What do ducks on the pond mean in baseball?

You might have seen ducks on the pond in your backyard or at a park, but did you know that ducks are also on the pond during almost every baseball game? In baseball lingo, “ducks” refer to the base runners and “pond” refers to the bases.

When the offense is cheering on a hitter to drive in some runs, they’ll use this term. It can be used in a state of relief (e.g., “We finally got some ducks on the pond”) or in a situation where runs are needed (e.g., “Let’s go! You got some ducks on the pond!”). Either way, the term signifies that there are runners on base who are ready to cross home plate and score some runs. They don’t want to be left stranded in the field.

Although “ducks on the pond” is typically used when the bases are loaded, it can refer to any number of runners on base. Additionally, the term can also be used to describe a batter who is an easy out. An old saying goes, “as easy as shooting ducks on a pond,” which implies that the runners will not score and should not be worried about.

The phrase “ducks on the pond” is believed to have originated from Arch McDonald, an announcer for the Washington Senators in the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s. Although it sounds like an old-fashioned term, it is still used in baseball today. Casual fans may not understand the phrase simply by hearing it at a game.

Next time you’re at a baseball game, you can impress those around you by using this old baseball term and sharing its origins. You’ll instantly become a baseball expert!