Bing Miller

Bing Miller was a dependable, hard-hitting, graceful outfielder whom Connie Mack dealt to the Browns in 1926 but reacquired following the 1927 season. Miller joined with Mule Haas and Al Simmons in the Athletics’ outfield for Mack’s last champions of 1929-31. He batted over .300 in nine seasons, with a high of .342 for Philadelphia in 1924. In 1934 with the A’s, and 1935 with the Red Sox, he led the AL in pinch hits and pinch at-bats. He was a contact hitter who considered it a disgrace to take a called third strike; when he did so in 1936, he knew it was time to retire. Miller became a coach with the Red Sox, Tigers, White Sox, and A’s. His brother Ralph was an infielder with the Phillies in 1920-21 and the Senators in 1924.