Juan Berenguer

A perennial prospect with the Mets, Berenguer had winning seasons as a part-time starter for Detroit in 1983-84 but found a true home in Minnesota in 1987. As set-up man for closer Jeff Reardon, he went 8-1 (3.94) for the ’87 World Champions and 8-4 (3.96) in 1988. Extremely wild as a youngster, he learned to harness his 90-plus-mph fastball, which he liked to throw inside, and added a forkball. His effectiveness was aided by his intimidating appearance and disposition. A mean-looking, husky Panamanian with long hair and a mustache, he was called “Pancho Villa” by his teammates. “If I pulled up in front of a restaurant,” said Giants catcher Bob Brenly, “and he came out to park my car, I’d eat somewhere else.”