagner is the oldest player to hit an inside-the-park HR. He connects for the Pirates in the 4th inning at Cincinnati as the Bucs win‚ 2-1.

Babe Ruth retires the first 10 Washington batters‚ but the next 5 reach base‚ sending the Boston lefty to the showers and sending him to a 4-2 loss.
July 3Ray Caldwell of the Yankees tosses an 11-inning shutout to defeat Washington’s Walter Johnson.
July 4In a doubleheader Boston sweep‚ Joe Jackson goes 3-for-5 against the Athletics. In 30 games since May 31st‚ he has hit 55-for-104‚ a .524 BA. The Red Sox win‚ 11-2 and 5-2.

Against Brooklyn‚ Christy Mathewson relieves in the 1st‚ and the Giants score 5 in the bottom of the inning to take the lead. Three errors and 4 hits in the 5th undo Matty and he loses‚ 7-6. The Dodgers sweep both games from the 6th place Giants.
July 7At St. Louis‚ Pete Alexander shuts out the Cards for a 1-0 Phillie win‚ topping Lee Meadows. Dode Paskert in CF makes two leaping catches off the bat of Bob Bescher to save home runs.

In Chicago‚ the Cubs Gene Packard twirls a one-hitter to beat the Braves‚ 1-0. Fred Snodgrass has the lone hit.

Who?! At Fenway‚ the Indians score in the first off Babe Ruth‚ but manage just one more hit through the 7th. With the bases loaded in the bottom of the 7th‚ lefty hitting reserve Olaf Henrickson pinch hits for Ruth and draws a walk‚ forcing home the tying run. Boston scores another in the 8th to win‚ 2-1.
July 10For the 2nd time this season‚ White Sox pitchers toss shutouts in a doubleheader‚ this time against the Red Sox. Lefty Williams wins 4-0‚ then Reb Russell follows with a 3-0 victory. With the temperature at Fenway in the 90s‚ this is the first of three consecutive doubleheaders for the two Sox.
July 11The Red Sox sweep the White Sox‚ winning 5-3 and 3-1. Babe Ruth starts both games‚ lasting a third of an inning in the opener‚ but pitching a 3-1 complete game win in the nitecap. Ruth started the opener to give Rube Foster more time to warm up‚ and left after retiring the first batter.

The Robins turn a 4-3 deficit into a 5-4 win over the Cardinals when Casey Stengel hits a 2-run homer in the 7th.
July 12With the temperature at Fenway near 100 degrees‚ Boston sweeps the White Sox behind complete game wins by Ernie Shore‚ 2-1‚ and Dutch Leonard‚ 3-1.
July 13Detroit’s Bill James strikes out 7 straight batters in the Tigers 3-1 win over Washington.
July 14At Boston‚ Carl Mays and the St. Louis Browns lefty Ernie Koob battle each other. After 17 innings‚ the game ends in a tie with the score‚ 0-0. Koob pitches all 17 innings‚ while Mays lasts 15.

The Cubs whip the visiting Phillies‚ 6-3. Despite the new policy of Cubs owner Charles Weeghman to let fans keep foul balls hit into the stands‚ the Phils don’t go along with it. The Tribune reports that the Quakers request compensation for 8 balls hit into the stands and not returned during pre-game batting practice (as noted by Gene Disio).
July 15The Red Sox play their 4th doubleheader in 6 days‚ losing the opener‚ 2-1 to the Browns. Tilly Walker‘s RBI double in the 8th gives Boston its first score in 28 innings. Boston breaks out in game two‚ pounding 4 Brownie pitchers for 18 hits to win‚ 17-4. Babe Ruth picks up the win‚ leaving after 6 innings.
July 16At Chicago‚ the Cubs and Brooklyn play a 16-inning 7-7 tie‚ called on account of darkness. In the 10th inning‚ the Cubs George Cutshaw swipes home to knot the score.
July 18In Chicago, with the score tied 4–4 in the 10th, umpire Bill “Lord” Byron forfeits a game to Brooklyn when Hippo Vaughn, protesting alleged sign stealing by base runners, refuses to pitch. Byron calls a ball on the next batter prompting manager Joe Tinker to come out and argue the call. With Vaughn refusing to pitch and Tinker on the field, Byron calls a forfeit. 4/26/1924 add

