What is the 3 man rule in baseball?

The “three-man rule” is a term that is often used in youth baseball to describe a rule that requires all players on the team to play at least three innings of defense per game. This rule is intended to promote fairness and ensure that all players on the team get a chance to play and develop their skills.

Under the three-man rule, coaches are required to ensure that all players on the team get at least three innings of playing time in the field during each game. The specific positions that players play may vary from game to game, depending on the coach’s strategy and the needs of the team.

While the three-man rule is not an official rule of baseball at the professional level, it is often implemented in youth leagues as a way of promoting fairness and giving all players a chance to participate. By ensuring that all players get a chance to play, regardless of their skill level, the three-man rule helps to foster a love of the game and promote teamwork and sportsmanship among young players.