Frank Lucchesi

A light-hitting minor league outfielder, Lucchesi first became a manager in the low minors at age twenty-three. After 19 years, he received his first ML assignment with the Phillies in 1970. He later managed the Rangers from mid-1975 until mid-1977 and ten years later finished the 1987 season as interim manager of the Cubs. With the Rangers in spring training in 1977, he was physically attacked on the field by Texas second baseman Lenny Randle, who was outraged at being benched. Lucchesi suffered a black eye, fractured cheekbone, and other injuries. He had Randle arrested a month later after turning down a settlement (Randle was also fined by the team for Lucchesi’s medical expenses). The bad publicity led to Lucchesi’s June firing. Randle was later found guilty of assault, and Lucchesi sued him for $200,000, saying that the incident cost him his job. It was finally settled two years later.