At Boston‚ Babe Ruth pitches the Red Sox to a 4-3 win over the Browns. in the 3rd‚ Ruth triples and then scores on a infield grounder bowling over St. Louis C Hank Severeid and knocking him unconscious. Grover Hartley replaces the injured Severeid.
July 19At Chicago‚ the Giants edge the Cubs‚ 8-6‚ as New York CF Benny Kauff tags out two runners at 2B for a double play. With one out the Cubs load the bases. Giant catcher Bill Rariden throws to 2B and catches the runner‚ Les Mann‚ off. In the rundown‚ the runner on 3rd breaks for home and scores when the Giants fumble. But the ball is recovered and the throw to Kauff covering 2nd gets the runner sliding back. Kauff then looks up and tags the runner trying to advance from 1B to end the inning.
July 20The Reds acquire three future Hall of Famers when Christy Mathewson is traded to Cincinnati with Giants CF Edd Roush and 3B Bill McKechnie for former Giants Buck Herzog and Red Killefer. McKechnie will make it to Cooperstown as a manager‚ not as a player‚ but the 23-year-old Roush is a steal for the Reds. A longtime nemesis of the Reds‚ Mathewson will pitch one game and then manage‚ and a new team nickname will be coined: “Matties.” The Reds split today‚ managing just two hits off Pete Alexander‚ who contributes 2 doubles himself to the Phils offense. Alexander wins 6-0‚ but the Reds salvage a victory in game 2‚ winning 5-3.

The Tigers beat the 2nd place Red Sox‚ 3-2‚ in 13 innings when Ty Cobb scores on a Ralph Young single. Cobb reached on an infield chop and a throwing error by Babe Ruth‚ who took over for Rube Foster in the 9th with the score‚ 2-2.

In the PCL, William Rodgers of Portland makes an unassisted triple play against Salt Lake. Billy Orr and Buddy Ryan are on base for the TP. On July 4 1921, Henry Sands of Salt Lake will make an unassisted triple play against Sacramento, and both Orr and Ryan, now with Sacramento, will be on base again.
July 21Mathewson‚ in his first game as the Reds manager‚ puts Edd Roush in CF‚ and the future star responds with a two-run triple and goes 3-for-5. But the Phils top Cincy‚ 6-4.
July 24In Toronto‚ the Red Sox play a 5-5 exhibition tie with the Toronto (IL) Maple Leafs. With Canada at war in Europe‚ two Sox players of German extraction react to possible fan reaction; 1B Dick Hobitzell sits out the game while Heine Wagner plays under the name Richardson.
July 25Tris Speaker has three hits against lefty Babe Ruth to finally drive him from the mound in the 8th inning. Reliever Rube Foster wild pitches home a run and Braggo Roth‘s 2nd double gives Cleveland a 5-3 lead. The Tribe wins it 5-4‚ with Ruth the loser. Ruth is 2-for-4 with a two run single.
July 26Tigers favorite Harry Heilmann gets an appreciative hand from the crowd for having dived into the Detroit River last night to save a woman from drowning. The Tigers then beat Washington‚ 6-5.

In a 4-2 loss to the Reds‚ Giants P Bob Steele lives up to hims name by swiping home in the 6th inning.
July 29Pitching for the 7th place Browns‚ Dave Davenport throws two complete game wins over the first place Yankees‚ winning 3-1 and 3-2 over Ray Caldwell and Reb Russell. This singular effort will not be matched against the Yankees‚ though Boston’s Don McMahon will beat them twice in relief. The Red Sox‚ losers of two to the Tigers today‚ remain in 2nd place a half-game behind New York.
July 30The NY Times Book Review pans Ring Lardner‘s baseball novel You Know Me‚ Al‚ recently published by George H Doran Company at $1.25. The reviewer says “the author was for some time sporting writer on a Chicago newspaper‚ and so may be supposed to know his subject thoroughly‚ but for the honor of the ‘national game’ we trust that his “busher” is not typical of the majority of its players. . . . As it contains many accounts of baseball games strung together on the thinnest possible thread of plot‚ it may please the ‘fans.'”

Carl Mays tops the Tigers‚ 9-3 for a Red Sox win. With the Browns sweeping the Yankees‚ 2-1 and 2-0‚ Boston goes into first place and the Yankees drop to 3rd behind the White Sox.
July 31The Giants take two from Pittsburgh‚ winning both by 7-0 scores. Slim Sallee and Jeff Tesreau are the winners.

Babe Ruth fires a two hitter‚ allowing hits by Cobb and Burns‚ for a 6-0 win for the first place Red Sox over the Tigers. Ruth adds two hits at the plate.


August 1The Cubs and Phillies split a doubleheader with Chicago winning the opener‚ 2-0. Heinie Zimmerman starts the scoring with a home run. In the second game‚ the Phillies win‚ 3-2 despite making just one hit off Hendrix. Fred Luderus has the lone hit.

