Detroit Stars

The Detroit Stars established themselves as one of the most powerful teams in the West during the late 1910s and became a charter member of the Negro National League in 1920. The team’s fortunes in the new league were disappointing. In twelve seasons of NNL play the Stars finished no better than second in any year. The Stars’ best chance at a league championship came in 1930 when they won the second-half season title, but the pennant was snatched away from them by the St. Louis Stars in the championship playoffs.

After the collapse of the Negro National League at the end of 1931 the Stars returned to independent play for most of the 1930s. However, in 1933 the team participated in the newly reformed Negro National League and was a charter member in the Negro American League in 1937.

Throughout the 1920s the Stars made their home at Mack Park, moving to Hamtramck Stadium in 1933 and, finally, to DeQuindre Park for their single season in the Negro American League.