Wayne Causey

Causey was a hard-playing, steady infielder who kept losing jobs to hotshot rookies. He was supposed to have been one himself. Signed for a $50,000 bonus in 1955, contemporary rules regarding “bonus babies” required his presence on the Baltimore roster until June 1957. After three years in the minors, he was traded to Kansas City in 1961 but lost his shot at shortstop to rookie Dick Howser. In mid-season he won the third base position, but injured his shoulder early in 1962. When he was ready to play again, Ed Charles had taken over at third base.

Causey’s best years came in 1963-64, when he was finally the A’s starting shortstop and led the team in hitting with .280 and .281 marks. But in spring 1965, by then the team captain, he dislocated his shoulder, opening the position for young Bert Campaneris. Causey was shipped to Chicago in May 1966, where he mostly played second base.