Clyde Wright

Wright threw a four-hitter in his major league debut. In 1968 he pitched 25 consecutive innings without allowing a walk and combined with Ricky Clark to no-hit the Orioles on August 20. But after a disappointing 1-8 season in 1969, the Angels gave up on Wright, waiving him. He went unclaimed. Teammate Jim Fregosi convinced the drawling, boyish-faced pitcher to accompany him to winter ball, where Wright experimented with a screwball/change and regained his confidence. He returned to the Angels in 1970 and had won 11 of his first 16 decisions when, on July 3, he pitched a no-hitter against Oakland at Anaheim Stadium. He was the loser in the All-Star Game, which was played 11 days later, but went on to a 22-12 record and was named AL Comeback Player of the Year. His ERAs were under 3.00 from 1970 through 1972, when he went 18-11. He was dubbed Skeeter by Freddie Frederico because, the trainer said, “You can’t call a major leaguer Clyde.”