Baseball – 1929

Baseball in 1929

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January 1OF Jim Bell of Cienfuegos becomes the first to connect for 3 HRs in one game during professional league play in Cuba. Bell’s feat occurs at Alda Park in a 15-11 victory over Club Havana.
January 3A newspaper in Texas carries a report “Negro Fan Dies From Blow,” then details how a gentleman identified as Lawson was struck when Waco first baseman Art Shires unintentionally threw the ball into the stands. According to the article, “Physicians reported that Lawson’s death was due to a spinal condition induced by the blow from the ball on the head.” Members of Lawson’s family later filed suit against both Shires and the Waco Baseball Association. The suit never came to court(Unsourced clipping‚ Hall of Fame‚ Shires file).
January 22The Yankees announce they will put numbers on the backs of their uniforms‚ becoming the first baseball team to start continuous use of the numbers. The first numbers are based on positions in the batting order; thus‚ Ruth will wear number 3 and Gehrig 4. In a few weeks‚ the Indians announce that they‚ too‚ will put numbers on the uniforms and by 1931 all AL teams will use them; it will be 1933 before all NL players are numbered.


February 20The Red Sox announce they will play Sunday games‚ allowed for the first time in Boston‚ at Braves Field‚ because Fenway Park is located too close to a church.
February 28The White Sox send vet outfielder Bibb Falk to the Indians in exchange for catcher Martin Autry. Falk will hit over .300 in each of his three years with Cleveland.


March 13NL umpire and former slugger Sherry Magee dies of pneumonia at the age of 44. Magee is the only player to lead the league 4 times in runs batted in and not be in the Hall of Fame.
March 24Portland’s (PCL) Denny Williams is killed and 3 other players injured when their car is struck by another car. They were driving from San Diego to spring training in Santa Ana. On March 31 PCL player Clyde Nance dies in an auto accident near Merced‚ California. Nance is a pitcher with the SF Missions.


April 16The Cubs open at Wrigley Field before an estimated 50‚000‚ the biggest Opening Day turnout they’ve ever had‚ and lose to the Pirates 4-3.

Both the Yankees and Indians‚ the two major league teams with the innovative numbers on the backs of the players’ uniforms are scheduled to open today‚ but rain cancels the New York opener. Cleveland opens at home and hands new Tiger’s manager Bucky Harris his first loss‚ 5-4 in 10 innings. Cleveland rookie Earl Averill‚ no. 5‚ cracks an 0-2 pitch for a homer in his first at bat‚ off Earl Whitehill (Averill’s #3 will later be retired). The numberless Charlie Gehringer matches the rookie in the 3rd inning‚ hitting his off Cleveland’s Joe Shaute. The Indians will wear numbers only on their home uniforms. Averill is just the 2nd player to connect in his first at-bat: Luke Stuart was the 1st‚ in 1921. Averill will later go into the Hall of Fame‚ the first to homer in his first at bat.
April 17President Herbert Hoover throws out the first ball in Washington and then watches the Athletics win‚ 13-4. The previous day’s game‚ marking the home opening for Washington‚ was rained out.

Babe Ruth and actress Claire Hodgson are married at 5 A.M. to avoid crowds. The Yankee home opener with the Red Sox is again rained out so the wedding party continues uninterrupted.
April 18After two cancellations of their season start-their first ever-the Yankees open against the Red Sox before 40‚000 at the Stadium‚ winning 7-3. Judge Landis presents diamond-studded watches to the New York players in honor of their championship season in 1928. New York Starter George Pipgras allows just 3 hits in 5 1/3 innings‚ but walks 9. Reliever Fred Heimach then pitches hitless ball to preserve the win. In his first at bat against Boston’s Red Ruffing‚ the newly wed Babe hits a HR and as he rounds 2nd base‚ he doffs his cap to his bride Claire in the stands. Gehrig adds a HR in the 6th‚ off Milt Gaston. For the first time‚ the Yanks have numbers on their uniforms‚ assigned according to the player’s spot in the lineup: Combs‚ 1‚ Koenig‚ 2 Ruth‚ 3‚ Gehrig‚ 4‚ Meusel‚ 5‚ Lazzeri 6‚ Durocher‚ 7‚ Grabowski‚ 8. The win goes to Pipgras # 14‚ with Heimach #17 picking up the save.

In Philadelphia‚ the twice-deferred opener unfolds before a frigid 6‚000 with the Giants handing the Quakers an 11-9 loss. For the first time in 15 years‚ the Giants dress at their hotel and taxi to the ball park. Lefty O’Doul bangs a pair of homers for Philley‚ while Hurst and Larry Benton‚ in relief of winning pitcher Hubbell‚ add round trippers for New York. Benton’s comes in the Giants 6-run 9th‚ when the New Yorkers twice pull off successful double steals. Each time Phils catcher Virgil Davis fires the ball into CF.
April 19The Giants bounce the Phils‚ 14-5‚ on 20 hits. Also hitting are Philley 1B Don Hurst and the Giants Harry Kelly‚ who was verbally riding Hurst from the bench. When separated‚ Hurst is ejected. Vet Carl Mays is the winning pitcher‚ running his winning streak to 13 games over the Phils. He’s never lost (1st win: May 13‚ 1924) and it is his final decision against the Quakers.

Against the host Browns‚ the White Sox tie the score in the 8th‚ then win in the 9th‚ 5-4‚ when Bill Cissell steals home.
April 21In Chicago before 45‚000‚ the Cubs top the Cards‚ 4-0‚ with Guy Bush winning over Willie Mitchell. Hornsby is 4-for-4 with two doubles‚ but the Rajah will go 1-for-13 in his next three games.

Detroit P Earl Whitehill hits his first ML HR‚ off Browns reliever Herb Cobb‚ to help himself to a 16-9 win. Whitehill will hit 2 more homers this year‚ then just one more in his career. Rookie Dale Alexander‚ batting cleanup‚ hits his 1st ML homer‚ off reliever Chad Kimsey. Alexander will have a marvelous rookie year‚ hitting 25 homers‚ batting .343‚ and knocking in 137 runs. He will have 135 RBIs in his 2nd season: only Joe DiMaggio will bat in more runs in his first 2 years in the majors.

About 40‚000 fans brave a cold rain in New York to watch the Yankees in their first Sunday game. The A’s Jimmy Dykes has a 2-run homer to help Lefty Grove beat the Yanks‚ 7-4.
April 22It’s the Cubs turn as Pat Malone shuts out the Cardinals‚ 3-0‚ beating Pete Alexander.

Helped by a balk call‚ the Tigers score a run in the first inning‚ and it is the only score in a 1-0 win over the Browns. George Uhle is the winner. There are two balks called in the game‚ making a total of 6 called in the 3-games series in St. Louis.
April 23The Yankees become the first team to wear numbers on their road uniforms when they invade Fenway Park. The Red Sox are unimpressed and win 4-2.
April 27At Brooklyn‚ Brooklyn relief pitcher Clise Dudley becomes the second man to hit a HR on the first ML pitch he sees‚ one thrown by Claude Willoughby. Dudley will hit two more homers in his 4 ML years. He is more than matched by Chuck Klein‚ with a single‚ double and homer from the 7th spot‚ who leads the Phils to an 8-3 win.
April 28The Red Sox play the first Sunday game in Boston history‚ at Braves Field‚ losing to the A’s 7-3. Protests by a few members of a nearby church are the reason for the shift from Fenway. The Braves‚ rained out of their scheduled Sunday game on April 21‚ will play their first Sunday home game on May 5. Starter Red Ruffing gives up 4 runs in the 6th‚ including consecutive homers by Miller and Dykes. When Milt Gaston takes over in the 7th he pitches to his brother Alex‚ the 2nd brother battery in AL history: Tommy and Homer Thompson‚ one game in 1912 for the Yankees‚ were the first.


