Why do baseball players wiggle their fingers after a hit?

When a baseball player hits the ball, the impact can generate a significant amount of force that is absorbed by the hands and arms. This force can cause the hands to become numb or tingly, and it can make it difficult to maintain a grip on the bat.

To counteract this, some players will wiggle their fingers or shake their hands after a hit to loosen up their hands and fingers and to restore feeling and dexterity to their hands. This can help to prevent injuries such as blisters, calluses, or strains, and can also help to ensure that the player is able to maintain their grip on the bat during subsequent at-bats.

In addition to its practical benefits, wiggling the fingers after a hit can also serve as a way for a player to show excitement and enthusiasm after a successful at-bat. It can be a way to communicate with teammates, coaches, and fans, and to celebrate a good hit or a key moment in the game.

Overall, wiggling the fingers after a hit is a common practice in baseball, and it can serve both practical and symbolic purposes for players on the field. By loosening up their hands and fingers and signaling their enthusiasm and excitement, players can enhance their performance and contribute to the excitement and energy of the game.