Dick Rudolph of the Braves beats the visiting Cardinals‚ 1-0.
August 2Phils star Grover Alexander wins his 20th of the season‚ pitching a 12-inning 1-0 shutout over the Cubs. In the 12th‚ Alex intentionally walks two and then fans pitcher Iron Mike Prendergast with the bases loaded. Bill Killefer strolls home with the winning run while the Cubs are arguing a call at third base. Alexander has now won more games than the cross-town A’s (19).
August 3Fred Merkle poles an 8th inning home run to give the Giants a 1-0 victory over the Cubs‚ their 2nd 1-0 loss in a row Poll Perritt outduels Jim Vaughn.
August 4The Browns Eddie Plank allows 2 hits and tops young Babe Ruth to give the Browns a 6-1 win over the first place Red Sox. For the hot St. Louis Browns‚ it is their 14th win in a row‚ but the streak still leaves them in 7th place.
August 5Grover “Pete” Alexander strokes two hits‚ but the Phils and Alex lose to the Cardinals‚ 2-0.

The Red Sox stop the Browns’ win streak‚ winning 4-1‚ behind Ernie Shore. St. Louis takes the nitecap‚ 6-3.

Lefty Tyler of the Braves beats the Reds‚ 1-0 in the 1st game of a doubleheader. Boston takes the 2nd game‚ 4-3‚ to sweep.
August 6Red Sox pitcher Rube Foster allows 3 hits in beating the Browns‚ 1-0. Most of the hitting in the game comes when Browns 3B Jimmy Austin and Boston C Chet Thomas mix it up. The Sox end the day .002 ahead of the White Sox‚ but will take 3 out of 4 in Chicago to open up some room.
August 7At St. Louis‚ the Browns score 2 runs in the 7th against Nats starter Bert Gallia to tie the game. Ayers relieves and Walter Johnson pitches the last 1 1/3 innings‚ allowing a tally in the 10th for a 3-2 St. Louis win. The official scorer kindly gives the loss to Gallia.

The Braves whitewash the Reds twice‚ winning 2-0 and 6-0. Jesse Barnes and Frank Allen are the winning pitchers. Fred Toney allows just 2 hits in the first game loss

In the 3rd inning against the Red Sox‚ White Sox P Reb Russell steals home. Chicago wins‚ 7-1.
August 8The Athletics set an AL record with their 19th loss in a row on the road (20th overall)‚ a 9-0 yawner to the Tigers. The streak began on July 25th‚ making it a record for losses in 2 weeks.
August 9The A’s end a 20-game losing streak‚ beating Detroit 7-1 behind Joe Bush.

Philadelphia’s Grover Alexander allows 3 hits in edging the Reds‚ 1-0.
August 12At Fenway‚ Babe Ruth squares off against Washington lefty Harry Harper and both pitchers leave after 7 innings‚ with Boston trailing 1-0. Ruth‚ with two strikeouts at the plate‚ is lifted for pinch hitter Hal Janvrin. Washington reliever Walter Johnson makes two errors in the 8th and gives up two runs in the 9th as Boston wins‚ 2-1.
August 13On a muddy Robison Field in St. Louis‚ the Cards drill 23 hits in game one to defeat the Pirates in 11 innings‚ 9-8. The hit total is a ML-high for the 1916 season. Game two begins at 6 p.m. and when the Bucs score 8 runs in the first two innings‚ Pittsburgh hurries to get the game in‚ while on the other side of the field‚ the Cards begin to dally. The Cards Dot Miller singles and then steals 2B and 3B on one pitch as pitcher Al Mamaux and C Bill Fischer ignore him. The Cards “steal” 11 bases‚ while the Bucs add three in just 5 innings before the umps and darkness mercifully end it. Pittsburgh wins‚ 9-5. The steal rule will eventually be amended to not credit a runner when the defense ignores him.
August 14In a Monday doubleheader in Philadelphia‚ 17‚000 fans cheer as the Phils sweep the Giants‚ winning 9-0 and 7-4. Alexander applies the whitewash in the opener and Eppa Rixey wins the nitecap.
August 15Boston’s Babe Ruth outduels Nationals’ ace Walter Johnson‚ winning 1-0 in 13 innings. Johnson allows just 5 hits through 12 innings‚ while Ruth surrenders just an infield single-by Clyde Milan in the 11th-from the 7th inning on. Milan also robs Ruth of a homer in the 12th by grabbing a ball heading into the RF stands. Ruth is now 3-0 in his meetings with Johnson.
August 20Giants 1B Fred Merkle is traded to Brooklyn for C Lew McCarty. Brooklyn needs help because regular 1B Jake Daubert is hurt.
August 21In Boston’s 4-0 win at Cleveland‚ Jack Barry has 4 sacrifices for the Sox‚ tying a ML record.
August 22Lefty Tyler of the Braves wins his 2nd 1-0 game this month‚ beating the Reds again‚ 1-0.
August 23Ty Cobb goes from 1B to 3B on a teammate’s single to LF‚ then swipes home when A’s 3B Charlie Pick holds the ball. Detroit wins‚ 10-3.

