Which National League Team Franchises have changed their names or cities?

1998 – Arizona joins the league as an expansion franchise, and Milwaukee transfers from the American League, giving the NL sixteen teams.

1994 – The league is split into three divisions.

1993 – Colorado and Florida were added as expansion teams. The league now has 14 teams split into two seven-team divisions.

1969 – Montreal and San Diego added to form a 12-team league. The league is split into two six-team divisions.

1966Milwaukee Braves move to Atlanta.

1965 – Houston Colt .45s renamed Astros.

1958Brooklyn Dodgers move to Los Angeles and the New York Giants move to San Francisco.

1953Boston Braves move to Milwaukee.

1900 – Baltimore, Cleveland, Louisville, and Washington are eliminated. The league has eight teams.

1892 – Baltimore, Louisville, St. Louis, and Washington are added. The league now has 12 teams.

1890 – Indianapolis and Washington fold, Brooklyn and Cincinnati enter the league.

1889 – Detroit folds and Cleveland re-enters the league.

1887 – Kansas City and St. Louis fold, Indianapolis and Pittsburgh join the league.

1886 – Buffalo and Detroit fold, Kansas City and Washington join.

1885 – Cleveland folds and St. Louis enters the league.

1883 – Troy and Worcester fold, New York and Philadelphia join the league.

1881 – Cincinnati folds and Detroit enters the league.

1880 – Worcestor joins the league, Syracuse folds.

1879 – Buffalo, Cleveland, Syracuse, and Troy join the league. Indianapolis and Milwaukee fold. The league now boasts eight teams.

1878 – Indianapolis, Milwaukee and Providence join the league. St. Louis, Louisville and Hartford fold. The league still has six teams.

1877 – New York and Philadelphia both fold. The league plays with six teams.

1876 – The National League is born with eight charter members: Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Hartford, Louisville, New York, Philadelphia and St. Louis.

Only the Cubs (Chicago) and Braves (Boston, Milwaukee and Atlanta) remain from the original franchises that made up the 1876 National League.

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