Baseball Flashbacks

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Dr. K’s Debut – April 7, 1984

“The guy has a 93-mile-per-hour fastball and one of the best curves in baseball and you ask me about his poise?” replied Jim Frey.

A New Home For ‘Dem Bums’– April 9, 1913

What had been a malodorous garbage dump, surrounded by shantytowns, became the home of Brooklyn’s beloved Dodgers.

Baseball Crosses the Border – April 14, 1969

Baseball has long been known as the great American game. But on a sixty-five degree night in Montreal, the national pastime went international.

Saving His Best for First – April 16, 1940

The first — and most memorable — of the three no-hitters Feller would throw in his eighteen-year Hall of Fame career.

The Phillies Strike Back – April 21, 1902

Philadelphia may be the city of Brotherly Love, but at the turn of the century, its two baseball teams were at each other’s throats.

Break Up the Mets! – April 23, 1962

“I ain’t fooled,” Stengel confided in reporters before the season began. “They play different when the other team is trying, too.”

Rumble in St. Louis – April 28, 1953

Clint Courtney‘s brawl costs players $850, a major-league record at the time. Billy Martin was fined, too — without throwing a punch.

The Iron Horse’s Last Game – April 30, 1939

“On eyewitness testimony alone,” wrote Joe Williams of the New York Telegram, “the verdict must be that of a battle-scarred veteran falling apart.”


Lasorda’s Wild Start – May 5, 1955

In the first inning of his first major-league start, the future Dodger skipper ties an NL record — with three wild pitches.

The First Yankees-Red Sox Game Ever – May 7, 1903

Most of the participants in that historic first game were out of baseball by the time the Babe Ruth sale broke Boston’s heart.

Red Sox to Fans: “Ted’s Sorry” – May 12, 1950

Last Man Standing – May 14, 1927

Boston Braves starter Charlie Robertson locked heads with the Chicago Cubs‘ Guy Bush for over 17 innings — and lost.

Bums Bombard Blackwell – May 21, 1952

Ewell Blackwell owned the Dodgers … until Brooklyn got their revenge with the biggest single-inning barrage in modern baseball history.

The Greatest Game Ever Lost – May 26, 1959

Luque Loses His Cool – May 28, 1921

Long before Joaquin Andujar and Oil Can Boyd were even born, Dolf Luque was the epitome of nastiness on the mound.


The Babe Calls It Quits – June 2, 1935

10-Cent Beer Night – June 4, 1974

The Indians graciously gave away their beer. Their fans gave away the game.

Durocher Arrested For Assault – June 9, 1945

Another No-No for Nolan – June 11, 1990

In only his second start after being disabled for three weeks with back woes, Ryan becomes the oldest pitcher to ever hurl a no-hitter.

Mel Allen: 1913-1996

Billy & Reggie’s Brouhaha – June 18, 1977

Like Jackson, Martin had a knack for stirring up trouble, except Martin let his fists — not his mouth — do the talking.

Ernie Shore’s Near-Perfect Game – June 23, 1917

Bobby Bonds Grand Entrance – June 25, 1968

His sixth-inning homer off Dodgers reliever Jack Purdin made him the first player in 70 years to hit a grand slam in his first major-league game.

Riverfront Stadium Opens – June 30, 1970


The Mysterious Death of Ed Delahanty – July 2, 1903

Ed Delahanty was the sport’s first bona fide slugger, leading the league with 19 homers and 146 RBI in 1893. Ten years later he was dead.

From Mobile to Cleveland to Cooperstown – July 7, 1906

“The guy has a 93-mile-per-hour fastball and one of the best curves in baseball and you ask me about his poise?” replied Jim Frey.

Hello, Leo! – July 9, 1971

Hank Aaron once recalled, “My arrival in the major leagues was pretty dull. No drama, no excitement, absolutely none.” Leo Foster wasn’t as fortunate.

The “Williams Shift” Is Born – July 14, 1946

56 In A Row For Joltin’ Joe – July 16, 1941

Only 15,000 fans showed up at League Park to see Joe DiMaggio extend his record hitting streak to 56 games with a first-inning single off Cleveland’s Al Milnar.

Hoyt Calls It Quits – July 21, 1972

Jimmy Piersall’s “Williams Shift” – July 23, 1960

Piersall’s seventeen-year tenure in the big leagues spanned the spectrum from the ridiculous to the sublime.

Young’s Losing Streak Snapped at 27 – July 28, 1993

Stroke Ends Richard’s Career – July 30, 1980

“What’s with J.R.?” was Baseball’s Big Question after the crown jewel of the Astros’ rotation left for the All-Star Game complaining of a “dead arm”


Joel Youngblood: Let’s Play Two – August 4, 1982

Ol’ Satch Goes the Distance – August 6, 1952

Satchel Paige found himself throwing a lot of extra innings in 1952. In the process, he became the oldest man ever to throw a complete game.

Carter Hits No. 300 … Finally – August 11, 1988

Rocky Colavito Pitches In – August 13, 1958

The slugger’s first appearance on a major-league mound wasn’t mop-up duty. It came in a tight game against Detroit, and he dominated the Tigers.

The Pine Tar Game Finally Ends – August 18, 1983

Linz Tunes Up the Yanks – August 20, 1964

1964 marked the last year of a great Yankees dynasty. It also marked the end of harmonica tunes on the Yankee team bus.

McGwire Hits His First Home Run – August 25, 1986

Rickey Runs Into the Record Books – August 27, 1982

Rickey Henderson has said that runs are the most important statistics in baseball. But on Aug. 27, 1982, he only cared about stealing second.


A. Bartlett Giamatti, 1938-1989 – September 1, 1989

Robin Roberts: HR Record Breaker – September 3, 1966

Campy Plays ‘Em All – September 8, 1965

Happy New Year, Hank! – September 10, 1934

The Fatal Fire Extinguisher – September 17, 1935

Cy Young’s Last Win – September 22, 1911

“We’re No.1! We Really Are!” – September 24, 1969

Goodbye, Big Apple – September 29, 1957


Roger Maris Finest Hour – October 1, 1961

With one more round-tripper, Maris would pass the Bambino as baseball’s most prolific single-season slugger. But he’d hit just two in the past two weeks.

The Cubs Goat Curse – October 6, 1945

Friday Night At the Fights – October 8, 1973

In a desperate move designed to kick-start his team, Pete Rose throttled lightweight Mets shortstop Buddy Harrelson.

Coleman Bites the Tarp – October 13, 1985

Gimpy Gibson Beats the A’s – October 15, 1988

As Mel Didier had predicted, Eckersley served up a hanging slider. Gibson launched it into the right-field seats.