Babe Ruth picks up his only save of the season‚ relieving Dutch Leonard in the 8th with Boston leading the Indians‚ 6-3. Babe strikes out 3 in the 8th and doubles and scores in his trip to the plate. He shuts out Cleveland in the 9th as Boston completes a 4-game sweep of the Tribe.
August 24Babe Ruth fires his 7th shutout of the year‚ stopping Detroit on 3 hits as Boston wins‚ 3-0.
August 25Dick Rudolph of the Braves beats the Cubs‚ 1-0‚ matching his teammate Lefty Tyler with two 1-0 games in a month. No Brave will match it until Greg Maddux in 2001.
August 26After being knocked out of the box in 3 innings yesterday against Cleveland‚ the A’s Joe Bush gets revenge by no-hitting Cleveland 5-0 in Philadelphia. It is Nap Lajoie‘s last ML game. He goes 1-for-3 with a triple‚ and hits just .280 for the year; his last at bat is a ?y to RF. Stan Coveleski takes the loss.

Pete Schneider of the Reds beats the visiting Phillies‚ 1-0‚
August 28The Giants send veteran Larry Doyle to the Cubs‚ along with Herb Hunter‚ for 3B Heinie Zimmerman and SS Mickey Doolan. The move allows Buck Herzog to shift to 2B.
August 29The Browns top the Red Sox 5-3 with Ruth pitching 5 innings of relief before leaving with the sacks full. Ruth also fans with the bases loaded.

The Reds‚ led by Christy Mathewson‚ top the Giants at the Polo Grounds‚ 3-2‚ beating up on the newly reacquired Slim Sallee.
August 30Following his previous start when he lasted one-third of an inning against St. Louis‚ Hubert “Dutch” Leonard of the Red Sox no-hits the Browns 4-0. No batters reach base until C Hank Severeid walks with 2 outs in the 8th. The win stops first-place Boston’s losing streak of 4 games.

Dick Rudolph wins his 3rd 1-0 game this month as the Braves edge the Pirates‚ 1-0.
August 31At Boston‚ the Browns Ernie Koob beats the Red Sox and Babe Ruth‚ 2-1. Ruth makes 2 hits and scores the lone Sox run but pops out to end the game.


September 1The Phils whitewash the Dodgers twice‚ winning 3-0 behind Grover Alexander and 6-0 to back Eppa Rixey. Alexander’s win in the opener is his 14th shutout‚ setting a major league record. The loser is Jack Coombs‚ who had set the record of 13 shutouts while pitching for the A’s in 1910. The Phils will win tomorrow behind Al Demaree‘s 9th straight win‚ and twice more to move into 1st place.
September 4To help draw a Labor Day crowd‚ and because of their longtime rivalry‚ Christy Mathewson and Three Finger Brown agree to close out their careers in the same game. Matty‚ now the manager of the Reds‚ wins 10-8 in his only game not pitched in a Giants uniform. Mathewson and Brown dueled 25 times since 1903‚ with Brown‚ now back with the Cubs‚ winning 13 and losing 10; Matty is 11-13. Both pitcher stagger to the end today in the nitecap of a twinbill‚ with the Reds racking up 19 hits‚ 3 by Matty‚ off Brown‚ while the Cubs tally 15 of Mathewson‚ 2 hits by Brown. Vic Saier hits a 3-run HR off Matty‚ the 5th time he has hit a 4-bagger off him‚ the most Matty has given up to any one hitter. The Cubs score 3 in the 9th before Matty gets Fritz Mollwitz‚ representing the tying run‚ to pop out. Today’s win the number 373 for Mathewson. The Cubs win the A.M. contest‚ 3-0.

In Detroit‚ the Coveleski brothers appear together in the same game for the only time in their careers. Stan starts for the Indians and gets knocked out in Detroit’s 5-run first inning. Harry relieves later on in the game as Detroit wins‚ 7-5.

In a double shutout‚ the Pirates Frank Miller and Wilbur Cooper shut out the Cardinals 7-0 and 2-0.

