Bill Melton

Going into the last day of the 1971 season, Bill Melton found himself in a three-way tie with Reggie Jackson and Norm Cash for the AL home run lead, with 32. A dead pull hitter, he sent a breaking ball from Milwaukee’s Bill Parsons into the left-field stands, becoming the first White Sox player to win a home run title. It was his second straight 33-HR year. But for much of his time in Chicago, he was the target of broadcaster Harry Caray, who drew attention to the third baseman’s fielding inadequacies. Melton took the criticisms to heart, and when his production fell off after missing most of 1972 with a herniated disc, he was berated in Chicago. Thankful for his December 1975 trade to the Angels, he left the White Sox as their all-time HR leader, with 154. In 1970 he became the first AL player to strike out ten times over three consecutive games.