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Discover the MLB American League (AL)

The American League (AL), established in 1901, is one of the two leagues in Major League Baseball. Known for its use of the designated hitter, the AL features some of baseball’s most renowned teams and players. It’s a league rich in history and pivotal moments in the sport. Get ready to delve into the exciting world of the American League, where baseball history is made.

Exploring the MLB National League (NL)

The American League (AL), one of the two major leagues in Major League Baseball, was established in 1901. Known for its adoption of the designated hitter rule, the AL boasts a unique style of play and houses some of the most storied franchises in baseball history. Dive into the dynamic and rich legacy of the American League, a key player in shaping professional baseball.

Highlighting the Negro Leagues

The Negro Leagues were a collection of professional baseball leagues formed due to racial segregation, flourishing primarily in the United States from the 1920s to the 1940s. These leagues showcased immense talent and resilience, playing a pivotal role in the history of American baseball and the civil rights movement. Their legacy lives on, honoring the skill and perseverance of African American and Caribbean players who left an indelible mark on the sport.

The Era of the Federal League

The Federal League, active from 1914 to 1915, stands out in baseball history as an independent major league that challenged the dominance of the existing MLB structure. Its presence led to significant legal battles over player contracts and the business of baseball. Despite its brief lifespan, the Federal League had a lasting impact on the sport, both legally and competitively.

  • Baltimore Terrapins 1914-1915
  • Brooklyn Feds 1914-1915
  • Buffalo Union Association 1914-1915
  • Chicago Whales 1914-1915
  • Indianapolis Hoosier-Feds 1914-1914
  • Newark Peppers 1915-1915
  • Pittsburgh Rebels 1914-1915
  • St. Louis Terriers Union Association 1914-1915