Bill Lee

Lee’s colorful personality sometimes overshadowed his excellent pitching. He earned his Spaceman nickname when, on his first view of Fenway’s left field wall, he asked, “Do they leave it there during games?” Always willing to speak his mind, he led a Red Sox revolt against manager Don Zimmer (whom he called “the gerbil”); criticized domed stadiums, artificial turf, and the designated hitter rule; and admitted to marijuana use, but only “sprinkled on cereal.” He ultimately left the ML when he walked off the Expos in protest of the release of friend Rodney Scott. He was the victim of freak accidents, including one where he was nearly killed by a taxi that ran him down while he was jogging. In between the oddities, he was a fine control pitcher who won 17 games three straight seasons for Boston (1973-75) and 16 for the Expos in 1979.