Ted Sizemore

Sizemore was the 1969 NL Rookie of the Year, batting .271 in 159 games for the Dodgers and tying an ML season record with three bases-loaded triples. Originally a catcher, he was the Opening Day shortstop in 1969 but moved to second base when Los Angeles reacquired Maury Wills. He was sent to St. Louis in a trade for Richie Allen following the 1970 season. Lou Brock credited Sizemore with helping him break Wills’s ML stolen-base record in 1974. “You have to have the right man batting behind you,” said Brock. “I do. Ted Sizemore. He has to be unselfish, because hitting behind me isn’t going to do any good for his batting average. He’s going to be distracted by me instead of giving his complete concentration to the pitcher.” Sizemore’s batting average did drop, to .250 from .282 the previous year. After a year back with the Dodgers, Sizemore was the second baseman for the Phillies’ 1977 and 1978 division championships.