May 1The first-place Athletics score 8 runs off Milt Gaston in the first 2 innings enroute to a 24-6 pasting of the Red Sox. Grove is the easy winner‚ exiting after 5 innings. Foxx has a pair of homers and Simmons has 5 hits‚ including a double and homer. The 24 runs matches a franchise record set in the Cobb protest game in 1912‚ and the 29 hits sets a franchise mark.

Helped by a triple play‚ the White Sox double the Indians‚ 8-4. Willie Kamm finishes the triple play by nabbing Jamieson with a hidden ball trick at 3B.
May 4At Comiskey Park‚ Lou Gehrig wallops 3 home runs against the Sox in an 11-9 New York shootout. His middle HR‚ in the 7th inning‚ is sandwiched between roundtrippers by Ruth and Bob Meusel. With his homer off Red Faber in the 2nd‚ Gehrig joins Ruth as the 2nd slugger to clear the RF stands‚ 75 feet high and 360 feet away from home plate. The Ruthian clout came off Tommy Thomas in 1927. His last homer of the day is served up by Dan Dugan.

At Baker Bowl‚ Cubs pitcher Pat Malone holds the Phillies scoreless‚ and collects 3 singles and 2 RBI to win easily‚ 16-0. Hack Wilson and Kiki Cuyler each hit 2 doubles‚ and Rogers Hornsby homers. The Cubs take the 2nd game as well‚ 9-7.
May 5The Braves play their first Sunday home game in history‚ losing to Pittsburgh‚ 7-2 before 35‚000. The winning pitcher is Burleigh Grimes‚ who helps his own cause by starting a 3rd inning triple play (1-5-2-5-4-2) on a grounder by Spohrer. Mueller is run down‚ Spohrer is caught trying to reach 2B‚ and Maranville is caught trying to score. The Bucs have 4 triples‚ one each by the Waners.
May 6The AL announces that it will discontinue the MVP award. The NL will abandon it after this year; in 1931 the Baseball Writers Association will pick it up and conduct the balloting from then on.
May 7Yankee southpaw Tom Zachary wins a 6-5 game in relief at St. Louis‚ the first of his 12 wins without a loss for the year‚ a ML record. No pitcher will have a better season without losing a game. His batterymate‚ rookie Bill Dickey‚ helps out with his first major league homer‚ off General Crowder.
May 8At Pittsburgh’s Schenley Park‚ the Giants Carl Hubbell pitches an 11-0 no-hitter against the Pirates‚ allowing just one walk. In the 9th‚ the 1st two batters reached on errors before Hubbell records a strikeout and starts the game-ending DP. It’s the first no-hitter by a lefthander since Hub Leonard in 1918. Chick Fullis starts the scoring with a HR in the 2nd‚ his 3rd in three days‚ and Mel Ott adds 2 HRs to take the NL lead.
May 9Welcome to the majors‚ rook. Pittsburgh rookie Larry French makes his ML debut and Andy Cohen hits his first pitch for a leadoff homer. Chick Fullis homers on the 1st pitch in the 2nd inning‚ but French holds on to beat the Giants‚ 3-2.
May 10The visiting Reds beat the Braves‚ 5-2‚ behind Red Lucas. Joe Stripp homers for Cincy‚ which scores another 3 unearned runs on Maranville’s 1st error of the year. Boston’s Lester Bell homers and teammate CF Earl Clark sets 2 NL records that will last the century: most putouts in a game (12) and most chances (13).
May 11After 25 consecutive complete games‚ White Sox righthander Tommy Thomas comes out in the 5th inning of a 9-2 loss to Washington. He will still lead the AL with 24 CG‚ the 3rd year in a row he’ll complete that many starts.
May 12With Eppa Rixey on the mound‚ the Reds win 9-3 over the Braves. Boston makes 25 assists.
May 13In Cleveland‚ fans have no trouble telling the players apart‚ as both teams wear numbers on their uniform backs. This is a first in the majors. The Indians beat the Yanks 4-3‚ despite a homer by New York’s Mark Koenig off Willis Hudlin in the 6th inning. Also in the 6th‚ Yankee catcher Bill Dickey records three assists. For New York‚ it is their 3rd loss after 6 straight wins.
May 14After a slow start‚ the Athletics beat Detroit‚ 10-8‚ and move past the Yankees into first place‚ where they will stay for the rest of the year. The Yanks are rained out. Starter Jack Quinn‚ with the help of 3 relievers‚ is the winner.
May 16In Boston‚ Mel Ott hits for the cycle in New York’s 5-4 10-inning loss to the Braves in a doubleheader nitecap. Ott’s HR in the 7th lands half-way up in the RF bleachers‚ the longest HR to that section since 1915. Joe Dugan matches Ott’s 4 hits and scores the winner. The Braves also win the opener‚ 4-3.

Cleveland pitcher Jake Miller allows his 1st run in 27 innings‚ giving up a pair of singles for a run in the 9th against the Browns. And that is the game‚ a 1-0 loss‚ as General Crowder takes the shutout win‚ allowing 2 hits.
May 17At Baker Bowl‚ the Robins hang on to edge the Phillies‚ 14-13. Chuck Klein hits a 2-run homer in the 9th‚ but the Phils leave the bases full when Susce grounds out. O’Doul is 4-for-4 with 4 runs scored‚ while for Brooklyn‚ Babe Herman has 4 hits‚ including a homer.
May 18Brooklyn and Philadelphia score a ML-record 50 runs in a doubleheader at Baker Bowl. The Robins (Dodgers) win the opener 20-16‚ as neither team makes an error‚ and the Phils take the 2nd game 8-6‚ despite a Dodgers triple play. Highlights include Brooklyn’s Johnny Frederick scores 5 runs in the opener‚ which combined with his 3 yesterday‚ gives him a ML-record 8 in 2 games. Both Frederick and teammate Babe Herman collect 5 hits in the slugfest. Chuck Klein homers in each game‚ #’s 7 and 8.
May 19At New York‚ Ruth and Gehrig hit back-to-back homers in the 3rd off Boston’s Jack Russell but in the 5th a cloudburst at Yankee Stadium sends a standing-room-only crowd rushing for the exits. A stampede in the RF bleachers leaves 2 dead‚ 62 injured. Jake Ruppert vows never again to sell more tickets than seats. There are 2 outs in the 5th when the game is stopped at 3-0.

In the 4th inning at Detroit‚ fleet White Sox CF Johnny Mostil‚ 2-time AL SB leader‚ breaks his right leg tripping over home on the uncontested front end of a double steal. The injury ends his ML playing days at the age of 33. Mostil missed most of the 1927 season following a suicide attempt in spring training in Shreveport. Ted Lyons wins for the Sox‚ 10-3‚ making 2 hits and scoring twice.
May 23In Philadelphia‚ the A’s win a pair from the Senators by 9-8 scores. In game 1‚ they spot the Senators 8 runs in the 1st 2 innings and then come back to win. The win goes to Howard Ehmke‚ the A’s 4th pitcher. Walberg goes all the way to win the nitecap. Bluege has a HR in each game for the Nationals. The first-place A’s will sweep the series with the Nats

The Browns split a pair with the Indians‚ losing the opener 5-4 in 12 innings‚ and taking the nitecap‚ 7-5. Oscar Melillo paces the 2nd game offense by hitting for the cycle.
May 24Chicago’s Ted Lyons and Detroit’s George Uhle go 21 innings before the Tigers get a run to win 6-5 in the longest game-3 hours and 31 minutes-ever seen to date at Comiskey Park. Uhle is the winner‚ tossing 20 innings‚ with Vic Sorrell pitching the bottom of the 21st. Lyons‚ the loser‚ goes the distance and gives up 24 hits. Charlie Gehringer drives in Johnson with a sac fly for the final run. No pitcher has matched either Lyons’ or Uhle’s marathon effort since. Les Mueller‚ in 1945‚ will come the closest.
May 25At the Polo Grounds‚ the Giants belt 4 homers-2 by Jackson and one by Roush and Walsh-to whip the Braves‚ 10-3. Roush’s HR is the 2‚000th in Giants history.
May 26Two pinch hitters supply the holiday fireworks: Les Bell for the Braves‚ off Carl Hubbell‚ and Pat Crawford for the Giants‚ off Socks Seibold‚ hit grand slams in New York’s 15-8 victory. New York plates 9 runs in the 6th inning to break a 2-2 tie.

