Frank Isbell=

The leading hitter (.279) on the 1906 “Hitless Wonder” White Sox, Isbell was a versatile player who at one time or another played every position, including pitcher (4-7, 3.59). He joined the White Sox as a first baseman in 1900, the year before the AL declared itself a major league. Totally bald, he was upset when the team picture was taken without caps. The next year he led the new major league in stolen bases (52). When his hitting declined, he moved to second base, where he played when the weak-hitting White Sox won the World Championship in ’06. Ironically, Isbell set several WS offensive records that still stand: most hits, two consecutive games (7); and most doubles and extra base hits in a game (4). He also held the record for most errors in a WS by a second baseman until 1981, when Davey Lopes took that dubious distinction.