Which ball is harder softball or baseball?

In general, a baseball is harder than a softball. This is because baseballs are typically made with a solid cork center, wrapped in several layers of tightly-wound yarn and covered with leather. Softballs, on the other hand, are typically larger and made with a softer core, with a covering of leather or synthetic material.

The difference in hardness between baseballs and softballs can have an impact on the game itself. For example, a baseball will typically travel farther when hit than a softball, due to its harder core and tighter construction. This can lead to more home runs and higher scores in baseball games compared to softball games.

It’s worth noting that there are different types of softballs and baseballs used in different leagues and levels of play, and some may be harder or softer than others. Additionally, individual players may have different perceptions of what feels harder or softer based on their personal experiences and preferences. However, in general, baseballs are considered to be harder than softballs.