Paul Dean

When Paul joined his famous brother Dizzy on the Cardinals’ pitching staff, Dizzy predicted, “Me ‘n Paul will win 45 games.” They won 49, 19 by Paul, and put the Cards in the World Series, where they each won 2 more. During the September pennant drive, Dizzy shut out the Dodgers on three hits in the first game of a double-header; Paul pitched a no-hitter in the nightcap. “I wished I’da known Paul was goin’ to pitch a no-hitter,” Dizzy said. “I’da pitched one, too.” Paul was dubbed “Daffy” by sportswriters but he was actually shy and rather serious. In 1935, he again won 19 for the Cardinals. The next year, he held out for more money. After signing, he tried to pitch too soon, hurt his arm, and never regained his form.