Who holds the record for most teams played for?

The record for most clubs played for is 12, held by Deacon McGuire and Mike Morgan. By playing an impressive 26 seasons in the bigs, McGuire actually managed to squeeze a nine-year stint with the Senators and a four-year stint with New York into his storied catching career. In his final four seasons, however, he appeared in a total of only 11 games while playing for four different clubs. The franchises he played for over his career were:

Toledo Blue Stockings 1884
Detroit Wolverines 1885
Philadelphia Phillies 1986-1988
Detroit Wolverines 1888
Rochester Hop Bitters 1890
Washington Senators 1891-1999
Brooklyn Dodgers 1899-1901
Detroit Tigers1902-1903
New York Highlanders/Yankees 1904-1907
Boston Pilgrims 1907-1908
Cleveland Indians 1908, 1910
Detroit Tigers 1912

Originally drafted fourth overall, journeyman pitcher Mike Morgan has parlayed his 23-year+ career into an unsightly 185 losses, to go along with only 139 wins. The teams he has played for are:

Oakland Athletics 1978-1979
New York Yankees 1982
Toronto Blue Jays 1983
Seattle Mariners 1985-1987
Baltimore Orioles 1988
Los Angeles Dodgers 1989-1991
Chicago Cubs 1992-1995
St. Louis Cardinals 1995-1996
Cincinnati Reds 1996-1997
Minnesota Twins 1998
Chicago Cubs 1998
Texas Rangers 1999
Arizona Diamondbacks