Matty Alou

The 5’9″ 160-lb Matty was the best hitter for average and the fastest of the three Alou brothers as well as the smallest. The feisty Dominican had his finest year when he came from the Giants to the Pirates in 1966, leading the league in batting at .342. In 1969 he topped the NL in hits and doubles. The only lefty of the Alous, he lined hits to all fields and batted .300 seven times. As a late-season pick-up in 1972, he hit .381 in the LCS and helped Oakland to their first World Championship. He and Felipe played together in the 1962 Series against the Yankees, and played together near the ends of their careers on the 1973 Yankees. The three brothers were together on the same team only briefly when Jesus came up in 1963 to join the Giants, but did all appear in one game together in the outfield.