St. Louis veteran Pete Alexander tosses a 5 hitter at the Reds and wins 5-2. Red Lucas takes the loss.

White Sox spitballer Red Faber turns back the Tigers‚ 2-0‚ on a one-hitter. Gehringer’s single in the 4th is the only safety. The Sox score 2 runs in the 1st without a hit
May 28At Boston‚ the Red Sox top the first-place A’s‚ 5-4‚ to snap the Athletics 11-game win streak. Milt Gaston is the winner over Shores.
May 29The Pirates take over first place from the Cubs with their 8th straight win‚ a 7-2 whipping of visiting Chicago. Rookie Steve Swetonic‚ who holds the Cubs scoreless for 7 frames‚ is the winner.

Detroit’s George Uhle notches his 9th consecutive win of the year‚ beating the Browns‚ 7-6. McManus has 3 hits‚ including a HR and double for the Tigers.


June 3HR-hitting 1B Joe “Unser Choe” Hauser is sold by the A’s to Cleveland.

At Yankee Stadium‚ New York edges the White Sox 1-0 in 1 hour‚ 20 minutes. Ed Wells allows 2 hits in beating Ted Lyons.

After losing 2 straight to the Phils‚ the Pirates wreak vengeance on the visiting Quakers‚ beating them 14-2. The Phils pull off a triple play in the 4th to keep the scoring down. Burleigh Grimes wins his 9th straight with no defeats.

After 9 straight wins‚ Detroit’s George Uhle loses‚ 3-2‚ to the A’s in 13 innings. Foxx opens the 13th with a double‚ 2 intentional walks follow‚ and an unintentional walk to Max Bishop ends it. Lefty Grove goes all the way for the win.
June 4Former Red Sox owner Harry Frazee dies. Frazee is forever remembered as the man who sold the Babe to the Yankees.

Capped off by a steal of home, the Washington Senators score 6 runs in the 9th inning to beat the St. Louis Browns, 9-8. Ossie Bluege steals home with Chad Kimsey on the mound. The winner is ex-Yankee Walt BeallWalter Beall, making his first appearance for the Nats.

Capped off by a steal of home, the Washington Senators score 6 runs in the 9th inning to beat the St. Louis Browns, 9-8. Ossie Bluege steals home with Chad Kimsey on the mound. The winner is ex-Yankee Walter Beall, making his first appearance for the Nats.
June 5The last-place Reds take advantage of the Phils’ pitching and batter the visiting Quakers for a 21-4 win. The Reds score 9 in the 6th and fail to score only in the 7th. Red Lucas scores 4 runs and is the victor.
June 7Babe Ruth enters New York’s St. Vincent’s Hospital for treatment for a cold‚ and a heart murmur is discovered. The Babe is ordered to rest and will be out of action for two weeks. Without Ruth‚ the Indians cuff the Yankees‚ 7-3‚ sending them into 3rd place. Joe Sewell hits a 3-run homer in the 1st and Ed Morgan follows with a roundtripper.
June 8Burleigh Grimes wins his 10th straight as the Pirates roll over the Dodgers‚ 9-2. Dazzy Vance gives up 5 runs–all unearned–in relief.
June 9Babe Herman’s bases-loaded 2B in the 8th pushes the lowly Dodgers past the league-leading Pirates‚ 9-6. Jess Petty is the loser‚ giving up 14 hits. The Waner brothers each hit a homer off starter McWeeny‚ but the win goes to Dudley in relief. It is the 2nd time the Waners have homered in the same game.
June 10Pete Alexander‚ in relief of Clarence Mitchell is hit hard by Philadelphia‚ but emerges with a 10-9 Cards win. Chick Hafey leads the Cards offense with a 2B‚ 3B‚ and a HR.
June 11Fred Fitzsimmons shuts out the Reds for the 2nd time in 4 days as the 4th-place Giants win‚ 9-0.
June 15The Giants outlast Pittsburgh 20-15 in 14 innings as the 2 teams combine for 52 hits. New York scores 8 runs in the last inning‚ with the host Bucs plating three runs. The 8 runs in the 13th is a ML record for the inning. The game takes 4 hours and 17 minutes to complete. For New York‚ Edd Roush has 5 hits‚ while Fred Lindstrom‚ Travis‚ Jackson‚ and Fred Leach add 4 apiece. Jackson hits include 2 homers‚ double‚ and a triple‚ good for 7 ribbies. After Donie Bush is ejected in the 14th‚ fans behind 3B toss pop bottles‚ and a half inning later fans surge onto the field. Police hold the fans in check.
June 16The Reds beat Burleigh Grimes‚ 8-1‚ ending the Pirate spitballer’s 10-game win streak. He’ll finish 17-7‚ the top Pittsburgh hurler. The Bucs win the opener‚ 8-3‚ behind Heine Meine’s pitching and 4 hits by Lloyd Waner.

Phils P Ray Benge strikes out 13 Cubs in Chicago to win‚ 7-2.
June 18Bill Terry of the Giants racks up 9 hits and 6 RBIs in a doubleheader against the Dodgers‚ but the Giants lose both games 8-7 and 7-6.
June 19In their 2nd straight doubleheader‚ the Giants sweep the Phillies‚ winning 15-14‚ in 11 innings‚ and 12-6. Mel Ott has 2 HRs and 4 doubles for the day-just the 2nd major leaguer to have 6 long hits in a twinbill‚ while Edd Roush goes 8-for-12. In tomorrow’s 11-6 win over the Phils‚ Ott will have 3 RBIs‚ giving him 11 straight games with at least one ribbie. The 20-year-old will have 27 RBI in the 11 games‚ and will finish the season with 151‚ 2nd in the NL.
June 20The Giants top the Phils‚ 11-6‚ as Mel Ott knocks in 3 runs‚ the 11th straight game that Memphis Bill has tallied a RBI. He’s driven in 27 runs in the streak.

In Chicago‚ Cubs pitcher Art Nehf edges Cardinals veteran Pete Alexander‚ 7-6. The Cardinals will drop Alexander from the starting rotation and on July 1st he will enter the Keely Institute where he’ll dry out. Alexander will rejoin the team in New York in mid-July.
June 21The A’s and Yankees split a pair at the Stadium‚ with the A’s winning game 1‚ 11-1. Al Simmons scores 5 runs. New York takes the 2nd game‚ 8-3.
June 23In the 2nd game of a doubleheader at Boston‚ P Phil Collins of Philadelphia hits a 2nd inning grand slam‚ off Kent Greenfield‚ but the Braves still prevail 7-5.

Before 43‚000 at Wrigley‚ Pittsburgh makes it 3 in a row over the Cubs‚ winning 8-7. Swetonic gets the win in relief.

At Yankee Stadium‚ the A’s top the Yanks‚ 7-4‚ to win the windup of the 5-game series. For the 3rd game of the series‚ Huggins tries a lefty and the A’s batter him. Wells is the victim. Simmons‚ Foxx‚ and Haas homer for the A’s‚ while Gehrig hits his 20th for NY. The A’s lead the Yanks by 8 1/2 games. The game draws 51‚000 bring the 5 game total to 184‚000 paid.
June 25Down 2-1 going into the bottom of the 7th‚ the Tigers score 11 runs and win 14-2. The Sox help with 5 errors in the inning.
June 29The Cubs Charlie Grimm strokes a first inning grand slam off Bill Sherdel and Sheriff Blake holds on to corral the Cardinals‚ 10-7.

At Philadelphia‚ the Yanks use 4 A’s errors and two Ruth homers to beat the A’s‚ 7-5. The loss goes to Grove‚ his 2nd of the year. Bing Miller is hitless‚ ending his 28-game hit streak.


