Whitey Herzog

Affectionately called The White Rat, Herzog earned respect in baseball for his superb managerial skills. He led six division winners, three pennant winners and one World Champion (the 1982 Cardinals). Herzog was named Manager of the Year in 1976 by UPI, and in 1982 by TSN and UPI. He was also voted Manager of the Year by the BBWAA in 1985 for leading St. Louis to the NL pennant. In 1981 and 1982, when he was also GM, the UPI named him Executive of the Year as well. Columnist Larry King once said, “Every game is like a chess match with Whitey, and other managers must feel like they are playing against 10 guys when they go up against him.”

Signed by the Yankees out of high school, Herzog reported to McAlester in the Sooner State League in 1949. It was there that sportscaster Bill Speith nicknamed the chunky spray hitter Whitey for his light-colored hair. As a member of the Athletics in 1960, Herzog hit into an all-Cuban triple play against Washington. The Senators involved were pitcher Pedro Ramos, first baseman Julio Becquer, and shortstop Jose Valdivielso.