Hank Bauer

One of Casey Stengel‘s favorites, Bauer didn’t give away runs or make mental mistakes, and he had a fierce determination to win. He collected nine WS checks while with the Yankees and would snarl “Don’t mess with my money!” to teammates who didn’t hustle. The ex-Marine exuded authority; his face was likened to a clenched fist. Stengel platooned Bauer for much of his Yankee career, but he still emerged as a solid hitter with both power and speed. He started three straight All-Star games (1952-54) and hit 26 HR in 1956 and 18 first-inning leadoff HR in his career. He hit a three-run triple in the finale of the 1951 WS, and secured the 4-3 win over the Giants with a sliding catch in right field as the would-be tying run was streaking home. From 1956 to 1958 he set a WS record with a 17-game hitting streak. Bauer was eventually traded to the A’s in the deal that brought Roger Maris to New York. He managed the Orioles to the 1966 World Championship.