Elmer Riddle

Sportswriters punned on the righthander’s name: when he was good, he was a nearly unsolvable riddle to opposing batters. In 1941, his first full season, he was 19-4 and led the NL in winning percentage (.826) and ERA (2.24). The next year he was a riddle to his own team, slumping to 7-11. Then in 1943 he bounced back to 21-11, 2.63. He won only four games over the next four seasons. In 1948 he made a comeback with the Pirates (12-10) and was named an All-Star, but he was a dreadful 1-8 when he was released the next season. Riddle, an excellent fielder, played 102 errorless games. His brother John was a NL catcher and his teammate on the Reds for three seasons.