At New York‚ the Yankees and Red Sox split. Boston wins the opener‚ 7-1‚ behind Babe Ruth‚ while New York scores in the 9th to win the nitecap‚ 4-3.
September 6New York’s Rube Benton tosses both ends of a doubleheader against the faltering Brooklyn Robins‚ winning the opener 6-1 and losing the 2nd game‚ 2-1‚ to Rube Marquard. Benton gives up 14 hits in the two games. Flethcer is the offensive star of game 1 hitting a homer and stealing 2B‚ 3B‚ and home in the 3rd. The steal of home is on the front end of a double steal with Holke.

At Philadelphia the Red Sox trim the meek Mackmen‚ 5-2. It is the A’s 100th loss of the season.

At Detroit‚ Ty Cobb‘s speed is too much of St. Louis and the Tigers win 4-3. In the 10th inning‚ Cobb beats out a hit to short‚ steals 2b and continues to 3B on a low throw. Veach then grounds sharply to Sisler at 1B‚ forcing Cobb to return to 3B. But when Sisler jogs over to touch the bag‚ Cobb dashes for home beating the throw.
September 7At the Polo Grounds‚ the Giants Ferdie Schupp beats Brooklyn’s Nap Rucker‚ 4-1‚ to launch New York’s record 26-game winning streak.
September 8Switch-hitter Wally Schang of the A’s hits HRs from both sides of the plate against the Yankees‚ the first major leaguer to do so. Only a handful of people see the rare feat on a rainy day. The next AL player to hits HRs from both sides will be Johnny Lucadello in 1940.
September 9Hippo Vaughn and Jimmy Lavender shut out the Pirates‚ 3-0 and 2-0‚ for a Cubs’ doubleheader victory.

New York’s Mark Baldwin surrenders only 3 hits‚ but is out dueled by Ed Stein‚ who pitches his 2nd one-hitter of the season to lead Brooklyn to a 3-0 victory.

In Washington‚ Boston’s Babe Ruth tops the Senators and Walter Johnson‚ 2-1. Ruth gives up 4 hits while Johnson allows 8. It is the Babe’s 4th win this season versus Johnson. Washington wins the nitecap‚ 4-3‚ in 10 innings.
September 12Walter Johnson and Babe Ruth‚ both pitching on 2 days rest‚ square off. Washington scores 2 runs in the 9th when John Henry lines a bases loaded double off Ruth to tie the game‚ 2-2. Boston scores in the 10th‚ but Washington tallies twice off Ernie Shore to win‚ 4-3. Johnson is the winner.

Dick Rudolph of the Braves win his 4th 1-0 game in six weeks beating the Cubs‚ 1-0‚ in game 1. Game 2 ends in a 3-3 tie.
September 14Four days after his first appearance‚ Pirate rookie Burleigh Grimes makes his first start‚ against the Dodgers at Ebbets Field. Brooklyn breaks a scoreless tie with 2 runs in the 7th‚ after Honus Wagner flubs a DP grounder hit by Casey Stengel. Wagner‚ who ostensibly had told the rookie to have Stengel hit the ball to short‚ reportedly says‚ “Those damn big feet of mine have always been in my way (Okrent & Wulf).” Pittsburgh scores 2 in the 8th to tie but pitcher Larry Cheney hits a run-scoring double in the bottom of the 9th to win it for Brooklyn.

Exercising a baseball superstition‚ Tiger manager Jennings designates it “Shocker Day” in honor of former Detroit sandlot star Urban Shocker‚ the rookie starter for the visiting Yankees (as noted by historian Steve Steinberg). Instead of being jinxed by the “honor”‚ Shocker puts a crimp in the Tigers first-place ideas with a 4-2 win. The Yankees use a rare suicide double squeeze to score two runners‚ from 2B and 3B‚ to win.
September 15The Giants‚ sporting a 9-game winning streak‚ are losing 2-0 to Cincy in the 4th inning when rain washes out the game.
September 16The Reds Fred Toney pitches 12 innings in the nitecap against Brooklyn before the game is called at 1-1 apiece. Zack Wheat goes hitless to end his hit streak at 29 consecutive games. He’ll put together a streak of 26 in 1919.

At Baker Bowl‚ Pete Alexander is coasting with a 2 hit‚ 6-0 lead in the 8th over the Cubs‚ when weak-hitting Steve Yerkes lines a single followed by manager Joe Tinker‘s only hit of the year. On a DP grounder‚ 1B Fred Luderus pulls his foot off the bag and Chicago goes on to score 3 runs. Second-place Philadelphia wins‚ 6-3‚ to pull with 1 1/2 games of Brooklyn.
September 17St. Louis Browns P George Sisler wins 1-0 over Walter Johnson. It is his last win‚ as he soon becomes a regular 1B. He will also play 2 games as a left-handed 3B.

