Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

Expanded to 105,000 seats for the 1932 Olympics, the Coliseum was easily baseball’s largest stadium, but was structurally incapable of containing a normal baseball field. Its oval-shaped playing area created 250′ and 302′ foul lines in its first season, and 120′ of unused space between the centerfield fence and the seats. A 42′ screen was erected in the left-field corner in an attempt to reduce the number of pop fly home runs, while the right-field fence shot sharply out to an almost unreachable 440′ in 1958. That year, 193 home runs were hit in the Coliseum: 182 to left, 3 to center, and 8 to right. In only four seasons the Dodgers set several attendance records at the Coliseum, including 92,706 for Game Five of the 1959 WS against the White Sox and 93,103 for a May 7, 1959 exhibition against the Yankees on Roy Campanella Night.