July 3The Cubs and Reds turn 9 double plays‚ tying the Detroit-Washington 1925 mark for a regulation game and setting the NL mark (tied in 1961). The 7-5 Chicago win is their 7th in a row (with one tie in the middle)‚ giving them a half-game lead over the Pirates. The AL mark of 9 DPs will be broken by the Twins-Red Sox in 1990 (10).

Chicago’s Carl Reynolds swipes home in the 10th inning against the Indians as the Sox score 3 to win‚ 6-3. Wes Ferrell is the losing pitcher against reliever McKain.

Babe Ruth belts a grand slam‚ off Red Ruffing‚ in the 7th as the Yanks rally to beat the visiting Red Sox‚ 6-5. Reliever Lefty Heimach wins his own game with an inside-the-park homer in the 8th inning. Losing pitcher Red Ruffing also hits a home run.
July 4After singling in the 8th‚ the Cubs Hack Wilson jumps into the Reds dugout to fight pitcher Ray Kolp‚ who has been needling him. Wilson is stopped and ejected before reaching Kolp‚ and is also tagged out by Chuck Dressen. The Cubs win 10-5‚ and that evening‚ when both teams are at Chicago’s Union Station awaiting trains‚ Wilson floors Reds pitcher Pete Donahue. Wilson will be briefly suspended for the fight. Later in the year‚ Wilson will go into the stands to floor a heckler. The heckler suffers a cut lip and sues Wilson for $20‚000‚ but the charges are dismissed.

San Francisco (PCL) slugger Babe Pinelli takes advantage of his read on the Seattle rookie catcher‚ who is tipping the pitches by the way he holds his glove and goes 6-for-6 in a 22-10 slugfest. Pinelli has 3 homeruns including two grand slams and 12 RBIs (as noted by John Spalding).
July 6After losing 11 in a row‚ including a 10-6 loss in the opener‚ the Cardinals break out in the 2nd game. They score 10 in the first inning and 10 more in the 5th to wallop the host Phils‚ 28-6‚ on 28 hits. The run and hit totals are NL records for this century‚ and the 9 Cards scoring 2+ runs ties the ML mark. The Cardinals (43) and Phillies (30) combine for a ML-tying 73 hits in the doubleheader at cozy Baker Bowl. Jim Bottomley was the major Redbird contributor with a grand slam and 7 RBIs in the game to go with his two homers in the opener. Chick Hafey also clouts a grand slam for St. Louis. Taylor Douthit adds 5 hits and two walks while winning pitcher Fred Frankhouse contributes another 4. The two teams combine for a NL record 5 players having 4+ hits in a 9-inning game. Claude Willoughby takes the loss.

After watching the Tigers belt 8 HRs on the 2nd‚ 3rd‚ and 4th‚ the Browns used the off day yesterday to erect a screen in front of the RF pavilion. The screen stretches 156 feet from the foul pole toward CF‚ 310 feet down the line from home. This screen will remain in place into the 1950s‚ the only stadium with extended OF seating where it is impossible to catch a home run ball. The screen has no effect today as the Yankees win‚ 3-1. Meusel has a double for the only extra-base hit in the game.
July 7Pittsburgh jumps out to an 8-0 lead over Brooklyn and then rolls to a 17-6 win. Two Buc pitchers‚ Erv Brame and Fred Fussell‚ hit homers‚ a first in the 20th century.

In St. Louis‚ Heinie Manush hits 3 balls off the newly erected screen against the Yankees’ Waite Hoyt‚ good for a single and 2 doubles‚ while Ruth hit 2 off it in the series‚ including one today. The Browns win‚ 7-2.

At Mack Park in Detroit, 103 fans are injured, four badly, when gasoline, spread over the wet infield and lit to dry it off, bursts into flame (as noted by Rod Nelson). The ensuing grandstand fire destroys the semi-pro ball park.
July 8Donie Bush‚ manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates‚ thinks his fast traveling Buccaneers may win the NL pennant if the lively ball does not kill or maim some of his best players. (as noted in today’s Pittsburgh Post-Gazette). “The Pirate pilot was asked if the ball is as closely related to a rabbit as has been alleged by some indignant players. ‘It’s not a ball‚ it’s a bullet‚’ said Donie. ‘Somebody’s going to get killed if they don’t watch out. A pitcher who has to put the ball over hasn’t a chance. All he can do is to pitch and duck.’ However‚ if the Pirates do not forget to duck‚ the manager thinks he has a great chance to win another pennant.”
July 9Cardinals OF Chick Hafey‚ with 8 straight hits in his 2 previous games‚ gets 2 more before the Phils’ “Fidgety Phil” Collins stops him. His 10-for-10 ties the NL record. The Cards win 7-4 in 10 innings.
July 10The Pirates outslug the Phillies 15-9 at the Baker Bowl. Pittsburgh hits 5 HRs; the Phils‚ 4‚ with one HR coming in each inning‚ a virtually insurmountable ML record.

Cleveland pitcher Wes Ferrell hits the first of his ML 38 home runs‚ the top mark for pitchers. Washington’s Bump Hadley serves up today’s gopher. Bibb Falk adds a homer as the Indians and Ferrell win‚ 9-7.

For the 2nd time in 3 days‚ Marty McManus hits a grand slam‚ one of his 3 hits‚ and his homer is the difference in Detroit’s 10-6 win over the visiting Red Sox. Milt Gaston is the loser‚ giving up 14 hits in 6 innings.
July 11Down 6-4 to Detroit after 5 innings‚ the Red Sox plate 10 runs in the 6th inning to win 15-8. The Tigers stanch the scoring in the 7th with a triple play. Hot-hitting Marty McManus has 5 hits‚ including 2 homers‚ for Detroit.

In a PCL game at Oaks Park‚ Oakland’s Roy Carlisle takes SF’s Curt Davis downtown with a homerun that lands on top of a house 618 feet away‚ one of the longest documents homers ever.
July 12The Tigers score 4 runs in the 9th to defeat the Red Sox‚ 13-12. Gehringer is hit by a pitch with the bases loaded. Bob Johnson has 4 hits‚ including his 2nd HR in 3 days. The two teams combine to use 8 pitchers‚ and the game is the longest this year in the majors: 2 hours: 54 minutes.

At Brooklyn‚ the Cards score 5 in the 9th but the Dodgers come back to plate 6 runs and win‚ 8-7. They are helped by Card starter Syl Johnson who walks 11 men before exiting in the 9th. The loss goes to Held‚ who walks two with the bases loaded as the Cards make three errors in the frame. Johnny Frederick‚ who made the only out in the 9th leading off‚ drives in the winning run with a single. The Dodgers leave 13 on base today and 14 in their last game. The Cards score the only runs of the first 7 innings with 2 in the 5th‚ and as reported in the New York Evening World‚ it appears that a dead batch of balls was used. “An examination of one of the new spheres revealed its cover was not at all glossy. The rough finish of the balls enabled pitchers Vance and Johnson to grip them more tightly and thus increase their effectiveness. The members of the two teams hit several pitched balls solidly‚ but the balls did not travel with their customary speed. The first safe hit of the game was not made until Frederick of the Dodgers singled to right in the third inning. Infielders had more chances than usual. The new balls were quickly recognized by the players when carried onto the playing field by Umpire McLaughlin. They were eagerly examined by members of the St. Louis and Brooklyn teams before being put into play.” (as noted by Retrosheet)
July 18Trying to curb the hitters‚ NL president Heydler orders umpires to rub up new balls before each game to remove the gloss and slightly discolor them.

The Cardinals rally for 5 runs in the 8th against the Braves‚ to help Pete Alexander win his 6th‚ 6-4.