At Comiskey Park‚ Boston lefty Babe Ruth wins his 20th‚ beating Red Faber and the White Sox‚ 6-2. A crowd of 40‚000 is on hand‚ the largest turnout to date in Chicago history.
September 18The Giants extend their win streak to 11 games by topping the Pirates in the opener of two. The nitecap is called after 8 innings with the score tied 1-1.

Ernie Shore tops the White Sox‚ 4-3. The win‚ coupled with Detroit’s loss‚ allows the Red Sox to reclaim first place by .003. Boston will win three in a row from Detroit.

Washington’s Claude Thomas makes his first major-league start and shuts out the A’s‚ 1-0.
September 19Phils ace Pete Alexander gives up two runs‚ both unearned‚ and loses to the Cubs‚ 2-0. Hippo Vaughn outduels Alex as the Phils fall two games behind Brooklyn.

At Philadelphia‚ the White Sox tie a ML record when 3 pinch runners score in the 9th inning. The Sox win‚ 5-4‚ over the A’s.
September 20Al Demaree of the Phillies pitches both games of a doubleheader and wins both against the Pirates. Demaree tosses a shutout to win the first game‚ 7-0‚ as the Phils knock Cooper out with a 7-run 6th inning‚ plating all the runs with 2 out. Demaree wins the second game‚ 3-2‚ when Al Mamaux throws a wild pitch in the 9th with the bases loaded. Demaree’s feat of winning two complete games in a day will be matched in a week by teammate Alexander.

The New York Giants win their 15th in a row as Ferdie Schupp stops the Cubs‚ 4-2.
September 21Rookie Tris Speaker goes 4-for-6 and drives in a run as Cleveland edges Washington and Walter Johnson‚ 3-2.

The Sporting News reports that Yankee pitcher Ray Caldwell has entered a hospital to dry out and that he is completely cured.
September 22Brooklyn’s Jimmy Johnston swipes 2B‚ 3B‚ and home as Rube Marquard 6-hits the Cardinals for a 11-1 win. Brooklyn’s Hack Miller makes his first appearance‚ going hitless in one at bat as a late inning replacement.
September 23Grover Cleveland Alexander beats Cincinnati twice 7-3 and 4-0 at Philadelphia‚ allowing just a walk in the two 9-inning contests. Gavvy Cravath has 6 consecutive hits in the two games. With the Phillies needing the catch a train‚ Alex finishes the nitecap in 58 minutes‚ his 5th shutout and 8th victory over the Reds this season‚ a NL record. Pete has now thrown 15 shutouts on the year‚ also a NL and ML record. Tom Hughes‚ in 1905‚ whitewashed the Indians 5 times.

Series bound Boston beats Cleveland‚ 5-3‚ behind Carl Mays. Duffy Lewis is 5-for-5 with two spectacular catches in the field. He turns the 2nd into a DP.
September 24Marty Kavanagh‚ Indians utility man‚ hits the AL’s first pinch-hit grand slam in a 5-3 win over the first place Red Sox. The 5th-inning hit is a sizzling grounder over 3B that rolls under a screen in far left field and cannot be retrieved in time for a play at the plate. Kavanagh’s blast comes off Boston’s Dutch Leonard and ends Boston’s 7-game win streak. Dutch allows 4 hits‚ all for extra bases. The Sox are 2 1/2 games ahead of Chicago‚ winners over the Yankees.

In the first game of a doubleheader‚ the Browns George Sisler bats 3rd and pitches his 2nd game in 8 days‚ tossing a complete game‚ but losing 2-0 to the A’s Harry Siebold. Siebold has an RBI double to help his cause. Sisler plays first base in game 2 as the Browns win‚ 3-2‚ behind Ernie Koob. Parnham allows just 4 hits‚ all for extra bases‚ and walks 4. One of the walks is to Koob‚ who goes hitless‚ ending the season at 0-for-41‚ but coaxing 15 walks. Koob is the only player to draw more than 7 walks in a hitless season.
September 25The Giants push their record win streak to 21 games by clipping the Cardinals‚ 1-0 and 6-2. The old record was set in 1884 when Providence won 20 straight.

Boston’s Babe Ruth is 2-for-3 and shuts out Cleveland‚ 2-0‚ on 7 hits.
September 26Washington manager Griffith excuses several regulars for the remaining games of the season so he can use some new players. Included in the excused is 25-game winner Walter Johnson. In a league-leading 371 IP‚ he did not give up a HR‚ an all-time record.

