Who has a better won-loss record between the Chicago White Sox and the Chicago Cubs since 1950?

Over the last half-century, the Sox have a significant edge in the battle for Chicago baseball supremacy. Their record over that period is 4,060-3,816, a .515 winning percentage. The Cubs’ record is 3,667-4,203, only a .466 clip. In that span the Sox have played .600 ball (the current equivalent of 98 or more wins) during four seasons, while enduring only two years of under .400 ball (the current equivalent of 64 or fewer wins). The hapless Cubbies, on the other hand, have not had a single season of .600 ball, yet have suffered through six seasons under .400. Overall, Chicago baseball is only .491 in that span. And, lest we let Chicagoans forget, neither team has won a championship since 1917, and the city’s only World Series appearance since 1950 was the Sox’s 1959 loss to the Dodgers.