The Cubs move within a game of 1st place by beating the Robins‚ 11-7‚ scoring 7 runs in the 1st inning. Carlson is the winner for Chicago with relief help from Nehf. The Cubs blow a chance to pad their run total in the 9th when Riggs Stephenson is nabbed on a hidden ball trick by 2B Billy Rhiel to Dave Bancroft (as noted by Bill Deane).
July 20The Cubs sweep two from the Robins‚ 6-5 and 4-1 and take over first place from the Pirates. Guy Bush and Sheriff Blake are the winning hurlers.

The first-place A’s hand the Tigers their 3rd loss in a row‚ beating Detroit‚ 6-2. Lefty Grove strikes out 8 to pick up the win.

Ted Lyons and the White Sox beat the visiting Indians‚ 13-4. Willie Kamm homers for the Sox and applies the hidden ball trick to Charley Jamieson in the 7th.
July 21Wes Ferrell outpitches Waite Hoyt to give Cleveland a 6-4 win over the Yankees. Babe Ruth‚ still nursing a leg injury‚ contributes a pinch single. Gehrig is tossed in the 4th inning for protesting a strike 3 call‚ and Miller Huggins quickly follows.

The A’s beat Detroit again‚ winning 10-7‚ in 11 innings.

The Robins beat the Cubs‚ 3-1‚ dropping Chicago out of first place. It is Brooklyn’s first win in 10 starts against the Cubs. Dazzy Vance is the winner‚ striking out 10 including Hack Wilson 4 times. His only mistake is a solo homer to Hornsby. Pat Malone takes the loss.
July 22After losing 7-3 to Rube Walberg‚ the Yankees capture a hair-raising 14-inning win‚ 4-3. George Pipgras matches the vet Jack Quinn‚ allowing just 4 hits the whole game. His wildness allows the Athletics to score 3 in the 1st‚ when Al Simmons belts a homer. For the 14 innings‚ the A’s set a record by leaving no runners on base.
July 23The Athletics split with the visiting Indians‚ winning 4-1 before losing 9-3. Rube Walberg wins his 13th in the opener‚ beating Willis Hudlin. Mickey Cochrane (#22) and Al Simmons bang homers. In the nitecap‚ Wes Ferrell in the winner over ancient Jack Quinn. The high point for the A’s comes when Jimmy Foxx clouts a drive over the double-deck roof in LF‚ one of the longest homers hit at Shibe Park.

Pete Alexander pitches the Cards to a 5-2 win over the Phillies‚ allowing 10 hits and fanning 7. The Cardinals decide they made a mistake when they sent manager Bill McKechnie to Rochester and brought up Billy Southworth; they swap them back again.

The Robins outslug the Pirates to win 10-7 over Pittsburgh. In the 7th‚ Carmen Hill intentionally passes Del Bissonette to pitch to Billy Rhiel‚ who promptly belts a grand slam. Paul Waner lines an inside the park homer‚ while Babe Herman is 2-for-5 to keep his average at .395. Doug McWeeny is the winning pitcher.
July 24The Cubs regain the NL lead by beating the Giants in Chicago‚ 8-7; a 9-game winning streak gives them a 4 1?2 game lead. Today’s win goes to Mike Cvengros‚ who tops Fred Fitzsimmons. The Cubs offense is lead by Hack Wilson’s two home runs.

The Yanks edge the Tigers‚ 7-5‚ behind the hitting of Bill Dickey. Dickey has 4 hits‚ including a HR‚ to back Herb Pennock‘s pitching.
July 25The Athletics blast the Indians‚ 21-3‚ lacing 25 hits against starter Johnny Miljus and Jimmie Zinn. Jimmy Foxx belts two homers‚ giving him 4 in three games‚ while Lefty Grove‚ the winning pitcher‚ also chips in with a round tripper. Miljus was picked up on waiver from Pittsburgh on July 10‚ but a week-long dispute which the Commissioner finally settled‚ prevented the big Serb from pitching.
July 29The lively ball is threatening the popularity of the National pastime in the opinion of the majority of major and minor league baseball managers and officials polled by the United News (as noted in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette). Ten major league managers favor a return to the dead ball‚ four like the present ball‚ one doesn’t care what kind of ball is used‚ and another failed to express an opinion. John P. McGraw and Wilbert Robinson are the leaders of the group who would return to the dead ball. Miller Huggins steadfastly sticks by the lively ball‚ but admits it might aid the game to help the pitcher. “We’ve got to play this game the ways the fans want it played‚” Huggins said. “They build the stadiums and they pay the Ruths and Gehrigs. And they like the home runs. “President E.B. Barnard of the American League thinks the lively ball is being exaggerated as a menace to baseball‚ while President John Heydler of the National League maintains that there is no difference in the baseballs used in the senior circuit during the past 10 years.
July 30For the 4th straight time this season‚ Fred Fitzsimmons shuts out the Reds‚ beating Jakie May‚ 3-0. Fitz’s makr is a giants club record.
July 31At Yankee Stadium Babe Ruth hits a fungo 447 feet in an unofficial test‚ beating all trial competition records. The old mark was held by Ed Walsh‚ who hit a ball 419 feet 6 inches in 1911. In the game today the Yanks crush the White Sox‚ 16-2‚ as Gehrig has a HR and reaches base 5 times.

The Athletics keep their AL lead at 9 1/2 games by beating up on the Tigers 10-1‚ scoring 9 times in the 4th inning. Alexander has a HR for the Bengals only tally off Rube Wahlberg.

Braves OF Lance Richbourg leads Boston to a 1st game win over the Cubs‚ 7-1‚ when he lines a record-tying three triples in the opener against Charlie Root. Veteran Socks Seibold‚ out of the majors for 10 years‚ picks up the win on his way to a team-high 12 victories. Pat Malone takes the nitecap for Chicago‚ 6-3.


August 1Grover Cleveland Alexander wins his 372nd game to tie Christy Mathewson‘s NL record for wins [the record has since been amended to 373 wins]. The Cards top the Robins‚ 5-2.
August 2In the 9th inning at Philadelphia‚ 1B Don Hurst cracks his 6th HR in as many games‚ a ML record up to this time. In the 6 games‚ Hurst had no other hits. The Phils win 2-0 over Pittsburgh‚ with Les Sweetland allowing 11 hits in the shutout to beat Larry French.

At St. Louis‚ the Cards bomb Dazzy Vance for 18 hits and 13 runs in his six inning stint‚ before Uncle Robby mercifully removes him. As the Dazzler leaves‚ the band plays‚ “the old grey mare ain’t what she used to be.” Six of the blows are for extra bases‚ including Jim Bottomley‘s 24th homer‚ as Sunny Jim knocks in 5 runs. Mitchell coasts home with the win for the Cards.

The A’s spot the Tigers six runs in the first inning‚ then rally to win‚ 11-10. Harry Heilmann had 4 hits‚ including two homers‚ for the losers‚ as did McManus and Alexander. The Tigers outhit the A’s 13-10. The A’s victory increases their AL lead to 11 1/2 games over the Yankees‚ losers today to the Indians‚ 9-8.

After being shutout four straight times by Giants hurler Fred Fitzsimmons‚ the Reds score off him in the first inning‚ add two unearned runs in the 3rd to win‚ 3-2. Freddie allows just four hits in losing to Pete Donohue. Before the game‚ John McGraw issues a vehement denial that he has hurt morale by browbeating his players and issuing fines for errors. He says he has only fined Hubbell $25 for failing to touch second base in a game‚ and Frank Hogan $50 for failing to show up at the team hotel in Boston one night. “These‚ plus a fine of $100 assessed against Jack Cummings for being absent without leave for ten days-during which I had no idea where he was and could not even notify him of his transfer to the Braves-constitutes the total fines I have ordered.” He also states that he hasn’t even been in the clubhouse since July 18th.
August 3The Cubs complain about the ragged shirt sleeve on Dodger Dazzy Vance’s pitching arm‚ an age-old trick to distract a batter. A rule will be passed enforcing neater dressing habits by pitchers. For the second day in a row‚ Vance has not much more than a sleeve as the Cubs pound Brooklyn‚ 12-2‚ behind Hal Carlson.
August 4The Yankees take the opening game of 2 from the visiting Cleveland Indians‚ winning 12-0. Tom Zachary wins his 7th straight. In the 2nd game‚ after trailing 6-5 with 2 out in the top of the 9th‚ Cleveland scores an AL record-tying 9 runs‚ to win 14-6.
August 5Despite 3 triples by Charlie Gehringer‚ the Senators overwhelm the Tigers‚ 21-5‚ collecting 21 hits. Sam Rice and Buddy Myers each have 4 hits and 4 runs as every hitter in the lineup hits a safety. Winning pitcher Lloyd Brown scores 3 runs.
August 6In a Ladies Day game at Wrigley that draws 29‚000 women and 11‚000 men‚ the Cubs have their 5-game win streak stopped by Brooklyn‚ 5-4‚ despite Hornsby’s 23rd HR of the year. Brooklyn’s Jughead Johnny Morrison is the winner over Chicago ace Pat Malone. But Chicago will win their next three.