The Braves Lefty Tyler beats the Pirates‚ 1-0‚ for his 3rd 1-0 game in two months.
September 28In the 4th doubleheader whitewash in the NL this month‚ the Giants’ Jeff Tesreau tops the Braves‚ 2-0‚ in the opener. In the 2nd game‚ Ferdie Schupp yields a 7th inning single to Braves 1B Ed Konetchy‚ breaking up his no hitter. Schupp finishes with a one-hit‚ 6-0 win‚ and will end the year with an ERA of .90 to lead the NL: last year his 5.90 was last in the NL. For New York‚ it is their 25th consecutive win.

At Brooklyn‚ the Phils close to a half-game behind New York as they beat Brooklyn 8-4. Alexander is the victor for the visiting Quakers.
September 29Boston Red Sox P Babe Ruth closes the season with his 23rd win‚ topping New York 3-0. It is his 9th shutout and reduces his ERA to 1.75. In 324 IP he gave up no HRs. The 9 shutouts is a record for lefties that will be unmatched in the AL until Ron Guidry ties it in 1978.
September 30In the opener of a doubleheader‚ Giants pitcher Rube Benton takes a no hitter into the 8th inning before Braves 1B Ed Konetchy repeats his performance of 2 days ago by lacing a hit‚ the only Boston safety. Benton wins the one-hitter‚ 4-0 for New York’s ML record 26th win in a row. Boston then wins the 2nd game‚ 8-3‚ behind Lefty Tyler to snap the historic streak. Jeff Tesreau‚ in relief of Slim Sallee‚ is ineffective. Despite the winning streak‚ and an earlier skein of 17 victories on the road‚ New York finishes in 4th place.

Red Sox CF Tilly Walker‚ imitating Tris Speaker‚ his predecessor‚ dashes in for a low line drive and beats the runner back to 2B for an unassisted DP. It is an important play‚ as Dutch Leonard defeats Nick Cullop of the Yankees 1-0 in the 10th on Harry Hooper‘s sacrifice ?y. The win clinches a tie for the pennant for Boston. Cleveland will beat Chicago tomorrow to give the flag to Boston.

Behind Eppa Rixey‚ the Phils take the morning game with Brooklyn‚ 7-2‚ and now lead the NL by a half game. Brooklyn takes the nitecap‚ 6-1 behind Rube Marquard and they hammer Alexander for 11 hits including a homer by Casey Stengel. The Phils also lose SS Dave Bancroft when he breaks his ankle running to 1B. Bancroft had injured the leg earlier in the game while fielding a ball.


October 1Hal Chase‚ with a lock on the NL batting title‚ is honored before the Reds-Pirates game in a ceremony featuring actress May Buckley. Chase then collects two hits in the Reds 4-0 win to finish the season at .339‚ outdistancing runner-up Jake Daubert. A month ago‚ Prince Hal was at .307‚ while Jake leading the league at .325. With today’s win the Reds tie the Cards for 7th place.

In a 6-3 win over Detroit‚ the Browns steal 8 bases to total 234 steals‚ an AL record until the Oakland A’s swipe 341‚ in 1976. Detroit adds 7 steals of its own for a combined 15 steals‚ tying the AL record for 2 clubs that New York set by themselves on Sept 28‚ 1911. In his 153rd game‚ Tiger 3B Ossie Vitt raises his season total chances to 615‚ a mark that will stand for 21 years.
October 2Grover Cleveland Alexander 3-hits the 3rd-place Braves for a 2-0 Philley win‚ his 33rd‚ and his record 16th shutout. He has thrown 28 shutouts in the last two seasons. But Boston takes the nitecap‚ 4-1‚ when Milt Stock‚ Bancroft’s replacement at short‚ makes a costly error.
October 3Brooklyn tops the Giants 8-6 and clinches the pennant. A disgusted McGraw leaves the bench in the 5th inning‚ convinced his players aren’t trying against the Robins‚ who feature many ex-Giants on the roster. The Pittsburgh Post calls it “one of the bushiest games ever staged in the big leagues” (as noted by Greg Beston). Among the many questionable plays happens Giant pitcher Pol Perritt pitches from a windup with a runner on first base‚ giving a Brooklyn runner an easy steal. “I do not believe that any of my players deliberately favored Brooklyn‚ but they did not play my kind of baseball‚” says McGraw after the game. “They did not obey my orders. . . . I’m through with baseball for the year. I have worked too hard this summer to tolerate that stuff.”

