Dickey Kerr

Kerr was the one honest starter employed by the White Sox in the scandalous 1919 World Series. He won his two starts against the Reds, one by shutout, while the corrupt star pitchers, Ed Cicotte and Lefty Williams, each dumped their first two assignments. Kerr was 21-9 in 1920 and, after the guilty players were purged, went 19-17 for the demoralized, seventh-place 1921 White Sox. Denied a $500 raise, he decided to pitch for independent teams rather than for tightfisted Charley Comiskey.

Kerr had a long career as a minor league manager. He converted the 19-year-old Stan Musial from a pitcher to an outfielder. The Kerrs befriended the Musials, whose first son was born while Dickey Kerr drove through red lights to get Lil Musial to the hospital; the boy was named Richard in his honor. When Stan achieved stardom with the Cardinals, the Musials repaid the Kerrs’ kindness by giving them a house in Houston.