After the visiting Senators outslug the Yankees 13-11‚ New York earns a split‚ 8-0‚ on two homers by Babe Ruth. The first is a grand slam in the 5th‚ his 26th homer of the year. Heimach scatters 3 hits to earn the nitecap win. Buddy Myers 4 hits‚ including 3 doubles in the opener‚ paces a 14-hit Nat attack. Durst‚ Cronin‚ and West homer for Washington.
August 7For the 2nd game in a row‚ Babe Ruth hits a grand slam home run as the Yanks roll to a 13-1 win over the A’s in the lidlifter. Cochrane homers in his one at bat for the A’s only run as the Yankees score 10 runs in the first 2 innings. George Pipgras is the winner. The A’s take the nitecap‚ 4-2‚ as George Earnshaw goes 8 innings for the win.
August 8Rogers Hornsby cracks a 4th inning homer-one of his 4 hits-as Chicago edges the Reds 1-0 at Wrigley. Charlie Root allows 7 hits in beating rookie Benny Frey.
August 9In Philadelphia‚ the Cubs roll over the Phils‚ 12-6‚ to give pitcher Guy Bush his 11th straight win.
August 10Pitching for the visiting Cards‚ Grover Alexander beats the Phils 7-1 for his 373rd and last NL victory. It is noted at the time that he ties Mathewson for NL wins. Relieving after 8 innings‚ he pitches 4 scoreless relief innings to win 11-9 in 12 innings of the nitecap. The Phils take the opener‚ 7-1. Alexander will be sent back to St. Louis on the August 20th after one too many curfew violations and finish the season at 9-8.
August 11Babe Ruth hits HR No. 500 and his 30th of the year‚ in the 2nd inning off Willis Hudlin of Cleveland‚ but the Yankees lose‚ 6-5. Ruth has gone deep 6 times in his last 7 games. The homer today lands on Lexington Avenue and is recovered by Mr. Jake Geiser who returns it to Ruth. The Babe gives him $20 and 2 new autographed balls for it.

A 3-run homer by Bubbles Hargrave and another run on a throwing error by Joe Cronin allows the Tigers to tie the A’s‚ 8-8 in the 9th. Bengal OF Roy Johnson wins it in the 11th by stroking a 2-out inside the park homer‚ off Orwell.
August 12At Boston‚ Guy Bush‚ the NL’s leading pitcher‚ loses his 2nd game‚ bowing as a reliever‚ 4-2‚ in 10 innings. Bush has won 16. The Cubs maintain their 8-game lead as the Pirates lose to Brooklyn.

OF George Quellich of the Reading Keys (IL) hits a grand slam against Montreal for his 15th consecutive hit over a 4-day period.
August 14It is Charlie Gehringer Day in Detroit‚ and the popular 2B handles 10 chances in the field‚ hits 3 singles and a HR‚ and steals home in a 17-13 win over the Yankees.

The Pirates reduce the idle Cubs lead by a game by defeating the Braves‚ 1-0‚ behind lefty Petty. Jones allows just 3 hits and the Pirates score without the aid of a hit.
August 17Aided by a triple play started by 2B Grantham‚ the Pirates trip the host Braves‚ 3-2.

Bobby Reeves hits a leadoff homer off Lefty Stewart for the only score of the game as the Red Sox edge the Browns‚ 1-0. The next AL game in which a leadoff homer is the only score won’t come until 1976.

The Yankees buy P Lefty Gomez from San Francisco (PCL) for delivery in September 1930.
August 18Washington hurlers Bump Hadley and Lloyd Brown combine to whitewash the Tigers in a doubleheader‚ winning 2-0 and 1-0.

Forty-year-old Braves catcher Hank Gowdy‚ who last appeared in the majors in 1925‚ goes 4-for-4 to lead the Braves to a 10-9 win over the Reds.
August 21Cubs 1B Charlie Grimm is sidelined for the rest of the regular season with a hand injury‚ but he’ll be okay for the WS.
August 23The Cubs buy Lon Warneke‚ 20‚ from Alexandria (Cotton State League) for $100.
August 24The Giants sweep a pair from the visiting Pirates‚ winning 14-8 and 7-6. Freddie Lindstrom scores 5 runs in game 1.
August 25The second largest crowd ever to pack the Reds’ ballpark-35‚432-watches their team split a pair with the pennant-bound Cubs. The Reds win the opener‚ 6-3‚ behind Red Lucas‘ 17th victory‚ while Guy Bush wins his 18th in the nitecap‚ 10-1.

At the Polo Grounds‚ fans are able to hear the calls of home plate ump Cy Rigler‚ who is wired for sound‚ a first in ML history. Wearing a mike‚ wearing metal-plated shoes‚ and standing on a flat metal sheet‚ Cy’s calls are broadcast over speakers. The Giants top the Pirates‚ 10-5.

After three straight shutouts by Browns hurlers-Gray‚ Blaeholder‚ and Crowder-the Yankees break their 32-inning scoreless streak with a 4th-inning homer by Babe Ruth. St. Louis still wins‚ 3-2.
August 26In the 8th inning of a 5-5 game at Wrigley Field‚ Cubs 3B Norm McMillan hits a line drive down the LF line with the bases loaded. Reds LF Evar Swanson‚ shaded toward center‚ can’t find the ball‚ which he sees bounce off a gutter in foul territory. McMillan circles the bases and 4 runs score. Later‚ Cubs relief P Ken Penner picks up his jacket in the bullpen and discovers the ball in his right sleeve. It is Chicago’s 8th grand slam of the year.

Albert G. Mills‚ NL president 1883-84‚ author of the National Agreement and original reserve rule that governed baseball’s early years‚ dies at 84.
August 27Hornsby has 4 hits and Sheriff Blake allows 6 to lead the Cubs to a 4-1 win over the Reds. Chicago now leads by 14 1/2 games‚ the greatest lead a NL team has enjoyed at this stage since the 1906 version of the Cubs.
August 28Donie Bush resigns as Pirates manager; coach Jewel Ens replaces him.
August 30At Pittsburgh Pie Traynor is 5-for-5 to lead a 21-hit Corsair attack that sinks the Cubs‚ 15-0. It is the Pirates 4th win over the Cubs in 3 days. Heine Meine applies the whitewash.


September 2The Cubs beat the Cards twice 11-7 and 12-10‚ before 81‚000 fans at Wrigley Field. A crowd of 38‚000 fans sees the morning game and 43‚000 watch the afternoon game. Rogers Hornsby has 2 HRs and Hack Wilson has one. The Cubs now lead the NL by 12 1/2 games‚ and will clinch in two weeks.

Thanks to “the greediness of a careless fan (NY World)‚” the Giants lose a home run when a fan interferes with a fly ball headed for the RF bleachers at the Polo Grounds. Instead of a two-run homer by Edd Roush‚ the Giants come up empty. Carl Hubbell goes all the way‚ only to lose to the Phils‚ 4-3 in 12 innings.