Meanwhile‚ the Phils drop a doubleheader to the Braves at home‚ 6-3 and 6-1‚ to drop 2 1/2 games behind with two games to play.
October 4The New York Yankees take a pair from the visiting Washington Senators, winning 4-3 and 5-1. Yankees rightfielder Tim Hendryx has three stolen bases in game one and teammate Wally Pipp chips in with a tie-breaking two-run homer in the 8th. Urban Shocker allows just 3 hits in game 2 and the Yanks score a pair off Charlie Jamieson, an outfielder who pitches the last 4 innings. The New Yorkers bat last in both games, though they batted first in a few home games this season, the last team to do so. The rule is changed in 1950 requiring the home team to bat last.
October 5With the Braves ahead 4-1 in the 8th inning‚ Phils manager Pat Moran puts pudgy Billy Maharg in as a pinch hitter. Maharg grounds out and then plays LF before returning to his real duties as chauffeur for Phils C Bill Killefer. Maharg also appeared in 2 innings as a replacement Tiger in 1912.
October 7Despite a 4-run Brooklyn rally in the 9th‚ the Red Sox defeat Rube Marquard 6-5 to win game 1 of the WS at Braves Field. Ernie Shore gets the win‚ Carl Mays a save. The Sox turn 4 double plays‚ including a spectacular 9-2 where Harry Hooper makes the catch from a sitting position and quickly gets up to throw out Zack Wheat at the plate.
October 9After a Sunday off‚ Babe Ruth outpitches Sherry Smith to win game 2 of the WS 2-1 in 14 innings. Both starters go the distance with Smith allowing 7 hits‚ Ruth giving up 6. According to the Boston Traveler‚ each starter throws 148 pitches. Ruth allows one run in the first‚ a homer by CF Hy Myers that skips by Harry Hooper. It is only homer off Ruth this year. Only two Robins reach base after the 8th‚ one on a walk and another on an error. This is the start of 29 2?3 scoreless World Series innings pitched by Ruth.
October 10In game 3‚ Larry Gardener’s 7th inning HR over the RF fence at Brooklyn brings the Sox within a run 4-3‚ but Jeff Pfeffer‚ in relief of Jack Coombs‚ shuts them down. Carl Mays takes the loss. Charlie Ebbets becomes the first owner to raise the price of WS grandstand seats to $5-up from $3.
October 11Rube Marquard‚ Larry Cheney‚ and Nap Rucker yield 10 hits as the Red Sox win game 4 easily 6-2. The Brooklyn Robins score twice in the first‚ but Larry Gardner‘s 2nd HR‚ an inside-the-park blast‚ scores 3 in the 2nd and puts Boston ahead to stay. Dutch Leonard holds his foes to 5 hits. Rucker’s 2 innings are the last in the majors for the vet: he hangs up his spikes with a 134-134 record‚ all with Brooklyn.
October 12Boston’s 4-1 win in game 5 ends the Series. The Red Sox had 22 shares of $3‚826. The Dodgers‚ less generous‚ $2‚834. Red Sox manager Bill “Rough” Carrigan‚ who announced late in the season that he would be quitting‚ says good-bye to each of his players. Carrigan will return to manage the Red Sox in 1927‚ but his teams will finish last for three seasons. Jack Barry will take over as manager for the 1917 season.
October 16Brooklyn owner Charles Ebbets rewards manager Wilbert Robinson with a $5‚000 bonus for a job well done.


November 1Harry H. Frazee‚ New York theater owner and producer‚ and Hugh Ward buy the Red Sox for $675‚000 (one report puts the figure at $750‚000) from Joseph Lannin. Bill Carrigan announces that he will retire as Red Sox manager to pursue his interests in Lewiston‚ Maine.
November 29In Kansas City‚ Walter Johnson and Grover Cleveland Alexander face each other for the first time. The exhibition game between the two stars features Zach Wheat‚ Casey Stengel‚ Max Carey‚ Hal Chase and others. The “Johnsons” prevail over the “Alexanders”‚ 3-2.


December 2Under pressure from the Players’ Fraternity‚ the National Commission orders that injured players shall get full pay for the duration of their contracts. The injury clause previously let clubs suspend players after 15 days pay.
December 8The National Commission fines 51 players $25 to $100 for performing in post-season exhibitions. Among the guilty: Babe Ruth‚ Jack Barry‚ Duffy Lewis‚ 10 other Red Sox players‚ and Ty Cobb.
December 13AL owners unanimously approve the sale of the Red Sox to Harry Frazee and Hugh Ward.
December 14The Cubs swap OF Joe Kelly to the Braves for coach Fred Mitchell‚ who will become Chicago’s new manager.