Lee Fohl

A catcher in only five ML games, Fohl was the owner and playing manager of Waterbury in the Eastern Association when the Indians hired him as manager in 1915. He finished second to the Red Sox by 2-1/2 games in 1918, but the next year, with the team in third place, he let his pitcher pitch to Babe Ruth instead of walking him. Ruth homered to win the game and Fohl was fired the next day. He was hired in 1921 by Bob Quinn to manage the Browns and came within one game of winning the 1922 pennant. George Sisler, the Browns’ best player, missed the entire 1923 season, but Fohl still had the club in third place when he was fired after 101 games. Quinn, then president of the Red Sox, hired him in 1924, but the Sox had sold off their best players and Fohl finished seventh once and last twice.