What is a stand up double in baseball?

In baseball, a stand-up double is a type of hit where the batter safely reaches second base after hitting the ball into fair territory and running the entire way without sliding. This is in contrast to a sliding double, where the runner slides into second base to avoid a tag.

A stand-up double is typically the result of a well-hit ball that lands in the gap between outfielders or bounces off the outfield wall. The runner is able to round first base and reach second base safely without having to slow down or slide.

A stand-up double is often seen as a sign of a well-executed hit, as it requires both good bat speed and timing, as well as good base running instincts. It can also be an important part of a team’s offensive strategy, as it allows the batter to advance into scoring position with one out.

Overall, a stand-up double is a valuable hit in baseball that can help a team score runs and put pressure on the opposing defense. It is a testament to a batter’s skill and a runner’s speed and agility.