Moose Haas

Finesse pitcher Haas employed pinpoint control in 1980 to go 16-15 with a 3.11 ERA. In the 1981 strike season, he was 11-7, but lost his two starts in the divisional playoff as the Brewers lost to the Yankees. He had better luck in 1982, defeating the Angels 9-5 in Game Four of the LCS, although he was hit hard in two appearances in the World Series. His best season came in 1983 as his 13-3 mark gave him a league-leading .814 winning percentage. The A’s gave up four players to get Haas for 1986, but after a 7-2 start, arm trouble ended his season and, eventually, his career. On April 12, 1978 he set a Brewers record with 14 strikeouts against the Yankees.