How to Throw a Change up in Wiffle Ball

An indoor variety of baseball is the wiffle ball. It is played with a perforated light weight plastic ball and a plastic bat. But the types of baseball pitches and baseball pitching grips can be implemented in wiffle ball too. The following steps will tell you the procedure of throwing a change up in wiffle ball.

Step-1 The procedure for change up in wiffle ball is quite similar to that in baseball. The difference lies in the lightness of the wiffle ball. The first step is to hold the ball with all five fingers spaced evenly.

Step-2 Windup in the same way as discussed above. But you don’t need the same amount of energy as the wiffle ball is lighter in weight.

Step-3 Stick the index finger in one of the holes. This will slow down the throw. While releasing the ball your finger should slide out of the hole easily. The ball will be slow but the throw will appear like a fast ball and the batter will react earlier than required.