Ruben Gomez

Puerto Rican-born Ruben Gomez was an erratic starter, given to wildness, who went 17-9 for the 1954 World Champion Giants despite a league-leading 109 walks. Late in his rookie 1953 season, Gomez hit Carl Furillo with a pitch, and the Dodger outfielder went at Giant manager Leo Durocher, who the Dodgers accused of ordering beanballs. Furillo broke his hand in the ensuing melee, ending his season, while his .344 batting average stood to cop the NL crown.

The Braves’ Joe Adcock had hit seven HR in nine games coming into a night game at Milwaukee on July 18, 1956. Gomez hit him on the wrist in his first at-bat and they exchanged remarks as Adcock went to first base. Adcock charged the mound; Gomez threw the ball, hitting him in the thigh, and then ran for the safety of the Giants’ dugout. Gomez was fined $250. He also had a beanball war with Cardinals pitcher Sam Jones in 1957, and that July 16, Gomez put Frank Robinson in the hospital, hitting him in the head with a pitch.