Busch Stadium

Busch Stadium, fondly known as “Baseball Heaven” by St. Louis Cardinals fans, is a cornerstone of Major League Baseball (MLB). Nestled in downtown St. Louis, Missouri, this stadium combines the rich history of the Cardinals with contemporary facilities, making it a revered site in the baseball world.

Stadium Facts about Busch Stadium

  • Location: St. Louis, Missouri
  • Opened On: April 4, 2006
  • Home Team: St. Louis Cardinals (National League)
  • Stadium Nicknames: “New” Busch Stadium, Baseball Heaven
  • Dimensions: Left Field – 336 feet, Center Field – 400 feet, Right Field – 335 feet
  • Capacity: 44,494
  • Attendance Record: 48,052 (2009 MLB All-Star Game)
  • Surface: Kentucky Bluegrass
  • Architect: HOK Sport (now Populous)
  • Owner: St. Louis Cardinals LLC
  • Construction Cost: $365 million
  • Renovation Costs: N/A

The History

Busch Stadium, the third ballpark to carry the Busch name, opened in 2006, replacing the old Busch Memorial Stadium. It was built as part of a revitalization project to bring a modern baseball experience to the heart of St. Louis while maintaining the tradition and atmosphere cherished by Cardinals fans.

Design and Features

The stadium’s design seamlessly blends classic and modern elements. With a stunning view of the St. Louis skyline, including the Gateway Arch, its open-air construction ensures an intimate baseball experience. The layout encourages a close connection between the players and the fans, with more legroom and wider seats compared to its predecessor.


As a relatively new stadium, Busch Stadium hasn’t required significant renovations. However, continuous enhancements, like the installation of larger, high-definition scoreboards and updates to club areas, have been made to enrich the fan experience.


The ballpark boasts a wide range of amenities, including diverse culinary options from classic ballpark snacks to gourmet cuisine, reflecting St. Louis’s rich food culture. It features interactive areas like the Cardinals Hall of Fame and Museum and the Family Pavilion, making it a destination for all ages.

Memorable Moments at Busch Stadium

  • 2006 World Series Championship: Clinching the title in its inaugural season.
  • 2011 World Series Games: Particularly Game 6, one of the greatest games in World Series history.
  • David Freese’s Heroics: A game-tying triple and a walk-off home run in Game 6 of the 2011 World Series.
  • Albert Pujols’ 3000th Hit: A career milestone achieved by the Cardinals’ legend.
  • 2013 National League Championship Series: Hosting and winning the pennant against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Interesting Baseball History at Busch Stadium

  • Sustainability Efforts: Known for its environmental initiatives, including a comprehensive recycling program.
  • All-Star Game 2009: Showcasing the stadium and the city of St. Louis to a global audience.
  • Technological Advancements: Continuously incorporating state-of-the-art technology to enhance game viewing and fan experience.
  • Community Engagement: The stadium regularly hosts events promoting baseball among youth and community involvement.

Non-Baseball Events

Apart from baseball, Busch Stadium has been a versatile venue, hosting major concerts featuring international artists, soccer matches, including international friendlies and professional games, and other significant events like charity runs and corporate gatherings. These events highlight the stadium’s role as a multifunctional entertainment hub in St. Louis.