Kansas City Athletics

1955 – 1967

The Athletics had operated in Philadelphia for 54 years, but attendance and better Phillies teams prompted the shift to Kansas City, which had not seen major league baseball since the Federal League (1914-15). Blues Stadium was expanded and renamed Municipal Stadium to accommodate the Athletics. Their maiden year in Missouri produced a sixth-place finish under manager Lou Boudreau, the highest the Athletics would ever place in Kansas City. In 13 seasons they compiled an unenviable 829-1,222 record under ten managers.

In 1960 insurance and real estate magnate Charlie Finley purchased a controlling interest in the club. He took a strong role in the daily operations of the club, often usurping his manager’s function. Finley tried numerous promotions, moved the fences in and out, fired managers and broadcasters yearly, and traded players in an attempt to produce a winner and maintain fan interest. After a 13th consecutive losing season in Kansas City, Finley moved the Athletics to Oakland without realizing the great baseball potential the Royals would later discover.