At Boston‚ the Senators and Red Sox split a pair‚ with the Nats taking the opener‚ 10-7‚ behind Joe Judge and Joe Cronin. Boston takes the nitecap‚ 7-2‚ behind Milt Gaston‘s pitching and Bigelow’s 4 hits. Judge has a 3-run homer in game 1 and Cronin has 5 hits‚ including the cycle and 4 long hits‚ collecting a single‚ 2 doubles‚ triple and homer.
September 5Pittsburgh hammers Pirate-killer Red Lucas for 7 runs in the 3rd inning and win‚ 10-5. Pitcher Erv Brame starts the scoring by bouncing a homer into the RF bleachers‚ and the Bucs follow with a double‚ three triples‚ two singles‚ and a wild throw. A Lloyd Waner triple‚ his 2nd‚ in the 4th with a man on sends Red to the showers.
September 7The Cubs increase their NL lead to 13 games by sweeping a pair from Boston‚ 13-6 and 9-3. Chicago ties a NL mark in the 4th inning of game 1 when 10 batters in a row collect hits. The Cards collected 12 straight hits on September 17‚ 1920‚ but over 2 innings.

The Phils Lou Koupal pitches 8 innings of shutout ball and beats the Cards‚ 4-1. Lefty O’Doul has a homer and 2 singles to take over the NL batting lead at .395. Babe Herman‚ with 2 hits today‚ is at .394.
September 8At Fenway‚ the Browns George Blaeholder and Boston’s Milt Gaston each throw 10 innings of shutout ball‚ before the game is called.
September 9Chicago drives Sam Jones to the showers with three runs in the 7th‚ as the White Sox beat the Senators‚ 7-4. Young Ed Walsh is the winner‚ allowing six hits. Cissell hits for the circuit while Willie Kamm adds two triples and a double.

The Cubs win their 90th‚ beating Boston‚ 4-3. Following two rain delays‚ Hack Wilson hits his 37th homer in the 7th to tie the game at 2-2. After Charlie Root walks in a run in the 9th‚ Riggs Stephenson‘s homer ties at 3-3‚ and two more hits hand Percy Jones the loss. Wilson and Chuck Klein are now tied for the NL lead in homers.

At Cincinnati‚ the Giants Fred Fitzsimmons beats the Reds‚ 10-4‚ in game 2 for his 6th win over Cincinnati this season. Four of the wins are shutouts. In game 1‚ Carl Hubbell is the winner‚ 6-3.
September 12In Cincinnati‚ the Reds use a freak home run by Hod Ford to beat Brooklyn‚ 3-2. Rixey is the winner over Vance. With Sukeforth on 1B‚ Ford’s long fly in the 4th inning eludes Babe Herman‚ who stumbles and then tumbles into the RF seats. The ball bounds away and both runners score.
September 14The A’s clinch the AL pennant with a 5-0 win over the White Sox.
September 15The Yankees and Indians trade shutouts‚ with New York winning the opener‚ 1-0 behind Tom Zachary (11-0). Zachary allows 4 hits. In the nitecap‚ Willis Hudlin is even stingier‚ giving up 3 singles‚ as Cleveland wins‚ 10-0. It is Hudlin’s 14th win over New York in the past three seasons.

In a field day trial‚ former college track star Reds LF Evar Swanson circles the bases in 13.3 seconds. Two years from now‚ with more sophisticated equipment timing him‚ he will do it in 13.2 while with Columbus (American Association).
September 17In the first of two‚ the Cubs’ Kiki Cuyler belts a grand slam‚ the 9th of the year for Chicago‚ but the Robins win‚ 8-7. This is a major league record that will be topped by the Tigers (10) in 1938. Brooklyn uses the slam in game when Babe Herman clouts one in the 8th in Brooklyn’s 9-6 win. In game 1‚ Brooklyn rookie Johnny Frederick hits his 51st double‚ breaking the NL mark for doubles set by Paul Waner last year. He’ll hit one more.
September 18A Pirates 5-4 loss to the Braves in game 1 clinches the NL pennant for the Cubs‚ losers today to the Giants‚ 7-3. Carl Hubbell outguns Sheriff Blake.

Washington’s Bump Hadley and Lloyd Brown whitewash the Tigers‚ winning 2-0 and 1-0. Hadley strikes out 11 in the opener to beat Earl Whitehill‚ and the Nats win the nitecap on a 9th inning single by Joe Judge.
September 19Cubs pitcher Pat Malone shuts out the Giants‚ 5-0. It is Malone’s league-leading 22nd win and his 5th shutout.

In a pitching duel at Fenway‚ Boston’s Milt Gaston beats Willis Hudlin and the Indians‚ 3-2. The Gaston brothers‚ the first brother battery in history for Boston‚ each score a run in the 5th. Indians third sacker Joe Sewell records his 115th straight game without a strikeout to set a ML record. His error‚ however‚ helps the Red Sox score in the 5th.
September 20Cleveland’s Joe Sewell finally strikes out as Boston’s Danny MacFaydan K’s him in the 6th of a 6-4 Indian victory. Sewell had not struck out since the Browns George Blaeholder whiffed him in the 3rd inning on May 20-a stretch of 115 games and 442 at bats. The Sox leave 12 on base and are stopped by reliever Wes Ferrell in the 8th.

Yanks manager Miller Huggins goes in the hospital with a high fever and coach Artie Fletcher will take over in the interim.
September 22Jack Hendricks resigns as Reds manager effective the close of the season. The 7th place Reds will finish 68-88.
September 24The Yankees celebrate Babe Ruth Day at Fenway by winning‚ 5-3 over Boston. Ruth is 2-for-3 with a double. Tom Zachary wins his 12th without a loss: his 12-0 season record will not be equaled.

Brooklyn rookie Johnny Frederick connects for his 52nd double in the Dodgers’ 8-6 loss to the Phils. This will be the NL record until Klein clouts 59 next year. But Frederick will add 2 homers in the coming games to end the season with 82 extra base hits‚ a ML record for rookies that will not be matched this century. Albert Pujols‚ in 2001‚ will break the mark.

The Giants sweep the Braves‚ 5-4 and 6-5‚ as Mel Ott hits a homer in each game‚ his 41st and 42nd HRs of the year. This ties Rogers Hornsby‘s NL mark.
September 25Three days after turning the team over to coach Art Fletcher‚ Yankee manager Miller Huggins dies from blood poisoning at New York’s St. Vincent Hospital. He was 49. The team finds out about the death during the 5th inning at Fenway Park and both teams line up at home plate for a minute of silent prayer. New York wins the game 11-10 in 11 innings as starters Ray Dobens and Bots Nekola‚ teammates at Holy Cross a year ago‚ are gone after 6 innings. Tony Lazzeri is the hitting star with a single‚ double‚ and 2 triples.
September 26In Washington‚ the Yankees blast 3 Senator pitchers for a 10-3 win. Gehrig‚ Ruth‚ and Dickey each triple for the victors.
September 27In the Phils 11-5 win over Boston‚ Chuck Klein hits HR No. 42‚ tying Mel Ott and equaling Hornsby’s NL record‚ and Lefty O’Doul collects 3 hits to virtually wrap up the hitting title. Klein adds a double for the Phils‚ who will sweep the Braves‚ following a sweep of the Robins.
September 29At Wrigley‚ Charlie Root and the Cubs edge the Reds‚ 1-0. Roger Hornsby’s 39th homer‚ off Benny Frey‚ is the only score. He also adds 2 singles and a double.

Setting a record not matched till 2002‚ for the third game in a row the White Sox enter the 9th inning with a lead‚ only to lose the game. Detroit’s Jonathon Stone hits a homer in the 9th to tie the game and singles in the 11th to win‚ 9-8. Detroit scored 2 in the 9th yesterday‚ then 3 more in the 10th to beat the Sox‚ 11-10. On the 25th‚ Glenn Myatt of Cleveland hit a 3-run homer in the 9th to give the Indians a 9-7 win over Chicago.

