How to Make Shelves with Baseball Bats

Looking to incorporate some baseball-themed storage in your home office or child’s bedroom? These simple baseball-inspired shelves are a great way to display a collection, books or even toys. 

You can make these simple baseball bat shelves in less than 2 hours. You should expect to pay about $50 or less. You can really save some money if you use existing baseball bats to make the shelves. 

You can also use almost any kind of shelf bracket in place of the L brackets if you have some. If not L brackets are so inexpensive and great for a variety of projects. 

To Make These Baseball Bat Shelves You Will Need:

Regular old baseball bats or vintage baseball bats
Power drill
Drill Bit
L Brackets
1X6 Boards 

Now, the first step is to find your baseball bats. You can use vintage baseball bats that you have collected for this project or even new baseball bats. You can find great baseball bats at Wal-Mart, Target, and almost any sporting goods store. I find them from as little as $5 of the cheap ones all the way to $50 for the collector’s addition. 

Now, at this point you have a few optional. You can create this simple shelving out of whole baseball bats or you can have them cut in half vertically If you want ot cut them in half vertically you will need to use a power saw to do this. You could also pay a carpenter to cut it in half fro very little money. 

Now, whether you cut the baseball bar in half or not the next step is the same. 

Drill on hole through the top of the bat, about three inches down from the end. Now, drill a second hole in the bottom of that bat, about three inches up from the bottom. 

You want the hole to go entirely through the bat so you screw can go through it and attach into the wall. 

Now, I always prefer that you hang shelving in a stud on the wall, but if that is just not an option you do have some alternatives.
You can use dry wall anchors and screws. You could also use toggle bolts. I find toggle bolts to be the best option if you plan to put any amount of weight on the shelving.