Can you provide a complete list of American League presidents to date?

Ban Johnson, the founder and first president of the American League, intended for his new professional baseball organization to compete with the already-established National League. Fans took the upstart league seriously, as evidenced by the AL’s comparable attendance to the NL in 1901-02. In 1903 Johnson decided to collaborate with NL President Harry Pulliam, and the World Series was born. With the institution of interleague play in 1997, the leagues lost a good deal of their individuality. In 2000, Commissioner Bud Selig decided that league presidents were no longer necessary. Here is the complete list of AL presidents from 1901 to 1999:

1901-1927: Ban Johnson
1927-1931: Ernest S. Barnard
1931-1959: Will Harridge
1959-1973: Joe Cronin
1974-1984: Lee MacPhail
1984-1994: Robert Brown
1994-1999: Gene Budig