Todd Frohwirth

This 6’4″ 195-lb reliever was 1-0 with a 0.00 ERA in his 10-game call-up in 1987, but was hurt by wildness in later stints with the Phillies. He also got off to an impressive start when he joined the Orioles in 1991, winnng seven games out of the bullpen while posting a 1.87 ERA. The following season he led the AL with 106 relief innings, primarly as a set-up man to closer Gregg Olson.

Frohwirth didn’t throw hard, but he employed a Dan Quisenberry-like submarine motion (he also threw side-armed to bases after fielding batted balls) which made it hard for batters to get a read on his pitches. That delivery, combined with a sinking fastball and slider, often prompted hitters to beat his offerings into the ground and made him extremely difficult to hit home runs off of for most of his career. Batters began to figure him out in 1993, when he walked nearly as many hitters as he fanned (44 BBs vs 50 Ks in 96.1 innings), and he struggled badly at the end of his career in short stints with Red Sox and Angels.