The Red Sox jump on A’s ace Lefty Grove‚ collecting 11 hits in 5 innings off him‚ and rolling to a 10-0 win. The AL leaders collect a scratch single off Red Ruffing and just 3 infield singles off reliever Milt Gaston.


October 1Before fewer than 500 paying fans‚ in the first of a 5 game series‚ the host Reds drop a 3-2 decision to the Cubs and Guy Bush.
October 3At St. Louis‚ the Browns General Crowder tops the Indians‚ 3-2‚ in 10 innings. Accounting for the Indians scoring is Earl Averill‘s 2-run HR‚ his 18th of the year and his 5th off the general. Only George Kelly‘s 6 off Vic Aldridge in 1923 (and later on‚ Williams in 1941‚ off Rigney‚ and Kluszewski in 1954‚ off Surkont) will top Earl’s 5‚ according to homer historian Dave Vincent.
October 5Mel Ott and Chuck Klein go into today’s Giant-Phils doubleheader tied at 42 home runs apiece. In the opener‚ a 5-4 Phils victory‚ Ott manages a single‚ but Klein homers off Carl Hubbell in his first at bat to take the HR lead. In game 2‚ Ott singles in his first at bat. After that‚ manager Burt Shotton orders the Phillies pitchers‚ rather than give Ott a chance to tie Klein‚ to semi-intentionally walk him 5 times. The last (semi) intentional walk comes on a 3-2 count with the bases loaded as the Giants win‚ 12-3. Phillie Lefty O’Doul gets 6 hits in the 2 games for an NL record of 254 hits for the season. In the 5th inning of game 1‚ Lefty’s 3rd hit of the game‚ a 5th inning HR‚ is his 251st of the year. He has a 4th hit in game one‚ then two more in the nitecap. Chuck Klein follows O’Doul’s HR with one of his own‚ his 43rd. For Rogers Hornsby‚ it was a tough inning‚ as the two HRs eclipse two of his NL season records: most hits (250) and most HRs (42). Each player connects in all National League parks‚ the first players not named Ruth to accomplish the feat.

In Cincinnati‚ Reds righthander Rube Ehrhardt‚ making his only start of the year‚ becomes one of only five men to pitch a shutout in their final ML game. He blanks the Cubs 9-0 on 5 hits for his only win of the year. Mike Cvengros is the loser.
October 6While the 3rd-place Indians lose two to the 4th-place Browns‚ 4-2 and 4-1‚ Cleveland’s Joe Sewell finishes a 152-game schedule with just 4 strikeouts. The Browns bid farewell to Dan Howley as Bill Killefer is signed to manage the Browns next year. The Reds will hire Howley as their manager on October 15.

The Tigers score 4 in the top of the 9th to beat the White Sox‚ 7-6. Detroit’s Bob Johnson has 2 doubles and triple to top 200 hits for the year. He joins Dale Alexander (215) as the only two rookie teammates to ever top 200 hits. Among the 800 fans is Donie Bush‚ 1930 manager of the Comiskeys.

At Boston‚ the Giants close the season by beating the Braves‚ 9-4. In the 9th‚ the Braves put in 2 coaches‚ Johnny Evers at 2B and Hank Gowdy at catcher‚ Gowdy’s 10th game of the year. Roy Parmelee is the winner with Red Lucas pitching the last 4 innings. Lucas leads the NL in complete games (28) and pinch hits: Lucas hits .293 in 140 at bats.

Former hurler Nick Altrock‚ 53‚ now a coach-comedian for the Senators‚ plays one inning in RF and collects a single in his one AB against the Red Sox‚ 2-1 winners over Washington. Other graybeards making season-ending token appearances include Browns coach Jimmie Austin‚ 49; Braves coach Johnny Evers‚ 48.

At Wrigley Field‚ Larry French of the Pirates beats the Series-bound Cubs‚ 8-3. Batting practice pitcher Hank Grampp lasts just an inning in losing. The Cubs end the season with an attendance of 1.6 million‚ a figure they will not top until 1969.

Bill McKechnie signs a 4-year contract to manage the Braves.
October 8Howard Ehmke (7-2)‚ who has been scouting the Cubs for a week‚ is the Athletics’ surprise starter in game 1 of the WS at Chicago. A crowd of 50‚740 Cubs fans watches Ehmke strike out a WS-record 13 that will stand until Brooklyn’s Carl Erskine fans 14 Yankees in 1953. He holds the Cubs scoreless until the 9th for a 3-1 win. Charlie Root (19-6) yields just 3 hits‚ but one is a HR by Jimmie Foxx in the 7th.
October 9In game 2 of the World Series‚ a 3-run HR by Foxx and a 2-run blast by Al Simmons are enough for a 9-3 A’s win over Pat Malone (22-10). George Earnshaw (24-8) is kayoed in a 3-run Cubs 3rd; Lefty Grove comes in and shuts down the Cubs.
October 11In Philadelphia for game 3‚ Guy Bush (18-7) is tagged freely but the A’s strand 10; Earnshaw comes back with a 6-hitter‚ striking out 10‚ but 2 hits‚ a walk‚ and an error in the 6th produce 3 tallies for a 3-1 Cubs win. Cuyler’s 2-run single is the key blow to back Bush’s complete-game effort.
October 12At 45‚ John Quinn (11-9) gets a start against Root. After giving up a HR to Charlie Grimm with a man on in the 3rd‚ Quinn serves up 4 straight singles to open the 6th‚ and in comes Rube Walberg (18-11). The inning ends with the score 7-0. Trailing 8-0 in the 7th‚ the Athletics‚ in the greatest rally in World Series history‚ shake Chicago by scoring 10 runs for a 10-8 victory. The most damaging play is Hack Wilson’s misjudgment of a ?y from Mule Haas‘s bat‚ which goes for a 3-run‚ inside-the-park HR.
October 14After a Sunday off‚ a special train from Washington brings President and Mrs. Hoover to Shibe Park to see if Howard Ehmke can wind up the Series against Pat Malone. They match zeroes for 3‚ but with 2 outs in the 4th‚ a walk and 3 hits give the Cubs a 2-0 lead. Malone stifles the A’s with 2 hits and the 2-0 lead holds up into the 9th. The Athletics rally and come up with 3 runs‚ the winning run scoring on a Bing Miller double‚ and take the series four games to one. There won’t be another winning rally by a team down 2 runs in the 9th of game 7 this century; the Diamondbacks‚ in 2001‚ will do it next. NL MVP Rogers Hornsby‚ hobbled with a heel spur‚ manages just five hits in the Series.

Coming off a .344 season‚ Detroit’s Harry Heilmann clears waivers and is sold to Cincinnati. The future Hall of Famer has been bothered by arthritis in his wrists‚ but will hit .333 in 1930 before retiring as a regular player.
October 16The Reds acquire aging Yankee star Bob Meusel for cash.
October 17The Yankees sign former P Bob Shawkey as manager‚ replacing Higgins.
October 22Phils C Walt Lerian‚ 26‚ is killed when a truck hits him.
October 30Former C Gabby Street is named manager of the Cardinals.


November 14The Braves send OF George Harper‚ P Art Delaney‚ and cash to Los Angeles (PCL) for OF Wally Berger.


December 11The Cards send Grover Cleveland Alexander‚ 42‚ back to the Phillies with C Harry McCurdy for OF Homer Peel and P Bob McGraw.

The Browns trade C Wally Schang back to the Athletics for 3B Sammy Hale.
December 20Bill Carrigan has had enough of managing the Red Sox. He quits‚ and Heinie Wagner signs on for a year.
December 24Officers of the New York Giants hand stockholder Francis X. McQuade a Christmas present‚ filing a $200‚000 damage suit against the long-time club treasurer. The suit charges McQuade with seeking to “wreck and destroy” the club. McQuade countersues and after months of litigation‚ the NY Supreme Court will rule that McQuade is entitled to back pay‚ but not his job. A higher court will rule that he doesn’t even get the back pay.