Rosy Ryan

A star reliever and occasional starter in the early 1920s, Ryan was the long man out of the Giants’ bullpen, teaming with closer Claude Jonnard. In 1923, Ryan and Jonnard each appeared in 45 games, the league high. While Jonnard led the NL in saves in 1922 and 1923, Ryan led in relief wins (seven and nine). Ryan’s 3.01 ERA in ’22 led the league. He holds the record for most WS relief wins (three), with one in each Series, 1922-24. In 1924, he became only the second pitcher to hit a WS home run. When the ban on spitballs was declared in 1920, Ryan, who had debuted briefly in 1919, was not on the protected list and was forced to develop a curveball.