George Mullin

A powerfully built fastballer, Mullin’s semi-pro years brought him to Wabash, IN, where he won a bride and two major league contracts. In 1901 he signed with both the Dodgers and Tigers. Forced to choose, Wabash George took the team closer to his new home and won 13 games for the seventh-place 1902 Tigers. Mullin led the AL in walks while pitching more than 300 innings each year from 1903 to 1906. But he and the Tigers improved, running off consecutive pennants from 1907 to 1909. His .784 winning percentage and 29 wins were league highs in ’09. On July 4, 1912, his birthday, Mullin no-hit the Browns. A .263 lifetime hitter, he was used 101 times as a pinch hitter.