What is an inlay on a baseball glove?

Inlay on a baseball glove refers to the additional layer of padding that is added to the palm area of the glove. The inlay is designed to provide extra protection and cushioning for the hand, and can help reduce the impact of catching a ball.

The inlay is typically made from a foam or gel material that is layered over the top of the glove’s leather palm. The padding is then covered with an additional layer of leather or synthetic material to help protect it from wear and tear.

The amount of padding in the inlay can vary depending on the position that the glove is designed for. Catcher’s gloves, for example, typically have thicker and more extensive inlays to help protect the hand from the impact of catching fast-moving pitches. Infielder’s gloves, on the other hand, may have less padding in the inlay to allow for a quicker transfer of the ball to the throwing hand.

Overall, the inlay is an important component of a baseball glove, as it helps provide the necessary protection and cushioning for a player’s hand during gameplay.