Can saddle soap be used to break in a baseball glove?

Saddle soap is a common leather conditioner that is often used to clean and condition leather products, such as horse saddles and boots. While it can be used on baseball gloves, it is not typically recommended for breaking in a new glove.

Saddle soap is designed to soften and condition leather, which can be beneficial for older or dried-out gloves that need to be restored. However, it is not as effective at breaking in a new glove, which requires a different approach.

The best way to break in a new baseball glove is to use it regularly, practice with it, and use techniques like oiling, pounding, and shaping to help soften and shape the leather. These techniques help to create a custom fit and feel for the player’s hand, which can improve their grip and control during gameplay.

While saddle soap can be used on a new glove to help condition the leather and maintain its flexibility, it is not a substitute for the process of breaking in a new glove. It is important to follow proper breaking-in techniques and take the time to shape and mold the glove to your hand for the best results.