What does the phrase “Put Up A Crooked Number” mean in baseball?

In baseball, the phrase “put up a crooked number” refers to scoring multiple runs in a single inning. The term “crooked” is used because when multiple runs are scored in an inning, it creates an unusual and uneven scoreline on the scoreboard.

For example, if a team scores two runs in the first inning and then two more runs in the third inning, they have “put up a crooked number” because their scoreline reads “2 0 2 0 0 0” instead of a more even distribution of runs.

Putting up a crooked number is often a goal for teams, as it can provide a significant boost in momentum and confidence. It can also put pressure on the opposing team and their pitching staff, forcing them to make adjustments and potentially use up more resources to stop the bleeding.

The ability to put up crooked numbers is often seen as a hallmark of a strong offensive team, and is a key factor in many successful seasons.