Bill Travers

Travers was a solid starter for the Brewers before they had achieved respectability, and gradually improved along with the team. The 6’4″ 187-lb starter was selected for the All-Star Game in 1976 (he did not play), finishing the year at 15-16 with a 2.81 ERA, despite being set back by Legionnaire’s disease (a dangerous form of the flu) in mid-season. He had a 1.91 ERA at the All-Star break, but went 5-10 in the second half. Travers dropped to 4-12 in 1977 and missed five weeks with a sore arm. He went 14-8 in 1979 as Milwaukee contended and followed with a 12-6 year. After signing with the Angels as a free agent for 1981, he lost his effectiveness.